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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Almost Finished!

Could you believe Summer is almost finished?
September is just around the corner, and Fall projects and decorations are frantically swirling in my mind, preventing me from restful sleep!
Autumn is my absolute favorite of the Seasons, with its gorgeous color palette, bountiful Nature, pumpkins and gourds, scarecrows, cobs and that 'homecoming' feeling often associated with it...

I played with these end-of-summer hues and natural elements...

... isn't the blue-green of fading hydrangeas so matching mother-of-pearl iridescence?

Hope your summer days are shaping up nicely, and you are enjoying summer activities as soon as this lasts...

As for me, I'm already in a deep Fall mood! Pumpkin pie, anyone?


  1. Yes of course I would love to taste a piece of your pumkin pie.
    I love your summer playing.
    Nice sunny sunday

  2. Hi Monica,

    Enjoy the rest of Summer, as you go into Autumn.
    I will be in for some pumpkin pie, thank you.

    Have a great Sunday,

  3. You know pumpkin pie would be great, i love the colors in the photos. I like fall too, just want to wait a bit longer. take care monica.

  4. Hi Monica,
    Love your photos as usual.I,too love autumn but I am always reluctant to let go of summer.I want to cram as much summer as I can in the next few weeks.

    Enjoy your Sunday,


  5. beautiful pictures for a beautiful season...

  6. Beautiful photos, Monica! Yes, I'm down for some pumpkin pie - one of my favorites!

  7. Our days are lovely and the evenings are starting to feel like Fall. I love all the blues in your wonderful creative photo's today. Hugs to you and Kim. Sharon and Teddy.

  8. Oh me too...can barely wait,soooo sick of summer!! Your photos are stunning!! All the best,Chrissy

  9. Hi Monica,
    well here summer has finally arriwed and we are enjoying very nice weather, finally!
    For a while I thought we were going to rain away.

    Lovely, beautiful pictures.

    Have a nice sunday!

    Hugs Bodil.

  10. Your beautiful posts this summer are radiant with color!

  11. I love those colors too! So pretty...

    If you get a chance, stop by my Blog for a visit and say hi! I just put up a New Post!
    Have a great day,

  12. I enjoyed these photos Monica - you arrange everything so wonderfully - it's a work of art!
    And yes, I'm ready for fall, pumpkin pie and some hot cider! It's one of my favorite times to decorate our log home!
    Hugs to you! Shelley

  13. Hello Monica,
    thanks for your comment on my blog. I've visited yours too. I love your lay-out,the beautiful pictures, the vintage cards,the bears. Your dog is beautiful and looks so nice, she's a real model on those pictures.
    I'm sorry to read that your garden was destroyed, we had the same situation in Belgium, but the damage in our garden was not so bad.
    Your autumn-decoration is wonderful, I love the colours of hydrangeas.

    Best regards,

  14. Hi Monica, your pictures are lovely. Autumn is my favorite season also and I am just chomping at the bit to start decorating for it.

    If you find a rooster in the next couple of weeks, please join us. Would love to have you.

    Barb :-)


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