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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet Model and Fall Pleasures.

Hello everybody!
I'm helping 'Mom' while she's shooting...

I am such a good girl!

Mmm.... rather boring at times!

Let me crunch a pine cone...

... and have a little nap!!

After all those shots we indulged in some well-deserved rest (and hot tea with almond treats, unfortunately not for me!) in front of a crackling fire and the flickering light of candles. Aahhhh, joys of Fall!

Hope you are enjoying Fall simple pleasures too!
Monica (and Kim).


  1. We are enjoying the fall, we had the fireplace on last night and watched Dancing with the Stars.
    I loved your post!

  2. Oh what a sweet girl! I wish my puppies were that calm...what a cozy place to be. Take care, Martha

  3. Kim, you are a beautiful girl as always. I hope you are enjoying the cool weather on your fur. It is still warm in Florida, my Max is looking forward to the weather changing.

  4. There is that adorable face again! :-)

  5. We are - minus the fireplace! That is one thing our sweet cottage doesn't have! But I do love Fall!

  6. i just love your shots, all you share is just perfect!

    and they call it puppy love~

  7. I love Kim's little white eyebrows!! What a precious pup!! I made a fire tonight and was all set to make a nice dinner when The Husband decided on Chinese. Great! He can be adorable sometimes!


  8. Kim - you are such a great helper! I wish I could pet that beautiful face of yours!!
    Monica - loved these candle photos - really sets the mood!

  9. What a face!!! I do wonder what our pets would say if they could talk.
    Love your inspiration board. I've been meaning to redo mine. Looks a bit uninspiring!!

  10. its a dogs life! Rachaelxo

  11. Monica, I love Kims last pic, just kinda glancing at you as if saying, you want me to pose anymore, you gotta pay me....Your always simply the best. Take care.

  12. Give Kim a kiss for me ~ what a sweet girl she is! Your fireplace and candles look very inviting! Glad you are enjoying fall!

  13. Kim is so nice and sweet !
    Cosy that fireplace and the candles.

    Hugs to you and Kim,

  14. Hi Monica,

    You have such a sweet dog. I love the photos of Kim and your warm and cosy fire and candles.

    I hope that you are having a happy week


  15. Oh Kim it's me Teddy! Mom and I have been playing in the leaves and putting the gardens to bed. I don't really understand that but that's what she says we are doing. She has been under the weather as of late so I rest by her side and guard her. She says I'm her love. I think your pictures are wonderful and I like crunching pine cones too. Love Teddy and my mom too.


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