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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Up Close and Personal- A Sneak Peek at my Illustrated Discovery Journal.

Sometimes we forget where we would like to live...

... what we'd love to do...

... what makes us happy...

... how our dream home should look...

... what we like to wear (despite what the world around us is wearing) and how we do love to feel in our own clothes...

I was doubtful whether to show these pages or not, because they're so personal. But then realized I started my Illustrated Discovery Journal well after I felt the urge to do that. Because I feared to wrongly do it. So I wanted to maybe inspire you, if this idea has already crossed your mind, to start your own. Now. The Illustrated Discovery Journal is an incredibly powerful spiritual tool... The gorgeous truth is there are absolutely no rules to make one, just take your scissors to anything that inspires you. That calls you loudly. Glue it down on paper and just play! You might be very surprised in the end!
I made my journal back in 2007, when I wholeheartedly committed to follow the Simple Abundance path (after I had started it with no results for many years), and then forgot about it. Now, while packing, I stumbled upon it and spent hours looking through its pages...  It is amazing to see that what I was dreaming of, what I was feeling deeply back then, is what I'm now  fearlessly ready to live.
So this post is a gentle reminder, for me and you, to keep dreaming BIG, and trust, trust, trust the Abundance!
Monica x.


  1. I have one of these :). I fill it with clothes inspiration.

    I was at my friends dads house recently and he had a sort of mood board on the wall of his office. I said to my friend "what is that?" and she said it was his dream board with everything he wants on it.

    I should point out here that he is a multi millionaire after starting a chain of businesses when he was young. The weird thing about the board was, everything on there he already had. A country house, same decoration as the images, 4 gun dogs, a land cruiser, an aston martin, money and ... I cant remember the other one. I think it was a conservatory or something.

    I think it was a reminder to himself of everything he has achieved. I might make one of these. It would obz not have material possessions as such but still.

    Love the images. Sorry for the waffle here.


  2. I keep saying I am going to do this but just never get it all organized. I have pages I've cut out or ripped out of magazines for years. I got a chuckle out of the fact that you copied the pages. HA!

    Every year I re-read Simple Abundance.

    Love, love, love your woolen wreaths. They are just so pretty. How funny that some are upside down for the magazines. Guess they look good whichever way you turn them. :) Congrats!

    Hope you are having a beautiful day. Tammy

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea! Isn't it amazing that what you were thinking those few years ago are now taking shape in your life?! I've never kept a dairy or journal or scrapbook for myself. I think I am too personal that I'm afraid to put anything down. I suppose I feel better (safer?) keeping things in my head. Even with family genealogy... I've gone back oodles of generations on my side and hubby's side, and I haven't written anything down, but can relate (most of) it from memory. I like the challenge of mental recall! lol

  4. My sister keeps one too . . . I think it's wonderful that you chose to share yours, thank you.

  5. Beautiful post Monica.....so personal......i love your blog ,it is always a party to be here,,......when are you going to England???...love love love for you and Kim.....how is Kim now????

  6. Such wonderful journal pages! I have a Simple Abundance journal that has every inch filled with photos and quotes :-) I did a post about it on my 1st blog. I love making mood boards & looking at your photos I can see we have similar taste ...potting sheds, dogs, wellie boots, wool blazers, cottage gardens etc.

  7. Hi Monica
    Thank you for sharing, as you say it's incredibly personal. And thank you, because your post has reminded me that I've not updated or browsed through my Illustrated Discovery Journal for several weeks and so tomorrow I'll spend some happy time browsing, cutting and sticking. I love your images :-)
    And well done you - now your ready to live the life you've dreamed of !
    Happy days are ahead, aren't they?
    D x

  8. Enjoyed seeing your inspiration pictures. I started an inspiration board years ago, but did not follow thru with keeping it going.

  9. Love your dreams and aspirations! I have one of these, too, and must pull it out and update it...Oct 1 is a great day to begin following the path again. Thank you!

  10. I have one too! Well two actually! One is full of animals for inspiration and one (wherever it is!) has homes and interiors in it.

    I'm pleased I'm not the only one who hates to cut up magazines!

    I love your blog re-design AND your website. I've been absent far too long!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  11. I love your illustrated journal! I started doing one of these as well...but I haven't been faithful in updating it. Times, styles and likes change with the years. I need to revisit mine and make some changes.
    Your journal is wonderful!! Love all the ideas you have there.

  12. It's like a “cahier de tendances” in french... a
    trendbook? of your own inspirations. I like that!

    This is a bright idea! full of inspirations! I cut things sometimes... but i leave them everywhere... I will glue them down on paper! I love your pages!

  13. Monica, I did the same thing while following Simple Abundance, and it changed me considerably. I havn't done it in a very long time either, maybe it is time to start again, thank you for the inspiration :)

  14. As I looked at your journal I felt like I was looking at my own. We truly love the same things. I shall have to go back and re-read my Simple Abundance. Hugs all around you and Kim! Sharon


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