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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gilded Pumpkins.

I got this gorgeous idea from Country Living Magazine last year... so immediately started collecting pumpkins and gourds from nurseries and my veggie garden. I have 'cuddled' them  for one year, ignoring everyone's advice of getting rid of them, and ended up having perfectly and completely dried (and light) pumpkins and gourds to be used in my Fall decorating project now!
So a few weeks ago I started gilding. I used gold and silver...

... gold and silver mixed together too!


I used a different method from the one featured on the mag, as I was looking for a cheaper way to create something spectacular! Gold foil is absolutely GREAT for decorating purposes, but expensive, so I opted for a gold/silver spray paint!

Look how super cute this plush toy I purchased for Kim at the thrift store is... she absolutely LOVES it!



  1. Really beautiful, Monica! You are so creative.
    Cute that new toy for Kim. I can see
    she loves it.

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. Sweet Monica... you are welcome to come here and paint as many of those gorgeous sunflowers in my kitchen as you wish! lol =))))) What a fabulous job you've done!

  3. Golden Gourds!!
    Who would have thought it!!

    I'll bet they'd even look good white, in a different grouping!

  4. You are amazingly talented!! It is just thrown out all over!! The gold and silver paint looks fabulous on the gourds, especially the pebbly ones with texture. I think they would make lovely Christmas ornaments!!

    Your backsplash is very cool. You paint so well. The yellows are beautiful in a kitchen too!

    Wonderful post!


  5. we already knew you were talented, but you are SUPER DUPER TALENTED!

  6. Hi Monica,
    You are so sweet and caring, thank you. Nice to have a friend like you out there in cyberspace.

    What a wonderful idea and how nice it turned out!
    I love your sunflowers they are truly beautiful.
    You are so talented!
    Lots and lots of hugs from Bodil.

  7. Monica - you never cease to amaze me with your creative and artistic talent! I love what you did w/ those pumpkins and gourds - they look like jewels! Also love the painted tiles - I would love to have a backsplash like that!
    Hugs to you and Kim!

  8. Monica, everything you touch is just beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with the fall items. Take care, c

  9. WOW!!!! Your painting talent is amazing!!! I am in awe of the talent you have!!!!
    I am just sitting here taking a break from some little guys stitching..... oops, almost gave it away!!!
    Margaret B

  10. You are a talented Gal! I loved the gilded fruit & the painted sun flowers. Those gourds are amazing. I never would have thought they would look soooooooooo good. Glad you found that magazine & then shared with us. Blessing

  11. Love what you did there Monica - have mentally filed the idea away! Rachaelxo

  12. Oh! I love all of your painted sunflowers. How wonderful to be able to create something like that. Your pumpkins and gourds are beautiful, and your new glasses are perfect for fall. laurie

  13. Oh it is really authumn here....
    I love it. Your pumpkins and especially those nice glases.....
    Nice weekend

  14. Oh my gosh your painted china and tiles are gorgeous!!! I love what you did with the gourds-can't wait to see how you use them. As for the fall pitcher and glasses, what a great find! I love decorating for fall!

    I really like your blog and look forward to visiting again soon:).



  15. Hi Monica.
    I love silver and gold mixed together!!!

    Great idea!!!

    Have a nice and blessed weekend

  16. Hi Monica,

    I am loving the gold and silver and what a fabulous idea.
    Kim looks so adorable with her new toy.

    Happy weekend

  17. Monica, I love the gilded pieces...how elegant they are and how creative you are!!

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  18. A wonderful post Monica. Will the pumpkins and gourds now stay preserves forever? I have some slowly drying out on my windowsill. I was thinking of diping them in wax or painting with acrylic wax

    We are very similar, Monica, very in control of our colours in our posts! You with your usual blue and me with my red. Anything else is usually a bit of a challenge unless it's neutral, I think!

    Best wishes,

  19. Monica, you are an artist! Those flowers are incredible. You could create all sorts of cards and paintings to sell! (maybe you do already).
    Thanks for posting about the Tags for Tina, I will try to do one. I just started tagging.


  20. Monica I just love how you painted your gourds. Where did you leave them to dry? Your glassware is such a find. So fun for fall. We've been having such beautiful, cool weather that it really puts me in the mood!

  21. My Dear Friend~ Your gourds are beautiful! I have always been intimidated by the whole gold/ silver leafing concept, but spray paint is right up my alley!!! Your sunflower backsplash is just breathtaking. You have such an amazing God given talent.

  22. Beautiful gourds and pumpkins, I love the idea of spray painting too :)
    Your painting is amazing, you are so multi talented :)


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