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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fabric-Covered Basket.

I covered the basket in a fabulous rose and lilac fabric- I wish I bought more!

I added gingham details... pretty, huh?

And now it's filled with my WIPs, well, just a few of them! I told you I just can't focus ;))

I so enjoyed using these fabrics, that I plan on making some matching pretties... even if I don't have a lilac room at the moment (but I would love to!). Maybe in the future, when I'll have my English cottage in the coutryside... a girl can dream, right?
Have a great day,
Monica x.


  1. Hi Monica,
    I love your basket it's so pretty and the little heart just makes it even more perfect!. You know I'm a fan of all your creations. Everything you make is done with such love and creativity.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  2. Congratulations with this number..... Oh but you deserve this so much, don't ever quit.
    I love your blog so much.
    Did you made an diary for a dutch blogger with a cat on it. I loved it so much, real unique.
    What does something like that costs?
    Fine day

  3. Oh, how sweet. I love the fabric and colors. The little heart is SO precious. Monica, you did it again!!

    Congratulations on your followers. And here's to many more. Please don't ever quit!


  4. Your basket is absolutely beautiful. You seem to have a lot of creative energy so don't sell yourself short!

  5. Very Pretty! Congratulations on 200 followers! From what I can tell, you accomplish a lot.
    I am one that needs to get motivated.

  6. Congratulations, Monica! I'm proud of you, and I absolutely adore that basket and that checked heart! OH, cuteness! Major cuteness!

    Sending you warm hugs...


    Sheila :-)

  7. Oh do continue to dream...that is the zest of living!!! Love your covered basket...beautiful!!

  8. Beautiful Monica, just dropping in before I go to my sisters, will be around about april 2. always enjoy seeing what you make and I am so glad you never stopped blogging, it would be our loss. Take care my friend. the focus will come back...I think this happens to all of us at the end of winter! Hugs.

  9. Hai Monica

    I was number 200 !! hahahah!! congratulations !!

    You have a nice blog so there are comming more followers..........watch out!!

    Nice fabrics lovely collors have a great eve.....graatz Ria

  10. That basket is so dainty, frilly and pretty!! And a cottage in the countryside sounds like a wonderful dream to me!!

  11. Hello Monica, 200, that is so wonderful!!! I am always humbled by the friendship and beautiful spirit of my fellow bloggers. I love it when I see a new post from you, you are my inspiration!!!! I love your basket, and maybe we will do a lavender room....... together, sharing girly things and tea!!!!
    Margaret B

  12. Just gorgeous Monica! What a great use of fabrics and that color is to die for. Don't you dare quit girl. You inspire me!

  13. The color is just so perfect for spring! Love baskets like that

  14. Hi Monica,

    Congratulations on your 200 followers and your place is one, I love to come and visit.
    Love your pretty basket and what gorgeous fabric and heart.

    Enjoy the rest of the week

  15. You are so talented.That's adorable.

  16. Hi Monica! Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. Sorry to be slow in responding. Love your basket. Come see me again soon. xo

  17. Your basket is beautiful and I LOVE the fabric you used! And what intrigues me are those stunning works-in-progress I see inside the basket! =) Congrats on your 200!!!

  18. Monica, this is soooo sweet. The fabrics are adorable and the colors are oooooooo!!!! I love, love lavender!!! This is so beautiful!!!!!

    Barb ♥

  19. Monica, it seems to me that you also have lots of energy, all those lovely things you create !
    The basket is beautiful, I love the fabric !
    An English cottage in the countryside ...
    great !

  20. I'm with you! In awe of all the things some of the blog girlies can accomplish. Amazing. :-) But just look at your fabulous little basket creation. It's just darling.

    Warm blessings,

  21. Such pretty baskets!!!!! Congratulations on 200 Followers! Good for you! Hope you & Kim are having a beautiful day. Check my post for today. I mentioned sweet friends that have been so much support! HUGS! And give Kim an extra cookie for her "Aunt Charelene"

  22. My dear Monica you create absolute treasures. I love everything you create. I would feel terrible if I lost contact with you. You are so special. Hugs and kisses to your sidekick Kim too. Teddy turned five yesterday. He celebrated big time and is quietly re-cooping today. Ha! So is his mom. Love you!


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