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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The White Bench.

While I'm super busy these days, with creations, spring cleaning, makeovers and projects to be accomplished, and between one stitch and a coat of paint, Kim and I are enjoying the garden too (then I wonder why I'm running out of steam! LOL)! For White Wednesday today I am sharing one of my favorite things- my 'White Bench'! This was given me by my DH on Valentine's Day a few years ago, when we moved to the countryside. 

Learning how to relax and take some rest when my body requires it, is my goal for 2010.  Here we go! I love taking tea in the garden, enjoying silence, Nature and its Beauty...

... and Kim too! She's drooling over my cinnamon cookies, by the way- I didn't ask her to model for me, but those cookies were so inviting that she hoped to have one!

Aren't these little white beauties from the garden just lovely?

Lemon scented tea in my favorite white tea set!

May I have a cookie now??

To see many other wonderful whites, please visit our hostess Kathleen at Faded Charm.
Have a  splendid day! 
Monica x.


  1. O my gosh..that sweet kim !!......she is sooooo cute !! i love that dog !! over two weeks we got a Dog accommodation..here in house Iris and Trevor got company........also a golden retriever his name is Bob..........i make naturally pictures for my blog !! I go to sleep now it's late............enjoy yoy day !! hugs from me .............

  2. What a pretty setting! Kim deserves one of the cookies - she posed so pretty. :-)

  3. Beautiful!!!! And I want a cookie too. Your bench is lovely. ENJOY the peace & quiet. HUGS! Charlene

  4. I agree with Kim. I'm drooling over the cookies and the bench! laurie

  5. Sweet white bench! I think we should all follow suit and rest and relax more this year. With a beautiful dog companion at our feet :)

  6. Beautiful Monica, Kim is such a sweet girl. Love the white and knowing how you named your business. Make sure you take a moment to sit and enjoy...I would have trouble keeping up with you. Lol. Take care.

  7. Beautiful photos today. What a lovely place to sit for a spell. Looks like you'd have company too. We , also have a golden retreiver, but mine doesn't sit still for long.

    Thanks for sharing these inspirational photos today.

    ~Happy WW~


  8. Oh your pics are so pretty! What a pretty place to sit and sip ice tea or lemonade and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

  9. Hi Monica,

    I loved looking at your beautiful photos and your lovely white bench.
    I can just picture you having your cuppa and biscuit with Kim sitting alongside you in the gorgeous setting.

    Hope you find some time to rest and relax and have a great week

  10. Oh en did she got one finally.......
    If I were in your garden,drinking tea, I could not resist that sweet one........
    Give her a big hug from me. Love your white treasures out of the garden....real hapiness

  11. So pretty Monica..I can almost feel that warm sun:)
    have a wonderful day!

  12. Hi Monica, Such beautiful photos! It all looks so beautiful. Your Kim is such a good girl . . . I am sure Cider would not have left a single crum behind. Yesterday she almost snuck my husband's entire sandwich from a low spot on the deck! My gal is very food motivated :)


  13. It looks like a lovely place to sit with an old friend at your side.

  14. Beautiful photos for white Wednesday Monica ~ Your white bench looks like a perfect spot to sit and have afternoon tea & biscuits & especially with Kim who is so gorgeous & photogenic ♥

  15. Mmmmm, my kind of a day - I love dogs, daisies, white cookies - thanks for the vision. Jennifer jennsthreegraces please stop by!

  16. absolutely delightful! so pretty and cheerful! What wonderful photograpy!

  17. I wish I'm sitting on that bench, drinking tea and eating those cinnamon cookies. They look delicious, Monica !
    Kim looks so expectantly, she's cute !
    Gorgeous pictures.

  18. Just looking at your lovely photos is relaxing! Very happy I stopped by!

  19. Beautiful area to relax...luv your bench!Hope you have a great week:)


    I’m having a GIVEAWAY…come by and enter…I think you will like it!

  20. Such pretty ideas. I love the tea and the bench. I need a good bench like yours. -- Jane F.

  21. Oh I hope Kim got her cookie. She was so good waiting her turn. Lucky you in your garden. Our weather has turned cold again.


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