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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

White Vintage Soup Tureens.

Hello everyone, I'm making my debut in White Wednesday today! The subtle shades of white are very inspiring to me. Recently I have realized how much white can be found in my art and home. I would love to share it with you!

Today I'm sharing some pieces of my collection of white vintage soup tureens. I have a couple more boxed away, so I will share them another time.
This is an Italian piece from Laveno. I paid 1,60 euros/$2/£ 1,5 for it!! Could I pass this beauty by?? My 'Simplify' and 'Zen' philosophy goes right out of the window at such bargain prices! 

This one is very dear to me as it belonged to my Great Grandmother. You can imagine my astonishment when I spotted it on my very-practical-Mother's balcony filled with potting compost!! She said it was 'old' and ready for garbage, as couldn't be used to serve soup anymore... Are you kidding me???? Great Grandmother's precious soup toureen, dating back to 1800, with a gorgeous pomegranate on the lid, thrown away???? :O Needless to say, it came home with me!

I have been given this vintage one, with grey/black roses, a few years ago, by a family member who found it thrown away. It was in perfect conditions and very unusual, no idea why it had been discarded.
I couldn't take decent pictures because Kim kept staying right there, in the middle of my set.

She kept staring at me.

Then I realized  that the soup tureen was filled with her treats!! ... Oh my cutie patootie! :)

To see more inspirational whites, please pay Kathleen at Faded Charm a visit and you'll find the list of the other participants. 
And Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone! Hope you have fun.
Monica x.


  1. Oh what a treat to be sitting here at my computer when this post of yours popped up! Your whites are stunning! I especially love the pomegranate on the top of your great grandmothers tureen! And look at Kim! She found her treats! ;)

  2. O gosh that Kim of yours is so lovely.......i like her very much.......and what a beautiful soup tereens you have !!!

    I like your post very much !! i wanna ask i can't find in your profile what country you live in ,may i ask that ??

    Greetz i 'am going to sleep now...........it 's late !!goodnight hugs Ria

  3. Those are all great pieces, Monica. Perfect for WW! Welcome!

  4. Wow..this was such a super enchanting post! Beauty everywhere! So amazing to have these old treasures! Magical!

  5. Thank goodness you rescued grandmothers beautiful white tureen!

    They are all gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya!

  6. Hi Monica, so nice to meet you! Love all your wonderful photos of the tureens, I'm alway amazed at what beauty some will discard. Your bears and dolls are extraordinary! Just joined as a follower.

  7. Beautiful whites Monica xo

  8. They are all very lovely.
    I have just ONE soup tureen and that ONE takes up too much room in my kitchen cupboards ... where on earth do you keep them all Monica???
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  9. Love your whites and your dark blond Kim! :)

  10. Oh, I love soup tureens too! What a fun collection. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I'm so glad you were able to get those from your Grandmother. Those are precious and so is the pooch that's hamming it up. :-)

  12. Great collection, great details, clever pooch.
    Wonderful Whites for Wednesday ;-)

  13. Welcome to WW! It is so much fun...so glad you rescued that tureen! Perfect for WW.

  14. Oh, I love all your tureens! they are beautiful!!

  15. Your tureens are lovely, but your girl is the star! Such sweet eyes :-) Bella

  16. Love your soup tureens, especially the one from your grandmother. Good that you saved it! Ha a flower pot! I like it much more this way, your photos are gorgeous, happy white Wednesday!

  17. Love how you rescued your grandmother's tureen. It's beautiful! I am just starting to re-vamp my home and am finding myself drawn more and more to white!

  18. What beautiful tureens, Monica. Your grandmother's tureen is gorgeous and much prettier without the potting soil inside. Sweet Kim always makes me smile.


  19. The sweetest container to hold Kim's treats! What a doll she is ♥

  20. Welcome to White Wednesday and what a way to join in!! Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  21. Bee-You-tee-Full! great photos! ...and we have your dog's long lost cousin at our house! I have become a follower and I have become a follower and I invite you to drop in over at my place one day this week. until later...

  22. Oh so many pretties, I'm glad you saved the tureen!
    Happy White Wednesday ~ hope you will pop by & visit my White Wednesday post.

  23. All of those are so lovely, and I definitely like the one that you got for such a good price!

  24. Awww, Miss Kim knew they were there!!! Beautiful whites! I am hoping to join in WW one of these times!!!
    Margaret B

  25. Monica you have such beautiful tureens! I enjoyed reading about you discovering the hundred plus year old tureen being used as a pot! I'd a died! while it would make a beautiful planter, I think a cheap new one would fit the bill just as well.

  26. Hi Monica,

    Love all your pretty whites, the tureen and the photo of Kim waiting for her treats.
    I also meant to leave a note on the pretty pink project you are working on ~ looks beautiful.

    Happy weekend

  27. Your pup is such a sweetie ~ doesn't even push the lid off to get her treats. I don't know if Cider would be so gentle, lol.

    Love all your pretty whites ! Karen


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