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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Delights.

Happy Saturday, dear readers! Hope all is well in your corner of the world!
I'm linking to Pink Saturday this week, glad I managed to participate. Beverly allowed us to post autumnal colors today. As I've been away and very busy with the move, I hadn't posted much of Fall decor this year... well, actually, I haven't many pretty spots to decorate at home at the moment ;) 
Nevertheless,  I treated myself and my loved ones to a splash of color in our kitchen!

I purchased all these pumpkins at the supermarket for €1,25/$ 1,73/£ 1 (I know some of my readers like to compare prices in different Countries!!:)), but mind you. At the florists'/nursery they were incredibly pricey! I cut the beautiful Nandina berries and leaves in our garden. Picked the last chestnuts when strolling Kim this morning...

White pumpkins seem to be a must this year around Blogland... I love them, they are so elegant... but for me, Autumn is a splendid carousel of oranges, reds, browns and yellows!!

Can you smell the roses?

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween! And to my dear readers living Down Under... Happy Spring! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with joy and laughter.


  1. Happy Halloween, the roses smell beautiful. take care.

  2. Loving your autumn beauties! Lucky you to have a chestnut tree. Where I grew up, we had a chestnut tree on a street corner that all the neighborhood children LOVED picking up the fallen chestnut pods from in the fall. ;)

  3. Lovely colors..The roses fit in perfectly..is it Saturday?:)

  4. Happy halloween darling......have a nice weekend......hugs for Kim.....loev Ria...

  5. What a beautiful arrangement! I also buy pumpkins, decorative gourds, flowers, etc. at the grocery, as the florists are very expensive here also.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I love all of those colors! Those are the colors of fall, the leaves, the berries, just beautiful.

  7. I agree! The white pumpkins are pretty but I like the colors of Fall. Your photos are awesome!

  8. Beautiful photos, have a great weekend.

  9. Happy Pink Saturday! Love this - there's an old chestnut tree downtown - I hadn't thought of picking them up - they look marvelous in your display - the story goes that the old building was a barn, a dairy, a warehouse and now is condemned - They'll probably cut the tree down someday - they don't appreciate such things here.
    Love all you've put together,

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love your blog and I am your newest follower!

    Happy PS,

  11. Love the roses and I always love berries. Happy Saturday!

  12. Everything is coming up fallish at your house. You have put together some very pretty things.

  13. Beautiful fall colors.........beautiful photos.

  14. Dear Monica,

    I love your Autumn photos, all the colours bursting forth and yes, I can imagine how wonderful the roses smell. Ummm!
    Hope that you are having a beautiful weekend


  15. I really like the berries in it-I never think about those!

  16. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Monica. In fact, Happy Everything. Life is good.

    Your arrangement is stunning. You have a special touch for creating beauty.

  17. Hi Monica, I'm way behind blogging and giving comments. I even don't know if I have been here to tell you that I enjoyed your articles in Somerset Life. I just have to think: better twice than not! Happy Halloween (I'm even too late to wish you a happy pink Saturday!) and I hope you will have a lovely week!

  18. The roses are perfection. I love your pairing them with the gourds and pumpkins. And cheap is good! Why not? Such lovely photos of a beautiful still life.

  19. Lovely post with gorgeous colors, Monica !
    What a beautiful gift from your husband, Oswald is so cute !
    Have a nice week,

  20. I am adding this comment here, as comments were closed on the other post. First - Congratulations on being published! I know you must be proud and have good reason to be.
    I read your post before running errands, but did not get a chance to go to the bookstore. Appears someone is able to send you a copy.
    Again - Congratulations.


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