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Monday, May 10, 2010

Indulge Your Inner Ballerina!

I promised some art ... here it is!
Edgar Degas painted the beautiful 'Dancers in Blue' in 1890. I was inspired to paint my own mixed media version of them, for Somerset Studio's tribute to Impressionists. 

Vintage tissue paper added dimension to the tutu of the prima ballerina...

and torn scraps of old book pages helped me create texture in the background.

It took me quite a while to paint this canvas board, but I was very happy with the finished piece, and I'm planning to paint more.

I am tremendously honored to have my work featured in these two amazing publications, jam-packed with inspiring works.

More creations to come... I've been busy over the past two weeks, and I'm delighted with all I've accomplished! Not all I made is blog-worthy, but I will do my best to find something pretty to share with you when the awful weather decides to stop and permit to take decent pictures. For those who kindly asked, I am on the mend (at least I can wear shoes, walk and drive!) and my Dad is slowly, but steadfastly, recovering after the knee surgery.
Monica x.


  1. Such a wonderful work of art! i adore Degas and have that print. I can't wait to see it in a magazine!!


  2. Glad to know that you and your Dad are on the mend, Monica. I like your Degas tribute artwork and the 3D effects that you have achieved. Bye for now, Lesley

  3. Your mixed media is STUNNING! I love the way you've used tissue paper on the tutu! How wonderful you've become quite the published artist - you are so deserving of it!!! And I'm glad to hear you and your dad are on the mend!

  4. I'am glad yhat everything go's well with your feet and your dad !!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog !! your a kind person Monica......give kim a big hug and also you !! happy week !!

  5. Pretty!!!! Love the use of color. Come check out my new Blog Design & tell me what you think HUGS! Charlene

  6. Love your impressionist piece!! Beautiful!
    Good to hear that you and your Dad are doing well

  7. Glad to hear your foot is healing! And you art is amazing, you should be in magazines!!! Impressionism has always been my favorite. I have a soft spot for Monet - especially his haystacks for some reason. (My aunt who used to take me to art galleries as a kid never understood this, she would say what about the water lilies, the bridge, etc.) GIve that kim a hug for me!

  8. Hi Monica,

    I love Edgar Degas, especially his ballerinas.
    Your work is beautiful and really love what you have done with the tutu, made with the vintage tissue paper.
    Congratulations for having your wonderful work in the magazines!
    Glad to hear that you and your Dad are on the mend.
    happy week

  9. Congratulations, Monica! I'm thrilled for you. You are amazingly talented, and I'm glad they recognized it! :-)



  10. Monica, really beautiful ! I love the colours and the tutu you've made with vintage paper.
    Nice to hear your father is better and you too of course.

  11. dear Monica, it's all so beautiful!! I do love Degas!! Sorry I did not drop by but me days are far too short to do all the things I should do! Sending lots of hugs, sylvia

  12. I have only one word for it "BEAUTIFUL".
    Have a nice weekend.

  13. I love Edgar Degas's ballerinas! I love his Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer (Bronze) so much as well! You have made such a marvellous job! I love it! Congratulations for your work in those beautiful magazines and glad to hear some good news concerning your foot, and your dad. Hae a great day! Hugs xo


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