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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White with Touches of Silver.

Hello and welcome to White Wednesday! I'm so enjoying participating as I can share some of my whites with you! Today I added a wee bit of silver.
Well actually these things are not precious if not for my soul! They're not sterling pieces, they're silver-plated, but I love them.

The embossed details are so beautiful!
I had the filigree rosary from a cousin of my Mother when I was a young girl, and the little box from a dear friend last year for my birthday with a fabulous crown-shaped brooch inside.

I found this a couple of weeks ago at the local Flea Market...

And the last one is the most special of the trio, it belonged to my Granny and she always had it onto the dresser in her bedroom (which I inherited too, but that's another story!). I have been in love with it since I was a child!
But there's another thing in this vignette that I'd like to show and tell you, it is the photograph below. Sometimes ago, I purchased a stack of vintage pictures and this was included. My eyes popped when I saw it, because this smiling lady on a Florida beach impressively looked like my Granny (who, incidentally, had never been anywhere than in Italy)!! 

My Granny... 

The white linens I used as background for my set are very dear to me, but will be a subject of another post.
I also wanted to include in this WW post two seasonal pieces- I had one from a very special Italian friend of mine I unfortunately don't see anymore (the small one). The other was thrifted for a song!

Happy White Wednesday and don't forget to drop by Kathleen's blog to find other astonishing whites!
Monica x.


  1. Monica~~~

    Your silver pieces are just beautiful, simply put. I adore the little birds at the end of the post. How lucky you are to have these treasures passed on by your grandmother!

    Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  2. So beautiful, Monica! Your photography is stunning, and those birds are very sweet. What a charming photo of your grandmother! =)

  3. So many pretty treasures! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. All your treasures are beautiful, I can see why you hold them dear :)

  5. Hi Monica,

    Love all your beautiful silver and how precious each piece, must be to you.
    The photo of your Granny is lovely.

    Happy week

  6. Ooooooo They are so beautiful silver !!

    nice photo og your granny !!

    Have a nice day.............hugs Ria

  7. love your whites and of course all the yummy silver...and if you love silver please come join us for silver sundays over at my blog...the second sunday of each month.
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  8. Looove your beautiful silver treasures! Your photo of your Granny is so special! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  9. Happy White Wednesday Monica. Love all your silver pieces. I happen to just love silver and nearly all my jewelry is silver. The other day I bought a silver wine stopper and a silver and black umbrella. :)

  10. GASP!!!! Lovely lovely lovely. Especially the Rosary & nest. You need to hook up on Silver Sunday as well ~ these would be perfect.

  11. I like the collection of silver boxes. Have a good day.... Julian

  12. Yummy! I love alll of it.

    Warm blessings,

  13. I love silver and white together...it is so pretty!


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