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Monday, October 25, 2010

English Tales, Part 2- Cottages and Gardens.

Hello there! Here we are with the second part of our English trip.
I've always been fascinated by cottages and gardens... Is there a better place than England to find plenty of both?
Romantic details everywhere in the Cotswolds... I'm pleased to find out that lace curtains are a must in these places! Maybe because they are so perfect paired up with the natural honey- colored stone.

I wonder if people do still use these...

Gardens weren't at their best, unfortunately. Cold and rain had already damaged the dainty petals. But I managed to take some decent shots. Nothing compared to the vibrant and opulent borders I saw in this very place two years ago in mid September though. 

Getting ready for Winter...

Autumn glory...

Finally this time hubby and I managed to visit Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, and I'm soo glad we did! Even if we were blessed by a blue blue sky that day, temperatures were very low and a biting wind annoyed us all day long!:(

Wonderful architecture and statues in the Italian Gardens!

I cannot help but mention a couple of lovely Dorset villages, too. Shaftesbury, with its amazing view down Gold Hill...

and Milton Abbas, famous for its 'picture perfect' road with cottages on both sides! Very pretty! 

In the next post, will show you the Teddy Bear Museum in Dorchester, and some other things I liked and captured with my camera, just for you! And what I brought home with me :)
Thanks for all the sweet comments you left me, I really, really appreciate your friendship.
Monica x.


  1. I love the photos. The grass is so green in the photos.


  2. So hard to choose a favorite! Probably "Gold Hill"! Those lace curtains do pair perfectly with the stone. We've never been to Blenheim Palace (well, actually hubby may have). We do want to go there sometime. Thank you for sharing your stunning photos! ;) xo

  3. Wow, seeing this post was like a little piece of home this morning. It's funny that you noticed the lace net curtains. People do still use them in the UK but it tends to be an older generation thing.

    When I was home last I noticed a red telephone up in London but they really are a rareity and I don't think it will be long before they're obsolete.

    Blenheim is an amazing place, so glad to got to see it, even if it was cold that day.

    Such great photos, thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh this all looks so beautiful..Such talent Monica.. your photography makes me want to visit..:)

  5. Monica, this getting so exciting, I just can't wait until you get there!!!
    All the windows with the lace curtains are so adorable, and since I woke up to snow this morning, the weather looks great!

  6. So beautiful!
    I can just imagine you and Kim enjoying walks ♥

  7. Hi Monica,
    What a beautiful trip you had.Me too I love the cottages and garden (you know that) hehe. Aw and the lace in the windows take my breath away! The doors are lovely and so enchanting, I adore the roofs. I have always dreamed of visiting Cotswold. One day my dream may come true,but until then I have your divine photos to dream on.
    Have a sweet day my friend,
    Big hugs Elizabeth

  8. Be still my heart, I have been catching up on your trip to England. I love the Cotswolds, but I am from the North Yorkshire area which is also very beautiful, lots of cottages, which are very expensive compared to homes here in Canada, probably twice as much. I hope you can find something soon Monica.
    Even though I have lived in Canada now for many years, my heart will always be at home in England and I have a feeling I will go back to live there some day :)

  9. Love your photos:) I can not wait to go to London next year!!!!!!!!!
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. Oh Monica it is sooo lovely! When I was much younger (and married to a military man) we were stationed in England for 4 years. Unfortunately, as I said I was very young and didn't really appreciate it like I would now. When I think of all the mist opportunities It just kills me! Maybe one day I will be able to go back and fully enjoy my visit!

  11. These photos make me long to pack my bags and catch a plane to England. Such cozy cottages and magnificent estates. And charm oozing out everywhere one looks.

  12. England is such a beautiful place to live !! i am a little bit jealous of you !!...happy new week darling.....love Ria....

  13. Monica, I've enjoyed this post !
    You've taken gorgeous photos !

  14. What a beautiful place to visit, and I love all of the photos. I love lace curtains too.

  15. Hi Monica,

    I adore all the beautiful homes and cottages and with the lace curtains at the window. I am sure you will be very happy here. Thanks for showing us your photos and wishing you much luck with your house hunting.

    Happy week

  16. looks wonderful, I love all the buildings, you must be having such fun. I like the ones in a row looking down the hill. can not wait to see whats coming next. have fun my friend. hugs.

  17. Just the words - Cottages and Gardens - make my heart go pitter pat. Ah, Monica. Every photo is amazing, and the locations are absolutely picture perfect.

  18. What beautiful pictures! Such magical places you have shared. Thanks so much! Love the cobble roads with the moss in between!! Amazing!

  19. Wow, these pictures are like a good English story! I love them and I like the atmosphere in them.

  20. Monica! Look at these, and that last shot of the teal blue door... FABULOUS!

    This proves once again how much I love England, and it makes me miss my mother. My favorite trip there was with Mr. Magpie and Mama. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I shall never forget it... being with two of the people I love most in a country I adore.

    Thank you for sharing. I feel like I've been on a wonderful vacation!


    Sheila :-)

  21. You know... I think that is Tiffany Blue, but no matter. The door and the house are both incredible. Love the old brick and those iron hinges!

  22. I haven't lived in England since the early 1970's so your photos are bringing back lots of lovely nostalgic memories of the beauty and quaint History that the English and Welsh countryside have... thanks so much for sharing!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  23. Wow wow wow! It's beautiful!!! I don't know Dorset, what a beautiful countryside!!!! I love old bricks!

  24. Milton Abbas? I have seen pictures of that place but didn't have a name to go with it. Can we, I mean you, live there :) ??
    Love the lace curtains!!!


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