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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just for Fun!

First, a huge thank you for all your enthusiastic comments about my collection of vintage Valentines, and for the Ribbon Rose Tutorial- hope you have fun with it!
Then, I have to catch up with  a few promises I made on my previous posts... hope I'll make you smile with some drawings I made when a young girl! Thanks to my Dad I still have these and my pointe shoes (and other lovelies) as well!
Here is my very first professional painting LOL, oil on wood (at 3 y.o.)! I liked to keep company to my Grandfather in his studio while he was painting, and he used to give me the remnants of his colors... An art critic, who used to write about my Grandfather's art, came at home one day and saw it, and he told that he could read something really special in my little artwork (I was told by my Granny) and told her I was an artist :))). I'm soo glad my Dad kept all these treasures for me to enjoy when older.

My first attempt at a mixed media painting! It's my Dad- very resembling actually!:)

It looks like I had a passion for clowns...

... and for snowmen!

I was a little older when made this one, but unfortunately no date on the back. 

Flowers and violets... oh yea!

A spring-y windy day, as it looks from the blowing pink clouds, blue sky and cheery flowers in the garden!

7 y.o ... I already loved chicks! Hehe

A hint at Friendship in Blogland??!

12 y.o. this reminds me of Sunflowers by Van Gogh...the flower shape and the vase (not the colors, actually).

A copy of The Birth of Venus by Botticelli... 12 y.o.

Familiar landscapes in Italy... where I used to spend summer holidays with my Grandparents... 13 y.o.

14 y.o, that's me! At school they requested to draw a self-portrait, and this is what I made! Well, my passion for Nature and color (and oops- sweets too) is obvious!

First attempt to draw a nude, 14 y.o ...

15 y.o, my "fashion designer period". Isn't this Princess dress just amazing??

Hope you enjoyed looking at them, as much as I did after many years! It was a stroll down memory lane... thank you Daddy!
Monica x.


  1. MONICA! What an artist you are (though we ALL knew that already)! What a treat you shared these pieces with us! It is so hard to choose a favorite... I love the sweet clowns and the wind-blowing clouds! And that beautiful blue princess dress! I am so happy your Dad saved these for you! What treasures!

  2. Fabulous drawings and paintings! That is so cool that you still have them. All of my childhood paintings have been tossed. Sigh!! I would love to have them back!

  3. I've really enjoyed looking at these, Monica (have held on to some of my daughters' 'treasures') and also spent much time when young, creating fashion designs, although drawing the figure was the most interesting part! Best wishes, Lesley

  4. Monica, what fun! all I have from when I was a child is a picture of a little red wagon. I am so glad these were all saved, you are very talented and you can see it from your first painting. This was a wonderful post. Take care my friend. have a great day.

  5. Monica, these are wonderful! I can see your talent bloomed early on in your life.

    Sending you warm hugs. I will be MIA for a bit beginning in a few minutes when I'm separated from my computer! I keep putting it off, but the time has come. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Oh Monica, what a wonderful collection !
    So nice that your father kept these paintings for you. They are really special !

  7. You have been very artistic all your life! It is great that your father kept all these for you. I kept a lot of things for my children, because nothing of my childhood survived. When they established their own homes I sent their things with them to decide what they wanted to keep.

  8. Actually..the best kind of fun..Lucky you to have these..and your dad:)

  9. Hi Monica,

    I'm so glad you had these treasures to go back to. I save my babies' best art in a portfolio. Hopefully, they will get to go back to them someday and appreciate their sweet innocence. Thanks for stopping by on Pink Saturday. Love you blog!


  10. Monica, I can't believe you have all your treasured pictures, what a wonderful keepsake!!! That is so great that your father kept them all!!!
    How important it is, even as adults, we need to document our progress!
    I loved seeing your artwork, delightful!!!
    Margaret B

  11. Hi Monica,

    How talented you are and even at a young age you were doing the most amazing Artwork.
    Glad that your Father put your paintings away safely for you. Thanks for showing us.

    Happy week

  12. What a fun post! You were an artist all the time! Love to see what you did and walk together with you on memory lane. When I see this I want to see my old drawings too! Thanks for inspiration!

  13. I love child art! Your self portrait is really fun :) The Italy scene is probably my favorite. I'm so glad you still have them :)

  14. You even had a talent for color back then. I think children have no fear of right or wrong, don't you. You are such a talented person and so glad your father held on to those. I love the one with the little chicks all in a row.


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