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Friday, August 13, 2010

From the Cutting Garden.

Even if it's barely Summer over here (I'm wearing my woolen shawl and thick socks at the moment, and I rescued the warm blankets from the trunk), the cutting garden provides abundance of colors and simple pleasures to be brought indoors. 
Love zinnias' cheery faces! They last quite for a long time when cut, and bloom until late Autumn. They are very simple to grow and ridiculously cheap (you can save seeds from one year to another)- try them if you haven't yet!

Dahlias are in full bloom too, this is the Carribean Dream. Dreamy indeed!

Kim loves flowers too...

... and I love my cutie-patootie!!!!
Happy Pink Saturday to you all! 
Monica x.


  1. Oooh those flowers are so pretty . . . he, he, he, Kim wears them well.

  2. Too durn cute! But then, what lady wouldn't want flowers for her 'hair', ahem, 'fur'.

    TTFN ~ have a wonderful summer weekend ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! Just came in from watering mine and they are pretty sad looking - To much heat. :(
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Your puppy is a cutie!! Love all your flowers!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Monica! LOVE your garden!

  6. I love your beautiful garden and your dog is such a cutie...love the flower in the ear!

  7. I love Kim with the flower. I have hardly any left from all our storms. it seems to be too early without any. yours look beautiful. take care. have a great weekend.

  8. Hola Mónica, you have just reminded me of zinnias for this coming spring, thank you!!! Very lovely pictures!!
    maria cecilia

  9. Hi Monica,

    So the weather must be cooling off if you are wearing your shawl and woolen socks.
    Love your pretty flower photos, what a lot of gorgeous colour you have in your garden.
    What a sweetie Kim is with the flower~ just love the last cute photo.

    happy weekend,

  10. Beautiful pictures!! I love them...and your doggie it just toooo cute!

  11. So beautiful flowers Mónica, and also great pictures!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Gorgeous flowers, Monica !
    That ' Carribean Dream' is a real beauty !
    And Kim too, of course !
    In July it was too hot and now in August we had already a lot of rain and it's cold.

  13. Happy Pink Saturday...
    I love Kim with a Zinnia....I have always loved zinnia's for their pretty colors and they are so wonderful for cutting. My Mom always had zinnias and all our rooms had little bouquets of them with other pretty posies! Somehow I forgot them this year! How did that happen?????

  14. Owwwww.......that cute Kim !!! such a nice dog......i like your post Monica.....nice !!...wishing you a happy weekend darling...have you seen my girls?? come and look.......hugs from me....Ria...

  15. Well you know that I am a huge fan of your lovely Kim! Adorable!!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely garden flowers...the colors are so beautiful!
    Enjoy your day!


  16. Beautiful! All of them. And your pup wears the flower well. :)

  17. I SO want to trade weather with you!
    It has been over 100F for days and days.
    Your flowers and beautiful and Kimmie...well... :) she deserves to be pampered to death!

  18. Oh, I love zinnia's too! I had them in my wedding 33 years ago, if you can believe that. My mom thought I was crazy. I have a beautiful golden retriever, too. Her name is McKenzie. Your blog is beautiful. I'm off to look around. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Hugs, Patti

  19. Beautiful shots! I just had to take my zinnias out this morning, sad. But there will always be next year-enjoy!

  20. Kim is precious! Love the flowers in the old metal tin. I love dahlias in the summer too, they remind me of my Grandma's flower garden. Happy Pink and have a terrific weekend!

  21. Kim makes a beautiful zinnia model for sure! What a doll!!! Your pictures are gorgeous of your pretty little blooms Monica. I love zinnias, and I think they just say happy!!!

  22. What lovely flowers and Kim looks glorious!! Great photos!!

  23. Wow, your flowers are gorgeous, I mean out of this world gorgeous! Happy I found my way to your blog! Aww, you do have a precious cutie patootie, no doubt about it!

    Nancy's Notes

  24. Oh Kim! You look most beautiful!!!!! You remind me of my long lost pal, Brandy! Oh I loved her so.....and you look like you could be her twin....I think I am in love!


    Romeo (yes, I am a cat who loved my dog)

  25. I also saw your site in the Green Craft Magazine and new Home Somerset, Wow, two in one month. You do fabulous art.

    I adore your flowers as well as your beautiful dog, I have two Goldens myself.

    Smiles, Cyndi

  26. what a beautiful photos you have made.
    The colors of the flowers and your dog are making me smile.
    greetings and do have a great week.

  27. ....._.;_'.-._
    ...{`--..-.'_,} Hola Amiga:
    .{;..\,__...-'/} quería saber de vos y vine
    .{..'-`.._;..-'; para desearte lo mejor,
    ....`'--.._..-' dejarte una sonrisa.
    ........`-..\(..'-...\ Que tus días se llenen
    ...............\.;---,/ de paz y armonía
    ......../....-'.)..\ Que tu familia renazca
    ........\,---'`...\\ con cada bello amanecer
    .....................\con cariño Lore

  28. I cannot believe I haven't been following you, sugar! I am now. I also love photography and it's become my latest passion along with making our last home on earth a celestial place for us two old seniors. Delightful blog and I'll be around frequently now.

  29. C'est un jardin extraordinaire ✿ I love the photos of Kim ❤

  30. Gorgeously vibrant! And love the pup with the flower!!! So adorable!


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