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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lavender Salt.

If you haven't prepared your lavender salt for winter yet, this is the just perfect time!
While pruning your lavender bushes in the garden, save a bunch of dried flowers...

... crumble them in your hands and add to cooking salt. It is as simple as that!

Preserve it in a jar, and just enjoy in hot water for an aromatic tonic bath!



  1. We LOVE those cookies! Hubby sells them at the shop... as well as lavender salt! You MUST come and visit us some time!!!!! ;)))))

  2. They sound so delicious. I will have a problem in getting my hands on some lavender so maybe I should just get them at the store!!

    Love Lidy's blog!


  3. These sound so yummy! I have loads of lavender in my garden and wanted to try them in some thing, Thanks! Have a sweet day! x

  4. I love your photo's- the first one looks like a magazine cover. Lavender salt sounds lovely for the bath and so easy. I hope I still have a few lavender flowers left.


  5. Oh yes, I do love these cookies, but I am terrible at baking so will let someone else make them. I am also on a cookie-less diet LOL...
    Thank you for the tip on the lavender salt, it looks beautiful in the jar too :)

  6. Thanks for the lavender salt idea.
    I love your blue journal.
    You are quite creative.

  7. Hi Monica,

    I have a lot of lavender growing so will have to try the bath salts.
    Palmiers are a favourite of mine and so nice and easy to make.
    I have also made them with bacon or ham and gruyere cheese, for a savoury biscuit.

    Enjoy your weekend

  8. yummy cookies and a lavender bath...life doesn't get much better than that... make my lavender bath salts with lavender essential oil... works beautifully as well -- alas, no pretty lavender flowers in the yard though

  9. You create such wonderful images. I am headed to the kitchen now. :)

  10. I'm not even going to look or try this! I had to buy bigger pants today already :0 I hate that!!!!

  11. Those cookies look they would go great with a cup of tea. I will make a batch this week.

  12. Yum!
    And lavendar is a perfect addition. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  13. I love the food, aside from a great bath! :D


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