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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Relax!

Hello everyone! Let me say you really spoiled me with all your friendly, sweet, adorable comments about my creative space! I'm replying to each of you at my own (slow) pace. Also, I wanted to say thank you for all the 'blog love' you sent my way when I posted about my hands. My right one is still hurting when I do computer work, but I'm definitely better now that the weather has turned sunny and warm. (P.S. Just to mention, after I read some comments, that sometimes pain could be back even after surgery, due to factors as median nerve damage or thickening of the sheath of the little nerves around median nerve, that cause compression. You can learn more about this problem just asking your doctor). The greatest hint I've been given is to change lifestyle! :((
With this in mind, this week I gave me permission to rest a bit, and to enjoy the garden and little things that make me happy. Like afternoon tea (Darjeeling) on the white bench (wink wink), served in a pretty mismatched vintage tea set (double wink again)...

... my sweet companion by my side...

... a bunch of roses picked at the supermarket (gosh, isn't this color amazing??)...

... and my favorites, cucumber sandwiches!!! This sounds nothing like Italian... definitely it must be my English soul!;))

I'm working outside, taking advantage of the warm temperatures...

and 'flying' and writing on my journal on the freshly mowed lawn... oh joy!!

And you? Do you give yourself permission to slow down, rest and enjoy the little things?
Monica x.


  1. Nice that you enjoyed relaxing in your garden, Monica, with sweet Kim !
    She looks a bit sad, I think it's because there are cucumber sandwiches and no cookies.
    Lovely roses !

  2. Verry good of you relaxing is the best you can do.......and o that nice Kim !! i love her !!....may i drink a cup of tea with you today?? than we both relaxing.......i have worked today and yesterday....tomorrow i am free !! than i go sit in the sun and enjoy !!! but first sleep well !! good night....love Ria.....

  3. If it wasn't 100+ degrees here this week I would be doing the same...you make me want to bring out the blanket on the grass and relax.

  4. What a nice place to relax, and those roses are beautiful. Sweet Kim must not have wanted to sit and have her picture taken. :)
    Take care.

  5. Glad you're slowing down, Monica! Did you just add your photo to the sidebar? Love it!


  6. Where's my invite ? LOL!
    The garden looks ideal to rest in and take tea.
    Rest well and enjoy!
    Sandie xx

  7. Such a lovely way to slow down and relax! Thank you for sharing the beauty with us. I could almost taste the tea and dainty sandwich!

  8. I hope you continue to relax and just enjoy the summer, even after you are feeling better because we need to do that for ourselves. The pictures say it all!!

    I missed your creative space so I am off to read that post!!


  9. Hi, sweet friend... I love this post, and yes, I plan on giving myself permission to enjoy the little things. I try to each day.

    Today I enjoyed lunch with a friend who I've wanted to meet. It was lovely.

    I adore your garden, the roses, and your beautiful companion. I hope you found sweet rest there.


    Sheila :-)

  10. I am glad you are enjoying time in the garden, Kim must be loving it. I loved your workspace and am so terribly jealous...in a good way, happy that you have such a beautiful place to create. take it easy my friend. take care.

  11. How lovely...good for you!
    I am trying to relax and unwind a bit more too as I am struggling with my health (hands and arms) and am a bit frightened. Thank you for the reminder!

  12. Everything is just so perfectly beautiful! The china, the flowers, the setting and the yummy sandwiches! I try to make myself a pot of tea in the afternoon when I have a chance, but there's a big difference between having it in an apartment in the downtown of a city and in a lovely garden like yours. Someday though...

    ~ Kelly

  13. Dearest Monica, sounds like a wonderful time you had at your lovely garden!! I would LOVE to join you for tea time! Loving your tea time set lots! And your sweet companion is soo adorable! Oh OH and i also love those gorgeous flowers! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  14. Oh! I feel so relaxed and refreshed just visiting you in your garden. Such beautiful photos! Love those roses!!
    Glad you gave yourself permission to rest. Need to give those hands a break more often.

  15. your photos are gorgeous Monica and so is your blog :) I will certainly be back regularly.

    have a great weekend :D


  16. What a beautiful day and an absolutely perfect way to spend it. Enjoy each and every day! Best wishes, Tammy P.S. Your zucchini and pasta is on my list for summer makes. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Your photos are so lovely and inviting! If you've had carpal tunnel surgery (hinted at here), then I've had both hands done, 12 years ago. Yet I can't quilt any longer due to other surgeries to my right thumb. So yes, you make changes in your life to accommodate these things. I loved quilting, but now comfort myself in the garden.

  18. Hi Monica,

    I love the photos of you and Kim enjoying the beautiful Summer day outdoors.
    How lovely that you have time to relax and to do the things you enjoy - taking tea in the garden and painting and writing in your journal.
    The pretty pink roses and teaset are gorgeous.

    Have a happy weekend and I hope you have some time for relaxation.


  19. Great that you are taking some time out to do some relaxing.

  20. Happy to hear you're resting. xo

  21. Your pictures are beautiful....so calm. Glad that you are relaxing a bit. I'm also trying to spend some slow time in the garden. Not always so easy to do.

    A "fellow flyer"


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