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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Earlier this week, my Mom, while we were harvesting plums in my orchard, fell down the ladder, hit her head on the hard soil (with stones), lost blood and consciousness, vomited... my husband was out of town for a few days... my dad, even if on the mend after the knee surgery, still walks with crutches and cannot drive... I called 911...
I think I was about to faint when they stopped in the middle of the road telling me they needed the helicopter. But then, fortunately, they decided it wasn't needed.

After the endless journey to the hospital, my Mom had X-ray, CAT scan, and on and on, and they held her there for some days. 

I've been very busy this week going to and fro from the hospital, which is one hour driving away from home. Yesterday they finally discharged my Mom and I took her home.
I prepared this basket of bountiful blessings from my orchard and garden today, for her and Dad to enjoy.

I am so grateful for all the Abundance coming my way, and because I've been given more time to spend with her!

I'm behind with comments and private emails, but I know you will understand. It has been such a stressful and exausting week. I'm so grateful for YOU too! 
Hope you are having a happy day,
Monica x.


  1. Prayers (in abundance!!!) for you and your parents, Monica. ;) xo

  2. Lovely lovely....such nice pallet of colours...
    Fine week

  3. Oh My! I am so sorry. :( Glad to hear she is doing better. I don't do ladders anymore - don't even like to stand on chairs unless I can hold on to something, due to inner ear issues.
    Take care of yourself also.

  4. Sorry to hear this about your mother, Monica.
    Hope she's feeling better now !
    What a nice attention you've given to your parents !
    Take care,

  5. Monica, I am so sorry to read about your mom's fall. I am glad she is home now.

    What a beautiful basket you prepared for your parents!

  6. O my....what a sad news...i hope she recover soon...take your time with her...............relax......and spoil her.....with my mom it goes not good tomorrow whe have a discussion with the doctor............hope hair pain will be less............i wil pray for you and your mom.....hoping everything goes right now with her ...love Ria...hugs for Kim.....

  7. Oh dear!! I am so glad your mom has recovered from her fall! How scary!!! Your basket for your parents is really beautiful!!

  8. Thinking of you and your parents...take good care:)

  9. Oh Monica, I am sorry to hear about your Mothers fall and glad she is back home again.
    Such a worrying time for all your family.
    Sending prayers, your way dear friend.
    I love the pretty basket you took to your parents.

    I hope this week will be more relaxing and happy.

  10. Monica, my prayers and thoughts for your Mother and your family. I am happy to hear she is now home and she is alright after the terrible ordeal. It must of been frightening. I am so glad to hear how much you appreciate having her. I lost my mother and life is so fragile.

  11. Don't you worry a bit about being behind here, Monica. Everyone will understand. You have had a very trying experience and I am just so thankful that your mother will heal and be fine.
    My thoughts are with you all.
    The basket you prepared is gorgeous, and I know that they will love it!

  12. Monica, good lord when it rains it pours, I am so glad your Mom is okay, I sat here with tears in my eyes reading this. You must have been scared half out your mind. Big hug to you all and I am so glad everyone is okay. Loved the basket too. hugs.

  13. Monica, I'm so glad your Mom is o.k.
    We all get so busy in our own worlds and never realise other peopls' problems.
    Have a better week this week!
    Sandie xx

  14. I am so sorry to hear what happened to your mom. I hope she is well.

  15. Oh my goodness Monica. What a scary time for you. So happy to hear that she is out of hospital and okay.

  16. Dear Monica, you must have been so worried about your mom. Thank goodness she is home and feeling better!


  17. You take care of yourself too sweet pea!!! Glad to know everything is okay and your Mom is home safe and sound!!!! That is a lot of driving everyday! Nice to be at home, with all of those wonderful garden treats!!!
    Margaret B

  18. Monica ~
    Blessings of health and well being are being prayed for your sweet mom and you today. So sorry it happened ~ Hugs ~ katie

  19. Oh my goodness, I can imagine how afraid you were Monica, I am just so happy to hear that your mom is doing well, and I hope she continues to do so. Prayers are sent her way, and for you too, I have been reading and you are still suffering with your hands, I hope there is some relief for you somewhere down the road.


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