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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Favorite Finds and a Quick Makeover!

While I'm a busy bee creating and finishing off, I will share some of my latest finds with you!
Last month, I came across this vintage leather album...

I didn't like the cover as it was, but the leather looked perfectly aged and the spine was a little damaged, just as I love books (in my family they say if it's old, torn and worn... she WANTS it!)!;)
I asked the seller how much it was, and he said 2 euros- the lady with him told promptly 'only??', but I had been swifter and already accepted ;))

So I brought this little treasure home, and it quickly has become one of my favorite finds, since I simply attached a cabinet card on the cover with some adhesive tape (so I can remove and use it for my shooting sets). I use it as storage for my collection of vintage and precious Victorian cabinet photographs I purchased from Louise's fabulous Cape Cod Mercantile. Isn't is perfect?

On the same booth, this quite unusual teal vintage tea set called my name loudly! I couldn't help but buy it (it was only 4 euros for the trio), it is Japanese and has such particular handles I had never seen before, and the color... oh my! LOVE IT!
I think you'll see it often in my future photographs.

Have a nice end of the week, I'm not participating in Pink Saturday as I really have to finish a ton of WIPs! 
Hope you have a creative weekend too ;)
Monica x. 


  1. Have a good weekend monica !!! and hugs for you an Kim!!!.................of course...........you know!!! sleep well............bye!!

  2. Monica, you've found some gorgeous treasures !
    Lucky you !
    Your Birthday presents in your previous post are wonderful, beautiful pictures !

  3. I'm so happy you found the perfect spot for your old photos! And that TEASET... IT IS STUNNING!!!!

  4. Marvelous FINDS! I love the color of that tea set too!!!!! I am just crazy about blue these days! And purple! And Pink! And Green. Guess I'm just crazy. Hope you & Kim have a marvelous weekend too. Hubby is starting to look at websites for Sheltie puppies. I yearn for a sweet puppy breath angel & then I feel so guilty. I WANT THE PRINCESS BACK! Not some fresh faced kid that wants to replace her. I know YOU understand that don't you? HUGS! Charlene

  5. What a beautiful tea set!! Great find. And that leather album is perfect for your vintage photos!!

  6. Monica, I love your finds. That tea set is the prettiest color. No wonder when it called your name you answered! I would have too.

  7. You have such an eye for beautiful things! I love them! And thanks for listening to my song.

  8. That tea set is extraordinary! Beautiful finds. Catherine x

  9. Thank you so much for your comment Monica, I was so pleased to hear from you :o)

    I am very busy at the moment and haven't had any time to create recently, but when my cottage is finished I shall be so excited to start work again!

    Your leather book and your cabinet photos are beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful week and get your things finished. Look forward to seeing what you create

    Carolyn xoxo

  10. Monica and Ms. Kim, It was so good to hear from you and I love that Kim went and got her bone. She knows it was made for her with love.
    You have found some great treasures. The tea set is gorgeous and I love what you did with the leather book.
    I am just taking a short break and then it's back to the gardens. I have discovered muscles I didn't know I had. Very stiff and sore today, but ever onward. Hugs Sharon


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