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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gardening Time!

Yesterday it was a glorious Spring day- sunshine, warm temperatures, blue sky and a gentle breeze!

Just perfect to do some relaxing gardening! Love my vintage collection of sieves, watering cans (one of them is from IKEA actually), buckets... The shawl my Mother used when I was a tiny baby, a good book and a cuppa provide some comfort while doing the hard work! :)

Kim loves to keep me company! She looks a little intimidated as I put her in a 'stay' position to take my pic, and she just wanted to hound lizards instead!LOL

My Italian copy of Gone with the Wind- appropriate to the breezy day!
Violets are blooming under the trees... 

Some spared bulbs from last Autumn have started their renaissance in the sieve, after the cold Winter, and need to be potted.

The first primroses I treated myself to... so divinely scented!

And after the hard work, what's better than a scrumptious light meal?
Cook broccoli with olive oil, garlic (I use the whole clove, without crushing or chopping it, but do as you like), and olives, until tender; mash up with a fork and keep warm. Cook penne or rigatoni until al dente, drain well and add to broccoli, stir well then spread with grated Parmesan cheese. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

Have a beautiful Sunday!
Monica x.


  1. oeps .....i see it's a girl !! i love her!!!

    By !

  2. What a sweet pictures .........nice sweety dog !! i love him !! or her ??

    What a beautiful garden you have with nice stuff !!

    So good your own primroses!

    And what a yammie yammie food i get hungry..........have a nice sunday enjoy !!

    I will follow you.....come to my blog and look to the dogs !! they are nice and cute!

    Hugs Ria

  3. Oh lovely! I love primroses! Did i tell you that your cards are Marvellous!!!!! Have a lovely sunny sunday! xo

  4. It's a beautiful Sunday here in the UK Monica! The sky is so blue and the sun is so bright! Seeing bulbs sprouting really lifts the spirits after all the awful weather we've been having.

    Beautiful photos as always.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  5. Ah! Monica! The photos are wonderful. Made me want to be there with you and bask in the sunlight. We had sun and balmy breezes yesterday too! It was wonderful!

  6. Your feast looks so delicious! And your yard is so welcoming - spring has certainly arrived where you are!

  7. Gorgeous pictures, Monica !
    I love the violets and the primroses.
    Your meal looks delicious !

    I've posted last night about the romantic
    'cat'journal. Hope you'll like it.
    Hugs to you and sweet Kim,

  8. Your pasta looks good - Thanks for sharing the recipe. Kim was probably thinking - But Mom I want to play. :-) We had blue skies the last 2 days, but today it is partly cloudy so far, and suppose to be in the high 60's.

  9. Your garden looks so pretty Monica!
    Sitting outside with your tea & pasta and precious Kim ~ perfect ♥

  10. So glad you had a beautiful day. I was planting today our first really nice day. Max was helping but I was so dirty I didn't take his picture. Hope Spring continues, it is very late.

  11. I congratulate you, Monica, I did just now by Sylvia, the magazine from the romantic old world charm is really a great idea.
    Have a deep artistic sense.

    A hug


  12. We had a clear blue sunny sky as well, so hubby tried some gardening and I tried to sit in the sun, but the wind was too cold, especially for sitting! Have a great week!

  13. Lovely post, very enjoyable blog! Kerrie

  14. Love all your photos, and yes Kim did look like she wanted to run. glad you had such a wonderful day, it was beautiful here too, way too much snow yet to do much outside. I keep saying soon, soon. Your pasta looks lovely, I will have to try that. Take care and have a great week.

  15. I can't help but think of primroses as the promise of spring.
    Beautiful photos~

  16. Hi Monica,
    You are so sweet!!!. Thank you for remembering my birthday. You really touched my heart with your kindness.
    Gary and I were house shopping all weekend and we put an offer in on one home, so now we wait and see if our offer is excepted.
    Your broccoli and olive oil with rigatoni looks so very yummy! and your photos are always a delight to see.
    Big hugs and big smile for you,

  17. Yeah for you and yeah for me, it's finally getting nice here in Michigan too.. I loooooove it! Can't wait to put things in action with spring getting close... meaning painting, going to yard sales, gardening you name it I'm looking forward to it all.
    By the way your pictures are lovely and seeing Kim makes me happy. It looks to me she's enjoying the sunny days as well.

    Have a Wonderful Day*

  18. Pretty pics as usual! Your pasta looks yummy!


  19. I have bulbs in a pot (no soil) in the garage in just about the same shape as yours are in. I thought to myself last week "I need to plant those" I just tossed them in the pot when I dug them up last year. No soil, no water. Amazing things these beauties are. Poor Kim wanting to chase lizards & Momma wants her to pose. Gotta go Momma. Enjoy your puttering. Hugs my friend. You are so special. Charlene

  20. Monica, such gorgeous pictures!!!!! Totally stunning.

    Barb ♥

  21. Hi Monica,

    So glad that the sun is shinning for you and you can get outdoors.
    Your photos are beautiful, precious Kim with you in the garden, a lovely cup of tea waiting to enjoy and the sweet violets.
    Aren't they a gorgeous little fragrant flower.

    Happy week

  22. What a perfect day. I love the violets. Can't wait for them to pop up everywhere! Your gardening display is just perfect with the vintage cans, screens, and of course things near and dear to your heart. Thx for stopping by and for the good wishes.


  23. Oh the violets are so lovely. What color. I am going to have your recipe for dinner tonight. Looks so good. As you can see by now I am playing catch up with your posts. I have hardly had a moment to myself lately.


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