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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Presents in White!

Hello everyone! Glad you liked my previous post! Thank you for sharing your ideas with me!
Today I'm back to my fave color (together with pale blue)- I'm joining Kathleen for White Wednesday once again!
I was about to post on another subject, but then realized you were waiting to sneak a peek at my birthday presents! So here they are today, as they're all white!
My husband surprised me with a stunning double Phalaenopsis in a vintage-and-French-inspired enamel vase! He told me the orchids were just perfect for me (he used to present me many of them when we were engaged!), and when he saw the vase at the florist's couldn't help but buy them! Isn't this sweet?? 

The're perfect in my studio, I like keeping orchids on my desk, it's a very bright spot, suitable for these plants.

My Mom and Dad gave me these primroses for my patio...

And this is the fabulous surprise I received from darling Alice! Isn't it sweet? She made one of her amazing pieces of jewelry for me, in white, and presented it with such attention to details! I was really overwhelmed by this  caring thought! The card itself was pure beauty with dried roses and pretties glued on the envelope!

Do you notice the tiny lavender buds in the box and the handstamped tag?? Absolutely fascinating!

And this is what I made for me! You may remember Sophie, and that my DH asked for a sibling for her ;) Here she is with Robert! They both wear antique white collars. Love that my bears can enjoy these stunning reminders of the past!
Happy White Wednesday!
Monica x.


  1. Beautiful, I love the orchids, I have never had one as I have heard they are very hard to grow. Sounds like I missed your birthday, so happy blated my friend, think of you often. take care.

  2. Sophie and Robert are stunning!! Happy White Birthday! Beautiful gifts!

  3. Pretty pretty pretty post..The orchids seem ethereal to me:) And I love that ring..Where do you live Monica?

  4. Such beautiful gifts, Monica! What a sweetie that your dh bought you the stunning white orchid! My hubby's grandmother did extremely well with orchids... I remember she always had one in bloom in her reading room each Spring. ;) Your bears are just darling together!

  5. Happy birthday to you, Monica! Beautiful posting.....beautiful gifts!

  6. I love the orchids...they look very happy in front of your sunny window! Your husband is a dear!

    Don't you just love the parcels that arrive from blogging friends? All the details and pretty embellishments...a gift in itself.

    Love Sophie and Robert. They look very happy together! :-)


  7. I love your ring! Are you wearing it?
    The orchid is gorgeous and the bears adorable of course!
    I know it was a wonderful birthday :) I hope Kimmie gave some hugs!

  8. Such nice gifts you've got. Also so nice these two little bears.......real art again.
    Fine day

  9. Every thing is just lovely!!! Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    My Desert Cottage
    Valentine Design

  10. Aren't you a lucky girl. What wonderful presents. Hope you had a good one.

    Enjoy your day!


  11. Happy Birthday, Monica! Such lovely, thoughtful gifts! So glad Sophie and Robert could attend as well - they are adorable!

  12. Just say hello...what a lovely gifts !!

    Hugs from me..............

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Monica x Those orchids are so beautiful, I love the white pansies too and those little birds next to them are adorable. Hugs, Catherine x

  14. Your orchids are beautiful! What a sweet bear couple. :-) Hope you are having a great week. We are having beautiful Spring weather here.

  15. Monica, you certainly had a wonderful birthday! The orchids and enamel vase that they are in were such a sweet, sweet present from your hubby. He is a very thoughtful guy. The flowers from your parents are wonderful, too, as well as that pretty ring. Your bears are adorable. I love everything about them. Happy White Wednesday to you and enjoy the rest of the week! Vicki

  16. Hi Monica,

    What lovely birthday gifts you received.
    Love the orchids and primroses, the jewelery and the sweet bear Robert and Sophie.

    enjoy the rest of the week

  17. Monica the beauty and luxury of orchids in itself romantic! The pots with French lavender perfect!
    Oh my how adorable are those teddys..I also collect teddy bears!Have a wonderful day!

  18. Belated birthday greetings!
    Love the orchids and their containers, really you!

    Sandie xx

  19. The orchids in their enamel vase are beautiful! Happy Birthday to you! Primroses are one of my favorites flowers! and i love your teddies!!! xoxo

  20. Gorgeous post Monica. What a lovely Birthday you had. The orchids & primroses are beautiful & your Teddy is so charming. Ernie thanks Kim for her sweet words ♥


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