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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Raggedy Ann Pillow.

I had promised to show you this... I made a pillow as unusual 'Christmas card' to my hubby!
I took the idea from a cushion I had seen somewhere on the web, just created my own design for Annie and Andy, with a blue and red color scheme which we love.

I used different materials for the appliqué: cotton, denim, wool and vintage buttons. I then painted and embroidered the faces, and added a cotton frayed bow to Annie's pig tails!

It is freezing over here, yesterday it snowed, but fortunately no sign of the white stuff today! I'm ready for Spring, already!


  1. Lovely work as always Monica - I like the touching message too. Your basket looks so good teamed with the red and white fabric items. Bye for now, Lesley

  2. I always love Ann and Andy!!! Yours is awesome! What a great card for hubby...I hope he realized how special a gift he got!

  3. The pillow is just darling, Monica!! I love the sentiment! The basket is also SO cute. I wish I had your sewing abilities!! :-)


  4. The pillow is adorable! You are just so creative! Love the picnic basket too. laurie

  5. So cute what you offer your husband..

    :) When I was expecting my first little girl.. my friend made me the 2 BIG Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls..:)So sweet!

  6. How cute is that!
    I also am ready for Spring. Ice/White stuff predicted Thurs night into Fri.. If I start Spring cleaning, will it make Spring come early?? :-)

  7. It turned out great Monica, I too am ready for Spring. I think I have a bit of the winter blahs. Take care.

  8. The pillow is charming. I also love the picnic basket. Don't you wish you could go out for a picnic on a warm sunny day?

  9. The pillow card is so cute! I am enjoying seeing the new look and all the pictures.
    I am ready for spring to come too!!!!
    Margaret B

  10. So nice you are so creative.....
    What you need in this cold is some hot chocolate.....with a dot of cream......oeps,
    I did it again.........
    I forgot my weigth, and yours.....
    Nice day

  11. I'm sure he loved it Monica. I love your fruity red and white heart with the little button and your inspiring little art journals in the previous post are so VERY BEAUTIFUL! and such a lovely personal idea

    Hope you are having a very good week. I will send you a very quick email with a little news (very soon). Take care dear one!

    Carolyn ♥

  12. Simply perfection in everything you create, Monica! Truly!!!

  13. That Christmas cushion card is just too cute. I'm longing for spring too, but it is sooo cold up here! We have the longest winter I can remember :-(

  14. What a special pillow 'Christmas card', cute !
    Great idea, Monica !
    Your picnic basket is beautiful, too.


  15. Hi Monica,

    What a sweet cushion for your hubby.
    Lovely thought and Annie and Andy are so cute.
    I hope that you will soon be able to go on a picnic with your lovely basket.
    Stay warm and I hope that Spring will be there soon.


  16. Monica, you are a marvel! Such talent! And such cuteness... love the pillow and the basket both. Great job!


    Sheila :-)

  17. I'm ready for spring, too. The Ann & Andy cushion card is so cute. I'm sure your Hubby loves it! The picnic basket is very striking. I love the large checks on it, and the little heart that is on it.

  18. Monica, I love the basket. I have my grandmother's picnic basket, and I love using it. Picnics are always so special.

    And, I love the pillow, too. Your husband must have adored it.


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