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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wind of Change: My Secret Revealed.

Not sure where to start from... but it's now time to to share with you my big news. They are not related to my job, they're just about my life. I've had this post in mind for such a long time, even when this wasn't official... sign that what you think about, you bring about ;)).
I only have a vague idea of what to write, and I'm going to spill my heart out- sorry if this will be a messy rambling.
The photos below are somewhat explicative... we are moving.

What makes this big (for us, at least) is that we're moving to England! At last. I say that because this idea has been crossing our minds so many times over the past three years or so, but we were scared to leave all that we had over here. Our home, totally renovated with physical and emotional efforts, much money and expectations for a bright future. My parents. A well- known environment. Familiar sounds of our native language. Everything was a sort of pretext to persuade ourselves that it wasn't possible for us to emigrate. To follow our hearts. To find our true bliss.
For those who know me and my husband well, it's fool we've waited for so long to make this decision. I won't enter into boring details, let's simply say we are very unhappy here in Italy, and we are dreaming of a different life.

Without a series of extremely unhappy events that happened last year, I think this would have remained a dream. I keep thinking of those sad events as blessings.
Thanks to the small bunch of blogging friends who supported me during this time of reflection, helped me with 'practical' advice and on and on. These daisies are for you. Your love and friendship helped me going through this with little effort, and, above all, with joy, even if I must admit this is bittersweet to me.

(Before you ask, yep, sweet Kim is ready! She has her passport, her vaccinations and 6 months quarantine done. Mommy is an excellent planner, after all! ;))

What it's bittersweet to me, and fills my heart with tears at times, is that I have to leave my parents over here. I am an only child, and I love my Mom and Dad to pieces! I am so grateful for all the did and still do for me, and I know I will miss them tremendously. And so will they.
I will miss my Mom's scrumptious meals she uses to surprise me with, I will miss her modeling for me, I will miss our gardening hours spent together chatting of silly things, I will miss my Dad rummaging in our garage looking for tools to fix something at home, I will miss our Dad-and-daughter raids to the thrift store, I will miss the days when I have to run errands and bring Kim to their home and have meal together, our coffee-time with my American coffee and their Espresso, their thrifted gifts for me (with a huuge smile!) every time they visit, and and and...
I know that England is only a couple of hours away, and that we could have holidays together, and vacations together in France, and that there's the phone... but I'm SURE you KNOW what I mean. I am aware many of you live apart from their parents, and this is so painful at times.
As this is becoming a little moving, I will share a funny thing- my parents did the happy dance, and how happy it was, when we announced them we were moving to England and not to the other side of the great pond, to North America, as they had thought! But I know that they are both sad and happy for us at the same time. Happy for us to be together, to follow our bliss. Sad because we have always lived close to each other, and they know they will miss 'their' girl.

We have sold our property over here, and this was 'abundant' in every possible way. I will spare you the details, what I can say is that we even hadn't put a 'for sale' sign on the gate and a young couple rang at the door asking if it was true that our home was for sale. I would have liked to have my picture taken in that very moment. Strangers at the door wanting our home?? How did they know?? I think they will be very happy here, as well as we'll be in England. Sometimes I think of the language barrier (you know that English isn't our native language) and of the 'culture shock'... but I trust the Abundance, so I learned not to care.
We will be headed to Devon, Dorset and Somerset someday soon to rent a house. Hope we will find the 'just perfect' home for us! I'm not sure of anything, so please be indulgent with me. I wanted to show you the house and the keys, once done, but it's becoming a little difficult for me to return comments as usual, so I needed to tell why. I'm already packing like crazy (the moving will be in a few months), and I have my stuff scattered here and there... I will continue to create, maybe at a slower pace because I have to do many other things, but this helps me keeping my sanity!LOL. I also promise you tons of pictures and English tales. If you are so inclined to come back and read my ramblings.
I know it will be a thrilling journey. Or at least, that it will lead my heart (and my husband's as well) to sigh of joy and sing every minute.

Thanks for listening and for your support. You are my safety net.
Monica x.


  1. Hi Monica,
    Good for you to follow your dream! I love England. I understand how you and your parents feel but it is good you can visit back and forth often as you are not so far away.
    It will be fun to follow you on your journey and all the best to you both and Kim too.

    Take care,


  2. How exciting!!! Yes you must share the whole journey...your adventure will be exhilarating!! I know you will miss your parents but as you say...you are only a few hours apart. So you will have to work doubly hard to stay in touch on a regular basis. My mom is 16 hours from me and it is hard to see each other. But we talk by phone every week!!
    Congrats on your house sale. That is fabulous!!
    Enjoy the process and take lots of pics.

  3. Oh such a secret would be a hard one to keep. I wish you great happiness in England and hope you find the perfect place. you will have wonderful reunions with your parents when you do get to see them. You have a busy time ahead so don't worry about visiting until your all settled my friend.
    Hugs to you and a prayer that this is an easy transition for you. love to you, c

  4. Dear Monica,
    What exciting news! I think if you are following what your heart tells you to do, all will be well. And it sounds like you are! I know you will miss your family - I live far from mine, so I know how hard that is - but this is a new adventure and I applaud you and your husband for taking this big step.

    Does Kim have to be in quarantine in England? Or has she already done it?


  5. Hugging you tightly from North America the country that wishes you were moving here Hahaha!!! Two hours isn't bad at all!!! It will give your parents (who are sooo cute by the way) a nice little day trip for adventures to see you.
    And Kimmie...she will be tickled to roam and explore her new homeland :) I have to say that your english is amazing.
    More hugs :) !!

  6. Oh Monica, this is a beautifully written post! You can tell you've thought lovingly about writing it. And your parents are SO DEAR! I am so happy for you and your husband. I look forward to many English musings from you (and Kim)!

  7. yaaaaay Britain is the best. Well Wales is rubbish but whatever.

    All three of those counties are lovely. They are a bit expensive though as most of the south is. However I come from the north and it is a lot colder and you would probably hate it what with you being from Italy.

    :) xxxxxxx

  8. I'm inspired by your quest to follow your hearts dream:) Good luck on your new endeavor!

  9. My dear Monica,

    I am so happy for you. I love your tribute to your parents. It was very moving.

    I am looking forward to reading about your adventures in England!

    Hugs xxx

  10. What a touching post, Monica !
    Years ago, we wanted to move too, especially my husband, to Italy !
    By a variety of circumstances we're still in Belgium, we're happy now.
    Monica, if you're unhappy there and if this is your and your husband's dream, go for it !
    Nice your parents support you.
    I wish you all the best !
    Looking forward to your posts.

  11. Just follow your heart sweety and I just know that everything is going to be ok! I thought btw that english was your native tongue (not that I can judge hahaha! Are you Italian?) Never mind, time to move on!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your decision now that you have taken it.

  12. Bon Voyage and much happiness to you..You deserve it!

  13. Monica...What an adventure this will be!!! I know first hand what it's like to pack up and leave all that is familiar to you... It is hard but you have so many fun adventures ahead of you, and you're just a jump away from your parents!!!! Enjoy the dream, share it all with us ('cause you know we're living vicariously through you!!!), and know that I will always be there for you, like I have!!!!

  14. Monica, I am thrilled for you!!!! Now, I will simply have to visit you in England instead of Italy if we come that way next summer!!!! I hope you find JUST THE RIGHT HOUSE to make into your home. I know Kim will wonder but, she will be fine wherever you are. I saw you in the magazine & was so happy for you my friend. HUGS from Charlene & Angel kisses from Reba

  15. Monica....
    Follow your dreams...life is too short not to.
    Cherish every moment, how fabulous!
    God Bless,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  16. Hi Monica, well that was a lovely post and as I live in England I am so glad you are coming here. The area's you have chosen are really lovely. and I am sure you will find lots of lovely houses that you will like and you will have such wonderful adventures so good luck and I will be reading your posts to see how you are doing. Jillx

  17. What a great news !!..also sad because of your parents...but Monice go for it !! good choice England......closer to me......hahaahah!!............ow and Kim shall love it...so exciting !!! i can't wait to see pictures of your English home !!.....go for it girl !! love and many hugs from me......Ria...and a extra big one for Kim !!

  18. I wish you all the best in your big move. It is so scary and exciting at the same time. I moved from Cape Town, South Africa to the UK a year and half ago and it has been dreadful, frustrating and marvellous. I love my new life here and I am sure you are going to be very happy. I like the counties that you are thinking of going to. I got a map of the UK, closed my eyes and stuck my finger out and that is how I have ended up in Cambridgeshire. Enjoy the packing and I look forward to reading the updates.

  19. Sounds like you are doing what you want to do. I wish you and your husband much success and happiness in your move. Keep us posted on your progress and would enjoy hearing about your new home in England. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
    Tried commenting earlier today, but blogger was not cooperating.

  20. WoW! How strange that the couple rang your doorbell and asked if the house was for sale!
    I do hope you will grow some roses and peonies in your English garden and continue with your blog and wonderful photography.

    Good luck with your move and house hunting.

    Sandie xx

  21. Monica....

    This is such exciting news and I am so happy for you and your family!! I believe in following your dream and so I wish you much luck and happiness!! :-)


  22. Sounds like a grand adventure!
    Amazing to sell your house like that!
    Best wishes!

  23. Dear Monica,

    I am so happy for you dear friend and that everything happens for a purpose. The couple coming in to ask if your house was for sale, must have meant to be. You will love England, I know I did when we took a train trip down to Dartmouth for a friends wedding. The countryside and the houses are beautiful. Do you watch the TV programe Escape to the Country?
    I enjoy that. Although you will miss your parents and they you, two hours is not very far away. I wish you much luck as you move into the next chapter of your life.
    Blessings & hugs



  25. I wish you well on your journey!! I'm sure things will work out. You'll have a wonderful adventure. Good luck!

  26. oh how wonderful you are following your dreams!!! i'm so happy for you!
    i can relate though, and feel for you. I am also an only child, and couldn't imagine moving away from them. I am, however, not in the same position as you. if I was unhappy where i was, or needed to be somewhere else, it would be a different story. i hope you all have amazing holidays in France together! what fun!!!!

    by the way, i would never have guessed English was not your first language, I've never heard someone write it like you do, with it not being your first language!

  27. I am so happy for you and your husband Monica, you will love England especially the areas you are looking at. Following your heart is not always easy to do, sometimes we have to give up something else, and this would be not seeing your parents as often.
    I can understand your parents being happy for you yet sad at the same time. I have an only child, she is 26 now and what I want most for her is to be happy in life. I would feel the same as your parents do :)
    I have just been through a move so I know how busy you are, try to rest at times too :)

  28. Dear Monica, I am so happy that your dream is really coming true and to the most gorgeously wonderful part of England. Oh I must say I feel a wee bit jealous, in the nicest possible way ;) I know how hard it is to live away from family, but Europe is all so accessible now and I am sure your parents will love to come thrifting in all the English antique stores and 2nd hand shops when they visit you. Good luck :) HUGS, Catherine xx

  29. Hi Monica,
    Good luck with everything - You have made a great choice, not only with England, but with the three possible county options too! ;-)) NOT that I am bias or anything...ha!
    I'll be waiting at my shop if ever you care to visit and will help you with anything I can in the meantime...I'm only sorry that I struggle to return emails these days...This year has been a big change for me too and I am still adjusting! Please forgive! ;-))
    Many years ago I moved from the SE to the SW leaving my family behind...although they are not as far away as Italy, arrangements to visit can take some sorting...its not easy, but choices in life have to be made. I am happy with my choice, even though we once thought about emigrating to NZ on two occasions! (England has its issues too that, at the time, we wanted to move away from!)

    Anyway, here's wishing you every happiness for your future. Take care,
    Niki :)

  30. Monica,
    What an eloquent post. I hope you have a great time in England! Best wishes to you for a stress free move.

  31. Oh wow! What an exciting adventure! I had tears in my eyes reading your post...I have only just moved back home to be near my parents after 12 years of living away...so I can relate to what you will miss. Moving is an exciting new beginning (even though the process itself is often stressful). Congratulations on the selling fo your home so quickly...I can understand why they wanted to snap it up! Good luck...a lady that emigrated from England to Australia told me a piece of advice when I moved here and I will pass it on to you..."Give yourself 2 years to settle in before moving again because it can take you 2 years to decide if it really is for you". I have taken that on board. Happy packing.
    Alicia xx

  32. I am so happy for you - not many people have the courage to follow their dreams.....

    I will be looking forward to hearing about all your grand adventures!

    "Her" and Romeo

  33. Oh Monica, I couldn't be happier for you. To have the courage to follow this dream, is such a brave thing and I applaud you. Safe travels...

  34. Dear Monica, my heart is full for you. Full of the promise of a new life, and full for your sadness to leave your family. I, too, am an only child.

    I will be holding you very close in my heart and prayers. I am so glad that you are smiling.

  35. Monica I am so happy for you and your husband. I love how you have taken such care in arranging for Kim's move too. This shall be a very big event for all of you. I shall of course be waiting on pins and needles to hear every detail you wish to share. Congratulations and promise to stay in touch. (forever) Love Sharon and Teddy

  36. Blessings and light to you on your next chapter ... your new adventure!

  37. The photo of your parents is beautiful! They won't be far away from you. I love Italy and England! I lived in London a few years ago, I loved it. Never lived in Italy. I love Firenze and all its beauties. One should always follow their dreams! Congratulations! I wish you a wonderful life in England!

  38. OH MY GOODNESS! Well done Monica, that is big and brave! It will all be fine! Remember you are only an internet connection (Skype) and a plane ride away from your Mum and Dad! Thinking of you:) Rachaelxo


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