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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scottish Gem.

These pictures were all taken back in April 2007.
... Are you tired of Winter and just longing for "daffodils fluttering and dancing in the wind" ???

Typical things you can see while strolling about: Edinburgh Castle...

Scottish flags everywhere...

Amazing art...

Stunning ancient buildings...



My hubby is a fan of Sir Sean Connery- this image was taken outside the shop where he orders all of his kilts (Sean Connery, not my hubby!! LOL).

This is the commemorative statue and fountain of Greyfriars Bobby, the Skye Terrier and faithful companion that spent 14 years guarding the grave of his owner until he died himself.

A spectacular view of Princes Street from Calton Hill...

Princes Street Gardens, a public park in the shadow of the castle...

.... and the fabulous Royal Botanic Garden! 

The gate is a wondrous work of art, isn't it!

And the greenhouses... no words to describe what you can find inside!!

The Garden is the dwelling place of many animals... look at the cat! Hehe Poor unaware ducks!

Many squirrels keep you company while you're visiting!

Please be kind and don't give them unhealthy food! I'm pretty sure bread and jam make their mouth water, but they would be better if fed properly (and not too much). Poor little thing, he's not that skinny uh? 

And finally, some shots by night!
Camera Obscura...

... Princes Street at sunset...

... the National Gallery of Scotland...

Bank of Scotland...

And look at this! A beautiful shot of St. Giles Cathedral courtesy my hubby! He was soo proud of this shot and I'm proud of him too!

... and lastly, Edinburgh my way, after a loong day walking up and down!

Hope I've inspired you to plan a romantic escape to Edinburgh and Scotland as well! You won't be disappointed!
Monica x.


  1. Beautiful Monica...I can see why you love it. What a fabulous place and wonderful photos!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, Monica !
    There is a Scottish Weekend in Belgium each year in September. With a Pipeband competition and Highland Dances and games.
    We love it !
    I'd like to see you dancing !

  3. I was just in Edinburgh last November~ and was charmed. I love seeing all of these beautiful places in the springtime.
    Thank ye!

  4. Thanks for sharing so many great photos and your trip there. Enjoyed seeing all the beautiful architecture. Thanks for the touch of Spring.
    Suppose to be in the mid 60's today & rain later, but will take the rain over snow and ice.

  5. Wow, beautiful photos Monica, so glad you shared them with us. yes I would love to see daffodills all around, and well I have always been a Sean Connery fan....Take care.

  6. So when does your book on Edinburgh come out?! Your photos and stories are amazing, Monica! I'd love to visit that tartan shop... our family belongs to Clan Hay, and it just isn't the same ordering our tartans from an online catalog! ;) LOVE your photos so very much!

  7. Beautiful! And that sweet Terrier story outside of "Bobby's Bar" ♥

  8. I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in Edinburgh many years ago during the Fringe Festival. I simply fell in love with city and the amazing color of the buildings, the history, the charm - everything. I totally understand why you love it there. Me, too.


  9. Hi Monica,

    I loved seeing your Edinburgh photos, thank you.
    Having both my Mothers parents, Campbell and Murray, born in Scotland, anything Scottish... is lovely.
    One day I would love to go and visit.

    Have a wonderful week

  10. What a beautiful post! Oh, it's so lovely! Thanks for popping in to see me and I hope you'll come back sometimes.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. What a beautiful city! I should show this to my parents as they used to live over there when they first got married!

  12. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of Edinburgh, I have not been there since I was a teenager but it is a beautiful city.
    I grew up in the North of England, but it was still quite a drive as my dad always wanted to take the scenic routes and go through the Lake District too.

  13. Thanks for those wonderful pics Monica! My husband and I have dreamt of going to Scotland for a few years now. (He is of Scottish descent, and I just love the countryside, the architecture and the history) Now I want to go even more!

    My Desert Cottage

  14. Todays post was georgeous. Edinburg Castle looks like a fairy tale. The Royal Garden Gate must be one of a kind-its a rare piece.
    thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    Have a happy day.
    Tin and sparkle

  15. Wow Monica, Edinburg Castle, what a beautiful, charming place to visit and exciting as well. I can't even imagine taking any kind of vacation anywhere it has been so long.

    Have a Wonderful Day-

  16. Hello, Monica! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting during Joan's recent Valentine party. Love your beautiful photos -- I'm ready to pack and leave today! Come see me again. xo

  17. Lovely photos my dear Monica! And your friend taught you English so well! And I am so glad!!!! The daffodils made me smile. And that is hard to do these days. Hugs to you & precious KIM. Charlene

  18. So much to comment on but you know I have to say something about that greenhouse...holy moly what a site with that palm tree inside.
    Daffodil envie for sure!

  19. Your photos of Edinburgh are absolutely amazing, Monica. We would love to visit there sometime too.
    The daffodils are perfect for this time of year and your photography makes me feel I actually took a bit of a trip to Scotland.....thanks for the peek.

  20. Scotland has ALWAYS been my dream destination! I'm so incredibly jealous! Your photos are gorgeous - yes, I'm inspired!


  21. Monica this would be a dream come true. Most of my family came from Scotland and to see it in person and meet what family is still there would be wonderful. I could never take as beautiful pictures as you have here though. They are amazing!

  22. Your photos are beautiful!!!! I would love to visit Scotland! Have a great day! Hugs

  23. I was in Scotland way back in 1988 and I loved it.... your photos remind me of being there, so beautiful!!! I loved the castles and the wonderful smell of the heather......I remember it so well!!!
    Margaret B

  24. The photos are great and I like the ones with the palm trees in the green house. Out here in Califorina we take them for granite since we see them so often. Thank you for shareing the photos. Julian


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