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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Inspiration Board.

This is my inspiration ribbon board... 
It hangs above my computer desk, and it is pretty big (51" x 33 1/2 "; 130 cm. x 85 cm.), padded and covered in blue fabric matching my studio color palette. I use to glance at it while working at the computer!
Hope you'll enjoy taking a peek!

You can spot a French heart where I displayed some antique lace and pinned a vintage rhinestone brooch, victorian photos of pretty ladies and hymnal pages with meaningful words to me, a broken rosary chain, faux pearls and old skeleton keys tied with lace, tags, ATCs, millinery flowers, crystals, vintage French postcards, gifts from dear friends, an angel with a quote by Emily Dickinson ("Dwell in possibility"), which I love.

... pegs...
... some of my tags and more vintage jewelry...

... my pointe shoes I used when a girl...

... a heart hubby carved out of wood for me...

... scraps of my fave fabrics I used throughout my studio...

... ribbon roses...

... Marie...

... one of my spice arrangements, made in the traditional Austrian way of spice- binding, which means Prosperity, both spiritual and material...

.... favorite hankies and an oval with a portrait of two friends...

... Valentines...

... the friendship memento I made at the beginning of the year...

... Meghan, the Angel of Heart I made with my Great Grandmother precious linens, I finally decided not to part with.

I just love having a look at all these things which have a very special meaning to my heart... and just feel inspired!


  1. I love the board..the inspirations..and your blog~ Jain got me hooked:)

    Thank you~

  2. Okay, I now know where all your inspirations come from!!!! What a lovely arrangement of treasures to look at everyday!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Monica it is inspirational, I am packingg my bags, and moving in! It is just beautiful, someday I will show you my creative room and you will help me pack. lol. You have inspired me. I love all of your treasures. Take care my friend. Be well.

  4. Monica first off I must thank you for your lovely comment,much appreciated.
    Your Inspiration board is beautiful!I have a quite large one,not sure on the measurement something around 27 X 35. It probably dates back to the sixties; anyway I have the backing in a peach cream rose fabric I found at the second hand store for a few bucks and still have more to create a few more boards;you can never have too many inspirations to keep right? And of course with my old age I have become quite forgetful...ha!
    Hopefully soon I’ll take some pics of my so called studio…hehe.
    Enjoy creating!
    p.s. Luved your hubby’s heart,the angel,ribbon rose and I guess everything.

    Hugs Annabelle

  5. Georgeous....!!!!!
    Oh I love the button heart so much.........
    I am speechless....
    Nice day and take care

  6. Your inspiration board is just a work of art! It was so nice to look at this - I wanted to reach out and touch some of the item! So pretty!!

  7. such a wonderful idea, you must get such delight looking at all these special items. Beautiful. x

  8. I'm inspired just by looking at your photos! I can imagine what it must be like to see your board in person and up close!!! What a beautiful job you've done arranging all your treasures! =) xo

  9. i just love coming here, i am always to quiet and not saying this enough becasue i rush to do fws, but egads you are talented, i love your style!

  10. So many pretty things to look at! Would not want to pick a favorite.

  11. Beautiful inspiration board, I have one in my studio too with all my favorite things. I think I need a larger one though :)

  12. Hi Monica,

    Very beautiful ~ I love your Inspiration board and I would be looking at that all day.
    Such delightful and pretty things there and must make you so happy.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  13. Oh Monica I can feel all the love and creativity coming from your board. Just beautiful. Love the card from your DH. So sweet dear friend. Sharon

  14. A gorgeous board! I don't know about you, but I am feeling very inspired after seeing the beauty on it.

  15. It is beautiful, it must be big to hold so many treasures

  16. wow, your inspiration board is totally inspiring and utterly beautiful! can't believe you still have your pointe shoes from when you were a kid, that's sensational!

  17. Beautiful inspiration board, Monica !
    I love the vintage cards and that angel is very special. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful treasures.


  18. That must be a very large inspiration board! All the things you have on there are so lovely.

  19. Thank you for stopping to see me for Pink Saturday. I am sorry I am late coming by to visit. It was our Annv. this weekend & my hubby surprised me & took me out of town. I had no idea...so now I am behind but, it was so much fun. I love your Inspiration Board!!!! The colors are wonderful. And the fact that you have so many special things(loved the pointe shoes from childhood) is extra special. I have an Inspiration Board too but, don't have as many goodies on mine as yours... I'm working on it but, it takes time. Thanks for the good wishes with the roof & Ms Reba. All is well now. Have a wonderful week & try to stop back by because I hope to post a few photos from the weekend.

  20. You must truly feel inspired when you look up at that beautiful board. That is on my "To Do" list, to make an inspiration board. I love all of your scraps, memories, finds, and art. A beautiful "creation", indeed.

    Thx for sharing,

  21. What lovely inspiring things to look at while you are working!


  22. Such a gorgeous Inspiration board Monica. I love all the colours and textures ~ a work of art in itself ♥

  23. WOW I love your inspirational memory board. It is filled with so many pretty goodies. I hope one day I can make something like that.
    ♥ Rebecca

  24. Wow! That is gorgeous! I sure wish I had an area in my home to put one of those. Hmmm...maybe I should make one for my cubicle at work!

  25. Oh, I just love your inspirational board! its so lovely. I have been away working on my Dad's 80th birthday party that we are hosting at our home this Saturday so I have been so busy and then my computer was unplugged for a week due to new cabinets being installed in our office. I have some catching up to due. I just love everything you do.
    Enjoy your day and keep creating,

  26. Hello Monica,
    I'm new to our blog and find it very nice. beautiful memory board. You must have a huge space to place it on!!!
    Great pics and lots of inspiration!

  27. Hi Monica! Thanks for visiting me earlier. I'm glad your furry girl is doing well. Mine has been sick with stomach problems, and waking me in the night to let her out...i'm tired!!! i loved your posting - especially the photo mailing tags and the toe shoes! have a fun day!


  28. I LOVE seeing people's boards...yours is wonderful and so very you :)
    Does Kim have one?

  29. I love your memory board! And your close ups. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful memories!

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your treasures and that they all have special meanings. I have a lot of things too that don't mean much to anyone else but me. Love your ribbon board too!


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