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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Come Flea with Me...

Should you fancy to come with me, I'd bring you to an Italian flea market. Yay!
Religious items are very popular in Italy...

and so are Capodimonte roses. Blue roses are pretty rare around here, and I like it when I find one.

Loved this pink rosary, I still cannot believe I didn't purchase it!! ... what I was thinking??

Objects made of iron abound over here... but they're a little heavy to bring home in a suitcase!LOL

Better to purchase vintage linens and bedspreads, baby bonnets and doilies, and small silver objects.

I am lucky to own my Great Grandmother iron similar to these...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this white birdcage!! 

These chairs were only 15 euros each ($20; £13)... I bet they'd look tres chic with a coat of white paint, and re-upholstered! 

Look at the sewing machine! 

And this is my favorite vintage postcard supplier! 

Hope you enjoyed the stroll!
Monica x.


  1. Wow!! Yes why didn't you get that rosary? It is beautiful! LOL! Great stuff...TFS!!

  2. I love to stroll around any flea market and the Italian is new to me. Once I visited Rome and wanted to go, but didn't realize that it was only until noon...the story of my life! Nice photos, I'll check what you've found! Have a lovely day!

  3. Hello Monica .......

    How nice.....that i my with you to the flea market.with these pictures i enjoy!!
    I really like the birdcase.i bought one yesterday he is green ,i will make a picture and post it on my blog soon.first i do my give away.....i really enjoy your post thanks !

    Have a good springfeelings day ...hugs from me .....

  4. Good job l dont live over there as l would need a big truck to bring it all home,such lovely things ,just making room for that bird cage LOL what a lovely item thank you for sharing.

    Hugs Pat

  5. MONICA! WOW! My jaw has dropped! There is NOTHING like that here where I live (excluding Brimfield, of course - which I've never been to - silly me)! I'd LOVE to go treasure hunting in Italy!!!

  6. Let me wipe the drool off my face!!!! YUMMY stuff. The lace & silver are wonderful. And the religous stuff beautiful. That Madonna 2nd from the right... I would have had to buy her. And I'm not Catholic! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Monica what I wouldn't give to be there with you right now. I imagine the beautiful finds are endless. I love your pictures of what you have been seeing while shopping. And your WW post was gorgeous. I adore all your beautiful silver embossed pieces. The little boxes are all so lovely.

  8. Hey that was fun! Thanks for taking us! I'm gonna go see what you brought back :)

  9. Oh Monica, how can I get the little sewing machine!!! I need to have it!! Ha ha, I think I would have to bring my own cargo ship to pack it all up!!! That is so lovely of you to think of us here!!!
    Margaret B

  10. Oh no.....I want to buy, buy and buy.... love it
    Nice evening

  11. Hello Monica
    So many wonderful treasures waiting at the Flea Market ~ thank you for the glimpse at all the beauty to be found ♥

  12. So many pretty things Love the birdcage! I have run out of room also. Can't believe a bought another one recently, but may gift it or take it back.

  13. All those beautiful things, Monica !
    That flea market looks very interesting, I could spend hours there.
    I also love your previous post, the combination of white with silver is gorgeous. These picture are really
    beautiful !
    I'm looking forward to see your Easter post on Sunday.
    Nice weekend,

  14. Oh, Monica. I wish I had been with you. That is exactly what I have been looking for in a bird cage. I've been looking for several years, and still haven't found what I want. Maybe one of these days.

  15. I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming! I love religious things! Is it in Firenze ? I dream to be in Firenze these days :-) Have a lovely weekend!


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