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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mellow Yellow.

Hello and many thanks for your kind words to me yesterday!
And yep! I like yellow... it is essential for me to keep my smiling and bubbly attitude!
Made this tote with the idea of a storage bag, all in yellow coordinated fabrics.

I picked this bunch of buttercups while strolling Kim... their vivid color brings a smile to my face!
And speaking of yellow, my Mom came to help gardening a bit, and she agreed to be my model for a day! Love that vintage apron I have been given by a sweet friend... :)
You can also notice I have chosen "white and yellow" for my Spring potted flowers this year!

... And I also have a pair of yellow shoes (with matching leather bag, even if I think the yellow patchwork tote above would be perfect too!).

And you? Do you like yellow, and use it (or not) in your decorative schemes?
Monica x.


  1. Monica, I love your yellow....the shoes!!! Your tote is so lovely, I did a post on yellow awhile back, it is a very happy and sunny color!!!
    How wonderful to have your Mom to visit!!!
    I am away for a week, Ted's daughter is getting married in Cuba, not sure how my body will take the sun, I will have to hide inside.
    I will miss you and seeing as I won't have a laptop, I will talk to you as soon as I come home!
    Have a beautiful week and take care!!!
    Margaret B

  2. Hello Monica

    Your pictures ars sunny and yellow.i like them !! but it is not my color i love pink !!

    Have a great sunny week !! enjoy !! hugs from me.................xxxx and don't forget Kim !! a big hug for her..........

  3. Love yellow!! I need some of that color everyday too!! That a pale apple green! Gotta have those colors!

  4. I love your tote it is very pretty- Beautiful for summer.Sincerely Jonny

  5. I am sooo happy to hear you are feeling better! Your yellow tote bag is GORGEOUS! What a shame you are not pleased with the transfer paper. How sweet your mother modeled for you! =) xo

  6. Hi Monica,

    Glad that you are feeling better now.
    Love all the bright and cherry yellow you have shown. The tote is beautiful and your yellow shoes and vintage apron.
    Your pansies and Spring flowers are gorgeous and hot days are a real incentive to get outdoors.

    Have a happy week

  7. I love yellow, a few years ago I had yellow painted living room. it was so bright and cheery. I had it done when I was first ill, and it made me feel happier. I am thinking of going back to that. I love bright and sun and white with yellow. Take care. glad your Mom was there to see you. all my best.

  8. Great purse it's so adorable...I love your mom pics:)Our home is yellow..that's how much we both like yellow..

  9. So happy to hear you are feeling better, Monica! Your yellows are so cheery!


  10. That bag is beautiful, Monica !
    Wonderful combined with the buttercups.
    It's a pity that you can't find that brand of transfer paper anymore.
    Nice your Mom came to help you in the garden.

  11. Hi Monica

    Lovely to hear from you, and thanks for your comment about the Textile Day. I've now posted photos and a report of the day on the Dairy House blog (where you'll also be able to see a post I wrote a while ago entitled 'Mellow Yellow'!!!!)

    We all had a super day - as you say, it's a shame you're so far away!

    Sue x

  12. Oh somebody else is using their mom! I love it :)
    The yellow is really a smile maker...love your tote and your shoes! I'd wear them :)

  13. Monica my first time here and what a delightful blog you have! Oh that burst of sunshine those little buttercups give!What a divine little bag designed and created by you!Such pretty photos to view early this Spring day! Have a wonderful day enjoying your Spring flowers and bench!

  14. About 10 years ago yellow was THE color to use inside your house, but since about 5 years yellow is banned over here in favour of greys and whites. Almost all dutch bloggers write in their posts when publishing photos of let's say daffodils: though yellow is not my color....
    But I think yellow is bright, happy and the color of spring! Happy mellow yellow!

  15. you ALWAYS make me smile...


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