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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Taking Flight.

I feel deeply within me the right time has come. I have already learned how to fly, now I need to spread my wings... 

After the whirlwind of strong emotions last year, I have learned how to slow down, I'm learning to listen to my body's and soul's necessities, and focus my energies to make my biggest dreams come true

I already started to expand my horizon, to overcome my self- imposed boundaries, to follow my heart and to find peace of mind.

My creative energy is exploding...

Sometimes we just need guidance to make it safe to the harbor throught the storm... emotions, fears and ideas spinning round crazily within me. 

I have a new website, which is not a shop but my online portfolio of photos and paintings, that will be updated regularly. My true self is totally exposed there, not only through my art, and I am a little scared by that. But it looks like it is the only way possible to take flight. To fly free. I need this, and hope I can inspire you too.
We are what we think. We can outshine. We can bump up against our fears if we want it. Now.
I'm practicing bravery. I still can't believe I'm clicking this button... I'm exposing myself as I never did before. Ok, deep breathe...
... Hello, here I am. Nice to meet you!
Monica x. 


  1. Monica...your new website is looking beautiful! Your art and photography are wonderful! Enjoy every moment of the new choices that you have made!

  2. Nice to meet you Monica!! I know you will have a terrific flight. You are being brave and that is wonderful. Loved your photos by the way!!

  3. Monica,I wish you the best and I hope your dreams come true and fill your heart. Your work is truly amazing!
    :o) Sue

  4. This is a sign of beautiful and powerful things to come!!! xo

  5. Monica, this is so exciting....how wonderful for you!!!! I just know in my heart you are going in the right direction!!!!
    Your work is truly magical and you are so talented!!!
    Hugs to you!!!
    Margaret B

  6. Ah yes so glad to meet you my dear friend! We all need to change our path and travel the one less followed sometimes. I too am on a new adventure in life. I am slowing down so I don't miss anything! No more rush rush just enjoy. I also love the last post. Oh no Kim wouldn't take that cookie,would she. What a sweetheart. Take care dear friend, hug Ms. Kim for me.Sharon

  7. I just went over to your website, Monica. Just beautiful! Congratulations!


  8. Monica, I wish you a lot of success in jour journey to inner freedom, that your dreams may come true. Your website is beautiful !

  9. You're a beautiful soul Monica!! And one of the most (if the not the most) talented and creative ladies out in blogland!
    Warm Hugs,

  10. You have such a pretty blog, Monica! And your photos are amazing!!! I'm going to send my 19-year-old daughter over here so she can see them. She loves to take photos and is quite good at it and I know she will absolutely love all the wonderful eye candy your photos offer. :)

    Here's to us both learning to soar high with our new Flying Lessons!


  11. Fly away, Monica.... I'll follow your journey!!! Lovely, lovely pictures!!!!

  12. Hi Monica,

    I love all your pretty photographs of the seaside.
    It is always such an inspirational place to go and visit.
    May all your dreams come true and may you soar high and very best wishes.


  13. I missed this post and I'm so happy to hear you are on the other side of the fear, etc. I have recently been there and discovered a friend was dealing as well...it has been scary. I'm curious as to why it happens...everything was fine before. Hugs to you!!!!


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