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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

White Bookcovers.

Finally I am ready to show you what I had been up to...
I love having all my favorite books wrapped in fabric book- covers, both to enjoy the pleasure of having similar and matching colors throughout my home and keep my reading private if I bring them along with me...
I sewed many of them before (also as gifts), but I always used floral or colored fabrics.
This summer, I thought to make some out of a vintage muslin bedspread I had.

I made good use of vintage/antique laces, hankies, crocheted doilies and buttons to add elegance and an exquisite feminine touch to them...

I pinned a vintage safety-pin with a love theme to one of them, and tied little charms with a knot to the ribbons I always insert in the middle of the upper opening before sewing. These will serve as bookmarks.

I finished them off with tiny MOP vintage buttons too.

I am now ready for hours of well-earned relax with them!!
Till next project ;)


  1. Now that is creative! I love them all.
    Now I hope you can relax and enjoy!


  2. Just beautiful, A few years ago I covered all my photo albums with an old style wallpaper. I love it with the fabric..P.s. I also mactacked my garbage cans with creame with ivory growing all over them. Every time I look at them I think I might have too much time on my hands. LOL.

  3. Very pretty! I made a couple bookmarks with ribbon and charms back some time ago, but was not satisfied with the way they looked and took them apart. Yours are very pretty.

  4. Very elegant and creative work! Love them! Thanks for sharing them with us.


  5. BRAVO - Monica! I truly think these are the most creative treasures I've seen lately in blogland!!!

  6. Dear friend, These are so beautiful. You amaze me everytime I visit. Your creations always are elegant to say the least. Thank you for the sweet surprise in my mailbox. Drop by my blog it's about you.!! Love Sharon and Teddy

  7. Wow! These are really beautiful. Hmmmm...too bad you don't offer these for sale to the ladies (like me) who don't sew.

  8. Oh these are really georgeous.....
    I love them all.
    So nice to show your book now.
    Nice evening

  9. Hello Monica,
    Gorgeous, your books!
    I love that beautiful lace and the charms. They look luxurious, it has to be a pleasure reading them.

    Best regards,

  10. Hi, I just found your blog because of Sharon's post. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog and I will be back!!!!!!

  11. Those are beautiful Monica!

    Very elegant!


  12. Hi Monica,

    Your books are beautiful and I love what you have done, very pretty.
    You are very creative.

    Enjoy your week

  13. Hi Monica, thank you for the visit and your lovely comment on my journal page :)
    I was just browsing an older copy of Sew Somerset yesterday when I saw some beautiful book covers and thought to myself, one of these days I will try that. Then I come to visit and see yours, well they are just so elegant, romantic looking, simple beauty, and I love the fact that you recycled the old bedspread into something new and wonderful :)

  14. Oh goodness these are just so beautiful, just perfect. I love them.

  15. Hi Monica,
    Just lovely! really what a great way to make a book look pretty. You are just so creative. I love them.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  16. Dear Monica
    Your book covers are beautiful - they took my breath away!
    You are very talented and with a good eye for style and detail - lovely!
    Happy days
    Denise x

  17. Oh Monica these are gorgeous! I have to make some gifts for my book club and these would be perfect.

    Just darling!

  18. Well, remember back to our Easter Swap when I asked for the measurements for your Bible or favorite book because i wanted to do a book cover... I never got it finished because I spent too much time on the other swap items & life... and look YOU ALREADY HAD SOME or the idea for them. Just a few months after we talked about it. Your designs are pretty too.

  19. Oh poor Kim with the hat! She doesn't look happy Mamma. She deserves EXTRA treats Princess Reba says! What a good sport she is. MS Reba would NEVER leave that hat on. Very cute post. Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Hi,
    Just wanted to tell you how absolutely gorgeous your book covers are...I love each one of them. Fantastic job.

  21. Thank you, Sandra! It's so sweet of you!
    I really appreciated you left a comment!

  22. Simply the best! Oh my so feminine..so girly..so beautiful..let me wash my hands and touch each one..over and over!


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