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Friday, October 2, 2009

Happiness is...

... A cheerful autumnal vignette with pomegranates and flowers from our garden...

... nesting and reading magazines...

... comfort food...

... fall foliage...

... being still able to paint outdoor on a warm sunny day...

... Kim doing this while I'm eating my lunch alfresco!! 
Are you wondering why she softly puts her muzzle on my knee??

... She wants my lasagna!!! LOL

Enjoy your weekend, hope it is sunny wherever you live!


  1. So, so pretty! I love the sunflowers you are painting! They are gorgeous!

    As usual, I love my visit to your blog!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. Hello Monica

    Lovely photos. For me it will be staying indoors with a warm fire reading a Victoria magazine. Raining you see. Nevermind I do look forward to have some cosy nights in.
    Have a great weekend
    Isabelle x

  3. I hope you gave her a tiny bit of your lasagna!!!! How can you say no to that face and such beautiful eyes. I would come to Italy just to spend the day petting her and having a chat with such a sweet dog and ofcourse her owner too. A beautiful post dear friend.Sharon

  4. Those flowers are so beautiful!!!!!! Love all the colors. And nothing better than eating/reading alfresco. Even poor hungry Kim would agree. :)
    I am also glad to see your STACK of magazines! My "honey" threatens that one corner of the house will fall offfrom the weight of the magazines. Hee Hee

    We are supposed to have rain all week. Hard to complain since we have been so dry but, wanted to go play at an Antique fair this weekend... guess not.

  5. I'd want your lasagna, too! ;) Your sunflower painting is looking just beautiful!!!

  6. Your flowers are beautiful! Awww! Hope you gave that sweet face a bite.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Monica,

    I love your autumnal vignette with the beautiful flowers and pomegranates.
    That is great the weather is still lovely for alfresco dinning.
    Kim is adorable and funny how dogs give you that look, for maybe a little morsel of what you are eating.

    Happy weekend

  8. Hi Monica

    these are lovely autumn colours even though I am in spring I am enjoying them...and the mournful look on the dog's face...

    Happy days

  9. I have never painted outside..... I can imagine it would be peaceful and inspiring!
    Love the sunflowers......

    Have a wonderful week

  10. Beautiful bouquet, Monica, also your painted sunflowers.
    And sweet Kim with such a look you can not resist.

    Hugs to you and Kim,

  11. Beautiful pictures of autumn and you sunflowers are amazing. I love to see fall colors as where I live in Florida we don't get Fall. It was my favorite season. Kim as always, is beautiful.

  12. Does look like Kim loves comfort food too. Raining here but I don't mind. I just love Fall!!!!

  13. Mmmmm.... I am loving the comfort food

  14. Love this post.. That floral arrangement is just gorgeous.. That lasagna looks soooooo yummy, no wonder Kim wanted some.. I always love seeing picture of her... She's such a pretty dog..

  15. My Sweet Friend~ As always, your pictures take my breath away! I don't blame Kim one bit for coveting your lasagna....it looks mouthwatering yummy! The bunny you made me, by the way, is PERFECT in blue. My photographs don't show it, but there is blue in the bedding/ accessories, so it is a terrific compliment to all of the pink & green.
    Hugs & love!


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