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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pearls and Roses.

I do love pearls and roses.
I believe they are a 'just perfect' combination of color, beauty, elegance and refinement...
I found all of the above necklaces and earrings while thrifting, and enjoyed so much to shoot them on my handpainted rose signs!

... Do you like this pink and white- cream- champagne combo??
Have a great day,


  1. Those pearls are just soooooo beautiful...I love the roses to...What a pretty post...Your pictures look amazing to...

  2. What treasures Monica and I do love the combination. Take care, cinner

  3. What lovely jewels!! And your hand painted sign!!!! I love the sign!!!! Your painting is beautiful!!!
    Margaret B
    I am trying to learn Italian!!! LOL

  4. Monica ~ Your presentation, rose sign & jewels are breathtaking together. TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. I've always loved pearls - I think they're classy. I love the combinations you put together in these photos - just beautiful!

  6. I love your pearls. I have always loved pearls as the have a soft dreamy quality about them. Take care, Sharon

  7. Hi Monica,

    You are a Lady after my own heart ~ I love pearls and roses and they go so well together.


  8. I am so glad I clicked onto your blog! I absolutely love your photos of the roses and pearls. I adore the two combined together! If you stop by my blog you will get a hint of similar likes! Huggy Hugs!

  9. Hi Monica,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Your pearls are beautiful, pearls are classic, always look beautiful.

    Have a wonderful summer day!

    Hugs Bodil.

  10. Ooo I do love pearls too :) Especially colored ones!

    All the best,

  11. Oh I agree! They are such classics. It's something that I'll never tire of looking. It makes me ever happier to learn that they are the stone and flower for the month of June :-)

    Aren't they just beautiful laid there? lucky you to have found these pieces and thanks for letting us see. And yes, like very much the string of pink and white pearls. They will look nice on you. They will give you the accessory that you needed in a certain occasion but somehow without being too flashy or overpowering. :-)

  12. You always find the prettiest things, Monica! I LOVE that bowtie, it is very unique and sparkly!

  13. My father gave pearl earrings to me when I was about 12 which he bought when he was overseas. I wanted a camera. Now I am very glad to have the pearls!!
    Your photos make the pearls look fabulous, and with roses, well, what can one say!!!!

  14. So pretty. We have lots of fresh water pearls around here in different colors.
    My favorite is the South Sea Pearl.


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