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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow and a Sneak Peek in Black & White.

A white soft blanket has covered the garden and my corner of the world over the past 24 hours, and this was the scenery in the early morning. Beautiful, huh? I was full of enthusiasm BEFORE I started shoveling and shoveling.... I wonder how many cubic yards/metres of snow a girl can shovel in a day?:((

Kim had an extra treat for this!;)

I took all these photographs in our garden...

... As you can easily imagine, I'm exausted! But I must admit looking at these pictures that this was really beautiful!

You can get a sneak peek at a couple of gifts I made/I'm making. I am soo late this year, I'm almost finished though! This is something new to me, I usually have all my presents ready and wrapped in November.
I cannot neither show you much at the moment for obvious reasons nor tell you this cute fur-ball's name... you never know who might be peeping!LOL

Hope you're done with your presents!


  1. Hi Monica,
    What a winter wonderland-your garden is beautiful! we have been getting showers and mild weather lately so our snow is almost gone and sadly no new snow in sight.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new Year,


  2. Monica, I heard you reaally got it! My Lord it came down! Are your arms sore from shovelling?The pictures are the best I have seen all season. It has been snowing here, just a bit everyday...You had no snow before right, what a blanket! Love your little bear. Take care.

  3. Oh Monica! We're TWINS! Your yard looks just like ours! I shoveled, too! There was just way too much for hubby and my two oldest boys to tackle shoveling without me... they had to shovel the shop out, too! And now... my poor aching back! lol

  4. Hi Monica

    Fabulous photos! Thanks for your good wishes. I was thinking of you earlier today and thought I must make contact. After Christmas I'll parcel up some lace and buttons for you in the hope that they'll arrive. I am so aware that we never sorted out last year's problem.

    Have a lovely Christmas and all good wishes for 2010.

    Sue x

  5. Wow! Beautiful! Great photos! But please don't send the snow in my direction. It is beautiful to look at, but a problem to get around in. Love the sweet bear.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Monica, I am always in awe of your beautiful bears. How sweet they are - I can never pass a cute little teddy bear by!

    Your photos are gorgeous! The snow on the branches and in your garden is so beautiful.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Monica and a Happy New Year.


  7. Beautiful pictures in black and white, Monica !
    Lovely, Kim in the snow.
    What a sweet teddy bear, he/she looks so endearing.
    The wooden star in my last post is not my creation, I bought it years ago on holiday in Germany (in summer !)

    Happy Holidays,

  8. BREATHTAKING! You will have a perfectly WHITE CHRISTmas, won't you! So beautiful, and you captured it to remember!

  9. I just finished sewing the last velvet rose on my friends hat. Now the hat & gloves will slip into her box for wrapping in the morning.

    Your photos are DIVINE!!!! I LOVE them. Thank you for sharing them with us. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas my dear friend & hugs to you & Kim from Reba & I. Merry Christmas! Charlene

  10. Beautiful photos & delightful blog! Sadly no snow here yet..... Lizzie

  11. Such wonder winterland in your garden....
    Wishing you and your beloved ones all the best in 2010. Lots of love ....
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    With love

  12. Ah Monica, it is like a winter wonderland. Your photos are absolutely stunning.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I've missed you on Pink Saturdays.

  13. I hope your muscles are ok, I know mine are still sore from shovelling all our snow! Beautiful photos though, love your Bear and those dollies! Happy Christmas, Catherine x

  14. I'm jealous of those of you who have had these photo opportunities!
    Everything is so magical and wonderful and my fav Italian doggie...Kim...did she enjoy it?
    I'm curious about the Raggedy Ann drawing...I'll be patient and wait :)....
    Merry Christmas to you!!! I actually addressed a card to you but didn't get it mailed...:(
    It will come late.

  15. Everything is so beautiful!!!! Love it all!
    Margaret B


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