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Thursday, October 28, 2010

English Tales, Part 3- Pretty and Interesting Things.

I was prettily surprised (and very thrilled!) to discover that in Dorchester, Dorset, a Teddy Bear Museum still survives! I've been terribly disappointed in the past finding out that icons of a bygone era were fastly disappearing from Europe, and their treasures had been sold in auctions. These precious memories of the past won't be able for us and the new generations to enjoy anymore in a near future! So very sad, in my humble opinion.
As my husband is not interested in Teddy Bears as I am, I preferred to completely enjoy the museum without being in a rush because of that! I know you understand ;)) If you happen to be in the area, be sure to visit this magical place. Mr. Edward Bearidge and his Mother Beatricia, are pleased to welcome you...

Grandpa Ted too... Sshhhh, he's snoring!;)

You can meet the rest of the family in different rooms...

... while you continue your tour through this historic house, built in 1835, and see Edward's collection of several antique bears (some of the earliest British bears together with American, French and German ones).

You can also admire reproductions of very expensive and famous antique bears...

... and marvellous collections of Paddington, Pooh, and antique toys and ephemera together with newer and artist's bears. The overall atmosphere is charming and vintage... a real treat.

I left the Museum to explore another place I had noticed upon our arrival in Dorchester, as I had some me-time left...

Woo hoo! H.e.a.v.e.n! My heart skipped a beat ot two seeing that blue bench, yes mine is white, but I'm a white and blue girl at heart!;)

and what about that shelf? There were tons of fabulous things everywhere!!

I was about to purchase this little one... but... well, you have to wait until the end of the post!;)

I would have loved to buy that chest of drawers... well, those all...

Definitely not a bargain price ($260), but still very good for our standards in Italy! No idea if it is good or not for England- anyone, British bloggers??

As I stated, I was about to purchase the little bear above, when my hubby arrived (the lovely lady in the foyer at the Teddy Bear Museum told him I had turned my steps towards the Antique Shop!;)), and he insisted on buying this fabulous, vintage big boy for me! So Oswald (as we named him afterwards) came home with us!
Can you imagine my suitcase?? Hehe.

Sorry this was longer than expected. I couldn't include in three posts only all the beauty and pretties I wanted to share with you! I'd have other pics of the Cotswolds and Oxford to share, I wonder if anyone may be interested? These posts are pretty long to put together, but I do it gladly if you like to read them!
Have a lovely rest of the week, 


  1. How exciting!!! Yes, share more!! I love the blue bench, OMG that is you sweetie, to a T!!!!! I am filled to the brim with excitement for you!
    Welcome Oswald to the family.....he is precious!

  2. I LOVE your Oswald! What a charming old bear. How sweet of Marco to buy him for you. Oswald will be in good company now! ;)

  3. Monica, I have so enjoyed reading your English Tales this morning. All 3 of them! I loved the Teddybear museum. What amazing displays. Thank you for the gorgeous photos for all of us to enjoy your trip. I loved the view in Shaftsbury (sp)? Oh to see England through your lens is such a treat.
    I think the English magazines so outdo ours here in the US. Even though I have to wait a month for the issues to come out here in the bookstores...it is so worth the wait and the money. I just bought my Oct. issue of CL on Monday. It is so lovely.

    hugs to you...

  4. A teddy bear museum...I love it. Your pictures are SO sweet!! Your husband is a dearheart for getting you Oswald! He's a cutie!! I enjoyed the pictures of the antique store. The bench may have posed a problem fitting in your suitcase!!

    Looking forward to more posts on England! :-)


  5. What a fantastic trip. And giving Oswald a new loving place to live is perfect. He looks like he has bee very loved. SO sweet. I am so glad you had a great time.
    Have a wonderful day,

  6. Awww! Oswald is cute and charming old bear. Thanks for the tour. Love reading about and seeing pictures of your part of the world.

  7. Oswald is fabulous...how wonderful he is all yours. And that blue bench is amazing!!
    Love vintage buttons!! Good haul!!
    And yes share more!!

  8. THis is a quintessential Monica post~ JUst great..Beary beary wonderful~

  9. I never heard of the teddy bear museum, looks like it was a neat place. Oswald it too cute.

  10. Oswald.......... Charming name indeed! Sweet Hubby!!! Give him lots of praise so the Teddy's keep coming! I loved the post of the vintage Teddy's & the museum. Thanks for sharing. SOoooooooooo glad you are having FUN! Hugs!

  11. So happy you are having such an amazing time ~ Oswald is fabulous & will hold special memories for you ♥
    Enjoy your weekend ~ I am sure you have lots of plans :-)

  12. Monica, that museum is a treasure! Oh, those teddy bears - I would have been in heaven!

    I love the vintage Teddy your husband bought for you.


  13. Oh my! That Teddy Bear Museum is magnificent! and your photos are gorgeous!!! I'm glad you took Oswald back home with you! Hugs xo

  14. Oh what a lovely Teddy Bear Museum. How much fun was that? Oswald is so lucky to have a new home..

  15. Dear Monica,

    How lovely to come and visit you today and see all you have been up to.
    Thanks for giving us a peek into the amazing Teddy bear museum. Love your latest new member of your family ~ Oswald is adorable and you must have been so happy to take him away with you.
    Hope all is going well for you dear friend and do understand how busy life must be for you.

    Sending hugs and have a good week ahead.

  16. Oh yes! Please give us more! Can`t wait to read about your experinces!
    Ninni :-)


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