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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Making Jam and Pops of Pink in the Garden.

Welcome to Pink Saturday, everyone!
Jam making is one of the priorities on my to-do list at the moment. In fact, because of my Mom's accident (she's doing well, by the way, thanks to all who asked!), this year I am behind harvesting and preserving fruit for the winter ahead. Moreover, last week we had a big hailstorm, which damaged fruits on the trees, apart of destroying almost all my flowers... sigh.

So I had to grab my baskets and off I went to the orchard. Fortunately, I could freeze a good amount of plums which I will be using for cakes and cooked fruit all over winter.
The rest is going to be preserved.  

Each year I change the 'look' of my jam jars... I opted for this red and white checked fabric this time, love the cheery look!

Most of my hydrangeas have turned lilac this year...

Dahlias are finally blooming, they are very behind this year, because it was freezing back in April, and I had to postpone planting tubers.

Leaves were damaged by the hailstones, but I am lucky to still have some flowers around the garden.

It is terribly hot and humid over here, I'm doing the rain dance ;)
Monica x.


  1. Hello Monica,
    That fabric on your jars looks beautiful, lovely with the colors of the hydrangeas !
    We had a violent thunderstorm here and also a lot of plants were damaged. But in spite of that beautiful pictures can be taken, I have some that I really like.
    Nice to see your clematis !
    Your garden looks so cosy !
    Nice weekend,

  2. We were finally blessed with a nice gentle rain here yesterday! So needed!
    Your pics are so beautiful! What a wonderful garden!
    The red and white checked material on your jars is perfect! A nice touch! I would love to have some of your plum reserves...sounds so yummy!

  3. It has rain here a lot thanks for your dance honey !!! wrong place ??? hahahahahahah!!...but now sun is shining.......it is almost our last day of holliday......thuedsay i must go to the shop .....husbunny monday...beautiful pictures of your garden...i am glad you mom is doing well................hug for Kim..love for you............happy weekend.....enjoy !!

  4. Beautiful photos Monica
    Happy pink Saturday xoxo

  5. What beautiful flower photos! It has been hot and humid here too, but we finally received some rain yesterday thank goodness. I love red and white, and that makes your finished product look yummy! I have done a little bit of jam making, but we have not received that much from our garden this year so I am having to rely on the farmers market. Been so busy too working on the garden house with having windows and French doors put in. I'll be painting it this coming week!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I will join you in that rain dance. We need it so much! Yesterday we got about 10 raindrops and that was it!


  7. Every photo is a delight for the eyes, Monica - just gorgeous! Glad you mother is doing better!
    Happy weekend,

  8. Glad to hear your Mother is doing ok. Your flowers are so pretty. Mine are not blooming much now - I think the early heat wave hurt them. We had a nice rain shower late in the day yesterday and early this morning, but the sun is beating down now and very hot and humid.

  9. I always love your photos. We have been blessed with rain this week and I hardly had to water my grass.

  10. Oh I get to post right after my sister! Can I come over and take a walk in your beautiful garden? By the way the fabric is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Good luck with all the canning. I love to can but never seem to find enough time to get the job done. It is so well worth the time just to be able to enjoy all that fresh fruit in winter. Happy Pink Saturday and you have a lovely garden full of beautiful blooms, Char

  12. Hi Monica,

    So pleased to hear that your Mother is doing well.
    I love your photos, especially the gorgeous hydrangeas which are a pretty colour.
    the jam looks delicious and I like your choice of red and white gingham.
    Your garden is fabulous and loved seeing around it.

    Happy weekend

  13. So pretty! And I am a big fan of the red and white check by the way!

  14. Beautiful images! Your jam looks so delicious!
    Hugs, Yvonne

  15. Hi Monica,
    Your photos are just beautiful!!!
    And that jam looks delicious, I love home jam and bread!
    I just had to come by and say thank you for your heart felt comment on my blog, it truly lifted my spirits! That was so kind of you!!
    I absolutely love your blog, it is so gorgeous!!
    ave a wonderful day.

  16. Hi Monica,
    I am delighted to see your garden and your beautiful blooms. I am so sorry to hear about the hail storm, but it still looks amazing! As you know, I could look at garden and flower photos all day long, so being here it a real treat.
    You are so blessed to have the fruit to preserve. Now that my children are grown, I don't can much anymore, but I do get the urge now and then. I am sure you get so much satifaction from putting things by for your family.

  17. I am glad that your mother is doing well.

    You are so ambitious with your canning and freezing. We miss the wonderful vegetables we used to get from my father-in-laws garden.

    Your lawn looks beautiful. It has been extremely hot and humid around here, and almost no rain. My hydrangeas dried on the bush. I've never had that happen before.

    Happy Pink Saturday, dear Monica.

  18. Hi Monica,
    Your garden is so Beautiful and lush..
    I'm right with you on the rain dance! We had 106 over the weekend.. We started planting and had to give up because it was hot. We went back out last night at 8:00 and worked until past 9:00. Gary and I were laughing saying we will be know in our new neighbor hood as the night gardeners!.
    Have a sweet day and keep the air on!
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  19. Monica, thank you for stopping by my blog and posting about your tutorial! I plan to check it out! I'm also a person who has a British heart, although not of that heritage. And I love things French and Italian. *sigh* So many country styles, so little time!
    Please come back and visit with me again!

  20. All those pretty pink flowers and making jam to boot ~ all sounds heavenly!

  21. I just adore the pretty fabric you used on your jam jars! I made strawberry jam a couple weeks ago, now you've given me some good ideas to dress them up. I'm doing the rain dance over here too - it's been very hot and humid!
    Hugs to you & Kim!!

  22. Hi Monica
    Your photos are always so lovely! I love your little fabric covered pots of preserves & the red and white check fabric is just perfect ♥
    Thank you for asking about Ernie ... he is doing wonderfully ~ we just returned from a trip to the cottage where he was in his element :-) water & labs go hand in hand. Big hug and kiss to sweet Kim from Ernie & me xo

  23. Love every single photograph... beautiful colors!


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