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Monday, August 24, 2009

Gift Wrapping Ideas.

For me, one of the best parts of gifts is packaging... I mean yummy packaging, the one which makes you aahing and oohing, even if  the box's empty! LOL
Since the recipients have already received these, I think I can share them with you!
I have wrapped the gifts in tissue paper, then in (original) vintage music paper sheets. I then pinned a ribbon rose I made on a vintage lace and ribbon bow. Voil√†!

A small copy of a vintage postcard.

Isn't this super-cute? It is an antique small perfume bottle I received as gift on Valentine's day from my dear girl friend Karriann ...

Another one, with a different color palette...

It really is the little touches that make your tokens of love and affection so appreciated! Don't you think so?


  1. I completely agree with you Monica. A beautifully wrapped gift makes it that much more exciting!

  2. Very romantic, touching and beautiful! What fortunate friends you have, Monica! =)

  3. Hi Monica,

    I agree with you there ~ sometimes gifts are too pretty to open and you just want to keep them the way they are.
    I love all your pretty gift wrapping

    Have a happy week

  4. Monica, you can gift wrap an empty box for me any day!!!
    So beautiful!
    I hope you and your beautiful princess are doing well.
    Lots of hugs

  5. You are the goddess of wrapping!!!! I still look at the pictures of my gifts!!!! I also have the beautiful white wreath that was on one!!!!! I love it!!!
    You have so many ideas, thanks for sharing them!!!!
    Margaret B

  6. How right you are Monica. It just makes a gift more special and the person receiving it feel special too. Sharon

  7. Georgeous.....I love the wrapping so much.....A real gift.
    And those postcards.......fabelous.
    Nice day

  8. My dear now who wouldn't ((LoVe))recieving this or any of your beautiful gifts wrapped with your heartstrings!!

  9. Hello Monica,

    Beautiful colours, I love the vintage cards on the music paper sheets. That little perfume bottle looks pretty. Great ideas, such inspiration you have !


  10. All your photos are gorgeous as always

    Carolyn x

  11. Beautiful! Loved the silk ribbon rose!!!! Just wanted you to know I mentioned you in my Post for Outdoor Wednesday. Have a great one & hugs to Ms Kim from Ms Reba

  12. Always beautiful my friend, take care.

  13. You have inspire3to wrap gifts a bit better.
    Usually I wrap things in the car, at stop lights on the way to deliver them.

    I am properly chagrined.

  14. I so agree Monica.
    The thought and care put into wrapping a gift makes the recipient feel all the more special ... and those little flapper girl pics are my idea of a special touch!

  15. Beautiful..... I want to wrap some gifts right now :)

  16. monica, your gifts are wrapped so beautifully! i, too, believe that presentation is everything!
    anyone would be blessed to receive a gift from you!!

    so beautiful,

  17. Your ribbon rose is beautiful and you make it sound easy to make but mine does not look as real as the cabbage rose you made. Your rose looks just like the ones in my garden with a hundred petals.


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