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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Things.

Hello everyone! Totally random thoughts today (I'm a little embarassed to say I cannot organize a 'logic' post because I'm exausted! Well, not sure my usual posts have a logic though!LOL).
1. Kim is doing great, as you can see from these pics! The only problem is the huge Elizabethan collar... 

... especially when sniffing flowers and things here and there!

Hope we will be able to be back to normality soon!
2. Look at who came to say hello yesterday night... isn't he/she a beauty??
This was the last thing I expected! Maybe a tiny bird, but never an owl! Fortunately I had my camera on hand to show you! I talked to him softly, touched him gently, and managed to take him in my hands (without any resistance to my surprise) and let him fly free outside the dormer window! This was the most incredible experience, I felt totally connected with Nature's Spirit and a deep joy warmed my heart.

3. I'm in dire need of a new camera... it looks like I eat them! But I'm procrastinating. 

4. I am trying to get more organized and to have some things for me done, even if I am packing and our home is a complete mess! I had fun creating a cell phone holder and tissue holder with this fabulous turquoise and chocolate brown tartan- I think I have never mentioned that apart from blue and white, I am crazy for any cocoa/chocolate/brown shade! And blue and cocoa is a color combo I simply adore!
If you have difficulties working with no pattern, you can find great ones for sale here. Instant gratification, as they are very simply explained and you can download them soon after payment!

5. I've been asked to make a quilt block for a surprise gift. Here it is, it's the very first time I try this pattern. It took me an entire day to make a single block- ugh!

6. I found a new brand of transfer paper! It makes perfect washable transfers with the iron- on method. It's much more expensive than the previous ones I used, but I suggest to consider it if you're looking for high- quality works. You can find it here

7. And lastly, on the moving side... because there are people interested in! Boy this never ceases to amaze me! I DO LOVE BLOGGING!;)) 
My packing central- a nice basket with everything I can need inside: my agenda to list everything I pack, adhesive tape (two types), colored pencils, scissors, cutter, transparent bags, old newspapers, colored paper to make 'room tags', that help visually when you are in the new place and need to unpack. Plus, 200 m./218 yards of bubble wrap and about 50 empty boxes reside in the hallway :(

Mess everywhere...

Boxes piling up! 53 done so far. Last time I moved I had 373 boxes, plus furniture. Everyone keeps saying I'm crazy, but I bet a few of you, creative kindred souls, had the same problem ;)

I'd definitely like to be more 'zen' in these circumstances... but just cannot discard my precious things that make me happy! (Mind you, I already got rid of stuff, but I bet I'll reach 300 boxes this time too). So here's my problem..."Discard, or not to discard- that is the (tough) question!
My next post will be a tutorial to make gorgeous flowers! And I have many other things to share with you... Watch this space!


  1. I'm glad to see that Kim is doing better and stopping to smell the flowers!! She is just so cute, Monica!!

    I wish you much luck with all the packing. I haven't moved since I got married and I don't have a clue what it would take to pack up my house!! 300 boxes for the kitchen alone!! lol!!

    I love the things you have been sewing up. I'm sure it keeps the stress at bay!! I'm wishing you much luck and happy days!


  2. Hi Monica......i am glad that Kim is doing well !! ow that sweetie......nice pictures.......she get a huge hugs from my ladys...Iris and Trevor.......wow.....what a lot of boxses !!.....relax a bit darling............lovely evening ..........hugs and love from me....

  3. I forgot to mention that the owl is just awesome! What an experience that must have been!


  4. Oh Monica, I have not had much time to blog and here I see that you have gone through so much with dear sweet Kim. You know how I love her. I am so glad things are going well for her now. I am so sorry I wasn't here for you at the time. I SHALL EMAIL YOU SOON. Love Sharon

  5. I'm so happy Kim is perking up!!! She'll be out of that collar in no time. One of our kitties had to wear a collar this past Spring, and like a magician, he managed to escape it! lol

    All those boxes... Zen life sounds good to me, too! I should follow in your footsteps (the only thing is, I'd pack my boxes and then have no place to go)! ;) xo

  6. Hello or hiya... Like the brits say!Lol
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment... I felt all teary when reading it!
    I been to see you on a couple of occasions, but decided not to leave you a comment, because I know that you always try your very best to reply and I truly apprecciate that... but I also know that at this moment in time you are super busy.
    So to save you some of your valuable time, I thought not to comment!
    Although I prefer to comment, because I feel like you are a blogging friend and couldn`t just come to visit you without leaving you a comment!
    But please, do not put any pressure on replying me back... as I truly understand that in this moment...FREE TIME IS VERY LIMITED!
    On that note...




  8. I'm lovin' your "random things" post! Glad to hear Kim is doing well. Funny thing, my golden too is in one of those cones to keep her from licking her hot spots. She's getting old and it's showing...poor thing:( I can't believe you were able to connect with an OWL...that is an amazing blessing. I look forward to your tutorial:)

  9. Awww! please give Kim a hug for me. Glad to hear she is doing so well. I bet the owl was so glad you led it to freedom. I don't envy you having to pack to move. Been there - done that many times. You are so smart marking the boxes with it's contents and the room it goes in - saves so much lifting and work later.
    Take care!

  10. I say, KEEP! If you have the room and the boxes, and it sounds like you do, just shove what you love in them.
    Keep on with what you're doing, it's working! And soon you'll be done.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  11. Monica,
    Sorry I've been away so long - and so sad to hear about Kim not feeling up to snuff. Poor sweet beautiful girl!! Scout and I have something we must send to her. Can you please email me your address again to shelleyupnorth at gmail dot com.
    Thank you and hugs to you and sweet Kim!!!

  12. Fingers crossed for the purchase of your house.
    Love the roses, gorgeous tones.
    Getting excited for the flower tutorial....
    I wonder what made the owl visit you?

    Sandie xx

  13. I'm happy that Kim is doing great! She looks so sweet! I wish her a speedy recovery! Courage with all your boxes! It reminds me last time i moved... courage courage! and take care of yourself!

  14. Your quilt block is gorgeous!

  15. Monica, oh I am so glad about Kim, you have been so busy. The owl experience I can relate to, once I was sitting in a hot tub with a friend of mine and sitting on a power pole was a snowy owl. it was the most amazing thing I think I have experienced. good luck with your move, will keep checking in...hugs to you.

  16. If in doubt..hang on to it! One never knows!!
    That is amazing that you got to hold the owl. What a treat!!!
    Kim looks great albeit a little tentative about the collar.
    Good luck on your continued packing!
    Looks like you have things well in hand.

  17. I'm so relieved to see Kim is doing ok. Amazing you could handle that owl, what an incredible experience! Take Care, Catherine x

  18. hi,
    this is my first visit on your loveley blog and
    i love it.
    i am glad about about kim.
    the lat photo is so cut.......i love it.
    i wish you and kim a happy weekend,
    greetings from germany,regina

  19. Hi Monica! I'm so glad Kim is doing better. She has such a sweet face, I cannot get enough of her!!! My favorite part about this post was the sweet little owl that came for a visit! That had to be the most amazing experience! I love owls, but never seem to see them very often. We have some around here, but being nocturnal, we don't ever seem to cross paths! I hope the packing is as unstressful as possible. I can relate about having a lot of stuff, and not wanting to get rid of any of it! I learned my lesson after several cleansing fits... Naturally weeks later, I needed something I let go!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Hi Monica,

    I am so happy to see that Kim is feeling better. It is so hard to see them go through this as I remember when Heidi was speyed. Please give her a big healing hug from me and one for you.
    the little owl is so cute and you did well to get him outside.
    Much luck with the packing, it is such a big job and wished I could come and give you a hand.
    Take care and sending hugs


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