My Christmas-in-August Tea Party.

What could better suggest Christmas atmosphere in the middle of summer, than sunflowers, starfish and baubles??

Today I hosted a 'Christmas in August' Party with some friends, completely enjoying the simple pleasure of a scrumptious afternoon tea in the garden!

For this special occasion I arranged this centerpiece with fresh sunflowers and herbs from the garden-soo summery and divinely scented!
Naturally I added vintage baubles...

The buffet under the patio was cozy and easy-to-prepare. Summer suggests a relaxed atmosphere also for the hostess, doesn't it! LOL

Cucumber sandwiches are the #1 of appreciated tea delicacies...

... together with jam tartelettes (the ones featured here are 'Bonne Maman Lemon and Raspberry Tartelettes')...

and pineapple and lime juice.

I definitely had a terrific afternoon! This is such a clever idea for lazy summer days!



  1. What a fun idea! Christmas this time of year! Your arrangement was beautiful. I am sure all of you had a wonderful time.

    Thank you for your thoughts on my Uncle. And The princess send hugs back to you & sweet KIM. Loved the pictures of her a few posts back. Reba is feeling much better now that we have her on her new medicines. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Christmas is such a wonderful time, it is nice to take a little bit of that flavour and sprinkle it through other parts of the year and what a beautiful colour scheme you have used on your tablescape.

  3. Pretty setting and the food looks so good - very refreshing.

  4. This is a beautiful luncheon set up, Monica. The centerpiece is fabulous!! Sunflowers can be so bold, but you have tamed them down a bit to go with your setting.

    I love cucumber many options when making them... I love cucumbers on toast in the morning when they are abundant at the farmer's market.

    Wonderful post my friend. I feel that Christmas spirit!! ;-)


  5. The baubles in the arrangement gives that unexpected surprise and sparkle. So sorry to hear of your garden mishaps. Nature has a way of keeping us humble doesn't it.
    Keep smiling!

  6. Oh! cucumber sandwiches!
    My Mimi used to make us cucumber and radish sandwiches...and we ate them!
    She also made cream cheese and grape sandwiches.
    mmmmm.I made my kids the cc and grape sandwiches in the summer and we took them to the beach.
    My daughter says they are simply Summer to her and she makes them for my grandchildren now.

  7. Monica this is so beautiful. Your pictures look like they are right out of the pages of a magazine!

  8. A very unique idea!
    I love it Monica!

    P.S. cucumber sandwiches are my favorites!


  9. It all looks so lovely Monica.
    Christmas half way through the year!

    Many thanks for visiting my blog.

    Hope that you have a happy weekend


  10. What a wonderful idea, Monica! Everything looks beautiful and tasty!

  11. Oh, Monica, it looks wonderful!! Makes me want to jump throught the screen so I can taste those wonderful delicacies!! I love all the details you bring to your tablescapes...

  12. Beatiful, beautiful pictures!!
    Hugs from Sweden =)

  13. I think I was there in spirit... you and my daughter had tandem summer Christmas celebrations across the pond! =)))

  14. What a wonderful party. The cucmber sandwiches look so good I think I shall have to have a tea party. Teddy and I wish you and Kim could come. Although I don't believe you would enjoy the heat. Very unusual for WA. in the 100degrees. We were 109 the other day and it is way to much. We had a fire in the woods (they think it was set by a young man). Thankfully they got it out fast. The poor firefighters had to stay for 6 hours in this heat. But I digress, I LOVE YOUR PARTY!!! Take care, Sharon and Teddy

  15. This is a lovely idea !!! Your buffet is wonderful ! These little Bonne Maman lemon tartelettes are delicious !

  16. what a beautiful day, I could almost taste those lemon tartlets! I've just got back from Scotland and visiting Beatrix Potter's home, you may enjoy the photos so far. Hugs, catherine xx

  17. So sorry I missed out on the invitation to this one. What a terrific idea.

    I'm a reflexologist blogging about all things health and wellness. Enjoying the pleasures and beauty of life and seasons with friends certainly contributes immeasurably to our well being.

    Thansk for sharing this fabulous treat!


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