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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Me.

Yesterday I played with my camera, and took some self-potraits... 
Just to be a little more chatty, I'm going to share with you ten things about me :)

1- I can make real mess in the house in a jiffy (I call it 'creative chaos'), but I am equally fast in making a picture-perfect home!

2-I have a ton of notebooks, sketchbooks, diaries, organizers chock-full of ideas, drawings and to-do-lists. If I don't write it down, an idea can drive me crazy! And I often get up in the middle of the night to sketch or write down something, without even turning the light on. Ugh.

3- My favorite shoes are flats and Timberland, but I can wear very high heels if necessary.

4- What I'd like to do is grocery shopping with a pretty fabric-covered basket without people looking at me like I am from Mars.

5- I can't live without flowers, and I firmly believe in their comforting, uplifting power.

6- My favorite food? Veggies (any type) and pizza. When I travel, I always love to eat grilled salmon. I think I have eaten salmon nearly all times I've been out for dinner. Why? No idea, love it!

7- I love silence. No music, no tv. I love to listen to my thoughts. I love to hear Nature's songs. Rarely, I listen to very soft music while I'm working or doing chores, but I prefer total silence. On Christmastime, though, I love having carols playing!

8- I dream of a zen home. On the contrary, I'm a 'pyramid-maker', as my hubby uses to define me. I can pile up an incredible amount of stuff with a great sense of balance. LOL. And naturally, I'm always looking out for something I've lost... :(

9- I'm a very good cook, but don't let me grill meat-you would end up eating meat as hard as rock!

10- I can lose track of the time in a bookstore, and I never come out empty-handed. And I looove to give and receive books (also used and old, I don't mind) as presents.

Have a great week everyone! 
Monica x.


  1. Monica I feel like I know you better now! Thanks for sharing. I can never leave a book store without a purchase. My Salvation Army has $2 Mondays. You can get as many books as you can cram into their shopping bag! Lots of fun.
    Have a great week. Anne

  2. O Monica...such a lovely post...you are so sweet person......i really like your blog....give a bigg hug to Kim from my girls.......and one for you from me........wishing you a happy week....full of joy....

  3. hola Monica...
    wouuuu que foto!!!
    estas muy linda!
    que mirada eh!

  4. How fun to see what your pretty face looks like, finally!!!! Thanks for sharing YOU with us...

  5. Monica, I too just love silence. When I drive, when I sit at the computer. The only sound I like as well is rain. I was so uplifted by your feature in Artful Blogging. Wanted to get to know you after that!

  6. Hi Monica,

    How lovely to see the beautiful you and to learn a little more about you.
    Your self portraits are wonderful.
    Book shops are one of my favourite places too, and never come out without buying a book or two.

    I hope that you are having a happy weekend

  7. Monica you are beautiful young lady!
    Have a great week.

  8. I finally get to see you!!!! And you are so pretty Monica!
    I also love the silence :) and call myself "queen of the pile" :) those pyramids...what to do what to do...
    Thanks for doing this!

  9. Monica this is a fun post and great pics.

  10. A really enjoyable insight into what makes you 'tick' Monica - love the photos too. Have an enjoyable and creative week! Best wishes, Lesley

  11. lovely photos!! i loved this post, i could have written everyone of your 'things' (apart from the salmon)xxx

  12. What fun! Loved this opportunity to get to know you better. And to "see" you is such a treat. You are one gorgeous lady!!
    I on the other hand, love the music or TV playing constantly. Unless I am computing or walking (for exercise). Then the sounds of the house or nature are preferred!
    I am a creative stacker as well!! Ha!

  13. Hi Monica,
    Thanks for some insights into you...I am learning so much from you and getting so much inspiration. I tried to track down your magazine in Australia, but the stockist near me sadly doesnt stock it. Will have to buy off the internet.
    Alicia xx

  14. What fun . . . I can relate to so many of those, especially creating a mess but I'm not so quick at putting it all right again.

  15. A lovely glimpse into the life of an even lovelier lady!
    (Shall we build pyramids together? lol I'm running out of space again and have begun a late summer purge of stuff and papers!)

  16. Beautiful ♥
    Loved reading your "10 things about me" list ...we have very similar taste :-)
    Hugs to sweet Kim.

  17. Dearest monica, it's so wonderful to know you a little better and i LOVE your self-potraits!! You are soo beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  18. This was a gorgeous post, stunning photographs and really fun little bits that you shared about yourself. So very well done and lovely to read

    xox Rella

  19. So nice to see you for real now.....
    Love your portrait pictures.....and I loved your story.....some things I see myself in it......so funny number: 1,2,5, 7, and 8.
    Fine week.

  20. Monica, it's so nice to see you ! You have beautiful eyes and a lovely smile !
    These photos are gorgeous.
    I love salmon too and I have a lot of books, thanks for sharing these things with us !
    Nice week,

  21. Monica, there you are.....so beautiful! I am slowly getting better....slowly!
    I can sit at the computer for a little while each day. Your ten things reads like mine..wow!!!! How are the flying lessons?

  22. Monica, I love this post. I believe we may be kindred spirits. I, too, love quiet, flowers, salmon, veggies, books and bookstores.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  23. Hello lovely lady! Thank you for sharing your self portraits with us! I also love silence. ;)
    Congratulations again on the beautiful hand crafted items published in "Home". I picked up a copy last night and throughly enjoyed it!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet comments you left.
    Give a cuddle to Kim and a hug from me to you.
    Have a lovely day!


  24. Love of silence, love of books--me too! And Salmon! Also a piler (pyramid builder), and a lover of notebooks and sketch books. And I keep every one!

    Painting on silk and in watercolor right now, just beginning the online exploration a few months ago.

  25. Hello Sweet Monica!
    And now you have been upgraded to sweet, talented and beautiful inside and out Monica!
    To be honest, I was shocked to see how you look like... It was a pleasant shock, though!
    I thought you to were older... about 40 something?
    Only saying this, because of how talented and gifted you are...
    I said it before, and will say it again!
    I wish I was more like you!
    And you inspire me so much... to be a more calmer and thoughtfull person!
    Thanks so much, sweet girl!


  26. How wonderful! I found myself nodding right along with each of those things. A "pyramid-maker" - lol! My husband would completely agree I'm one as well.

    Such beautiful photography and blog...thank you!


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