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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quail Eggs for Display.

The coveted re-awakening, at last!... 
The first divinely scented yellow primroses spotted this morning while strolling with Kim in the woods... A precious gift from Mother Nature in our own garden, a big empty nest to use as Spring display... Some quail eggs from last year... A thrifted vintage dish...

Don't you just dream of outdoor living and light dresses??... I do!

Here is my 'recipe' for quail eggs to use in seasonal displays: boil them for 10 minutes, then let dry. These are last year's and I have some older too. As they are not that cheap, I use to keep them year after year, they play such a great role in Spring-y and Easter displays! Once dried, they become very light and fragile, so be careful not to break them.
Enjoy this fabulous Season (if you're not covered by a snow blanket or are in the other emisphere!).


  1. Your photography is so inspiring, Monica! Happy Spring to you! We are beginning to enter our muddy season, with lots of rain and melting snow, so Spring is hopefully around the corner here.

  2. Ah Monica delightful photo's and wonderful thoughts. We have had no snow to speak of this year (unlike last yr.) and I love how we are transitioning into Spring. Hope we can keep rain at a gentle distance. This morning it was raining and Teddy stood outside howling at it. Such a spoiled baby.LOL Hugs to you and to Kim! Gleefully Sharon

  3. pretty pretty pretty!!


  4. What a find! Animals always know things about weather...ask Kimmie what is in the forecast!

    My uncle who is 90 still has a real Easter egg that he colored over 30 years ago!!! The yolk is rattling around inside it.

  5. Isn't the promise of spring a glory to behold. This has been a rough winter for many. We have had snow twice here in Texas this month. But, I am NOT ready for the heat of our summers. HUGS to you & KIM. Charlene

  6. So pretty Monica!

    Hugs to Kim ♥ Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Beautiful.....I love it!

  8. we are unfortunately still covered in snow here in Northern VA...sigh...
    thanks for stopping by and saying hi...love your blog too!

  9. Hi Monica,

    How lovely to have the first yellow primroses out, so gorgeous and look great with the quail eggs and nest.

    I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.

  10. Sooooo PRETTY...counting the days until SPRING...can't wait to see some GREEN grass and feel some WARM temps!



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