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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Gift in the Mail and a Withering Hailstorm.

My dear friends and readers, I'm sharing with you a beautiful gift I found in the mail.
Donna, one of my delightful followers, sent me these fabulous old postcards, together with the sweetest card and wording...

I particularly love this one, with colored crystals on... so unusual!

Valentines are something I always relish...

To do justice to this precious gift, I used family mementos for the shooting set! 

I displayed Donna's postcards, together with other vintage bits and bobs, in my wrought iron card holder, purchased in France last year. I simply love them, thank you once again, Donna! You made my day!

As you might remember, this is the friendship memento I made with Kimberly's odd baubles and vintage buttons... You can find the tutorial here, if you missed it.

I am sorry I've been a bad blogger lately... Apart from all that's life, a disastrous hailstorm completely destroyed my garden some days ago.
You can notice how HUGE the stones were...

... when I managed to venture outside and take a picture, they were already melted!

All leaves were broken...

... fruit had to be harvested and immediately used up...

This is what remains of my luxuriant surfinias and lobelias in the hanging pots around the patio.
Also Kim's frisbee was broken... poor thing! I have to replace it with a new one!

Even if my heart is hurting for all this mess, I am aware that natural events cannot be controlled. Some flowers will hopefully blossom again... as for now I treat myself with bunches from the grocery!
I wish you a very pleasant rest of the week- I'm up to some projects I would like to show you soon!


  1. Oh, I hate when that happens!
    Two years ago in May.

  2. Hi Monica,

    What a horrible thing such a hailstorm. I hope your garden will restore soon. I love the old cards you got from your blog friend. You really do them justice in your pictures. I also like the hart you made very much. Maybe when I find some time between work and housekeeping I will have a try at it myself!

    Kind regards,


  3. Oh Monica how sad. I hope everything mends and grows again. We are having 90 to 100 + degrees and now they are rationing our water. They fear wildfires and want to have enought water to fight them. One works so hard to have a lovely garden and then the weather does its thing.Kisses and hugs to you and Kim. Sharon

  4. Oh, Monica. I am so sorry about your garden. I lost a big oak tree once and I could not beleive that I was mourning it! But it is sad...

    Another blogger put a video of a hailstorm on her blog last week. I wonder if she lives near you.

    Your post cards are precious!! What a sweet gift. Lucky girl!!


  5. Oh, it must be maddening to see what the hail did! Of course, we have no control over it, but still, its your beautiful garden! Hopefully some things will revive,

  6. Dear Monica, I am so so so sorry about your garden! I know all the hard work you've put into it this year... a big hug to you and Kim!!!

  7. YOW-ZA! Those are biggies ... hail I don't care for it is so damaging.

    We heard about the rationing of waters today ... hope things get better quickly. TTFN ~Marydon

  8. Hi Monica, That would be devastating to me, since I live for my garden. I am so sorry, but somethings will come back and maybe just as lovely as ever.
    Your cards and the photos of them are beautiful!

  9. I am so sorry! We had a nasty storm to come thru early Sun. morning and more expected this week. You had so many beautiful flowers - will they come back?

  10. How nice to receive those lovely postcards and valentines. I am so sorry about your hail storm and for all of the damage. How horrible. laurie

  11. Hi Monica,
    I love the vintage post cards and valentines. I have some too from my Grandma, I did'nt know she had so many saved from the 30's and 40's. I will have to share them sometime soon. I love your family pocket watch, my husband collects watches and he has many family watches in his collection also. I am going to show him yours. I really enjoyed your post today about the postcards.
    I am so sorry to hear about your garden, but you have such a green thumb I know you will bring your garden back in no time.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  12. My Goodness! I don't know that I've ever seen hail that size. It's no wonder it did such horrible damage to your beautiful gardens. At least you had a bit of consolation from your lovely goodies. Treats are such fun and have a way of brightening even the cloudiest of days...or hailiest, as the case may be :-)

  13. Wow, Those are indeed huge hail stones! We have been having awful weather too (rain, rain and more rain). The joke in Canada is we have two seasons . . . Winter and July. Well this year it is Winter and April showers. Ah well, maybe August will be nice and sunny. Don't worry about the blogging, I think we all slow down in the summer :)


  14. Hi Monica,

    I love your photos and cards and what a nice surprise in the mail.
    Sorry about the hailstorm playing havoc with your garden.

    Have a lovely day

  15. The postcards are beautiful. I love the way you photographed them with the pocket watches. Sorry to hear about your garden. Hope some of it bounces back. Have a beautiful day!

  16. Hi Monica
    Just popping by to say hello and thank you so much for your comment on my little cottages - it was lovely to hear from you

    I adore your vintage button heart

    Have a lovely weekend
    Best wishes, Carolyn

  17. That was huge hail! Hope you all are o.k. Your poor garden.
    Love those watches.

  18. The postcards look delightful...I'm glad they found a welcoming home with YOU.

    Stay safe with those hail storms, hope your garden bounces back...mother nature is like that.

    Take care dear friend,


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