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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Ribbon Roses in Somerset Life.

Having my work published in one of my favorite magazines is a dream coming true...Totally flattered by this feature! A huge thank you, Christen and Somerset Life!

Just a few wrapping ideas with my ribbon roses... You can use Christmas stamps instead of the Paris ones, add some sparkle here and there and you're set for the upcoming Holiday Season!

My 'how-to' in print... simply perfect! The Stampington ladies have such a special touch.

And then, I was totally surprised to see my cookie photograph full-page! I had completely forgotten about it. And it made me drool over my own cookies ;)

When I turned the page over, another surprise! I had no idea my pictures were in the Miscellany section. What a thrill!  Needless to say Kim started to smile at me and to happily waggle her tail, and off we went to dance and sing on the carpet! Oh happy day.

Monica x.


  1. Congratulations, Monica! There's no stopping you now!


  2. Fabulous Monica!!!!
    I know the feeling!
    It's wonderful to be recognized!
    Great spread and they are amazing at their publication...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings.

  3. My mom has one of your lovely cinnamon stick bundles I purchased from your etsy shop last year... we LOVE it! I am so so so happy for you, Monica! Your publications, your move to England... such excitement!

  4. Wauwwwwww....you are famous now.......!!! congratulations darling....lovely !!!......world...Monica ia comming !!! HAHAHAHHA!!...but how is Kim my little darling doing??? love you....Ria...

  5. Beautiful pages! The Stampington ladies are surely doing a dance of their own...b/c without people like you they wouldn't have a thing to publish!

  6. Beautiful, congratulations on the feature.

  7. Congratualations on being published. Your ideas and photos are beautiful. I am happy for you. I would be thrilled to see something of mine in a magazine too ! :o)

  8. I love your article in SL...everything about is beautiful! I've been tempted to send pics for the Miscellany section, do you send your pics via email or a hard copy? Yours are beautiful, especially the one with the cinammon sticks.

  9. I fell in love with the latest cover of Somerset Life and the beautiful seed package ♥ Congratulations Monica on all your success ~ the cookies do look delicious & your ribbon roses & cinnamon stick bundles are so creative! I hope you have submitted a photo of Kim all dressed up ~ I would love to see her in print xo

  10. First of all Congrats on the article! I really enjoyed this article and went out and bought some pretty ribbon to make some roses - but then still haven't found the time to make them yet. But I will be very soon!!! Thank you for the clear directions - they will be a cinch to make now!

  11. Hi Monica,

    That is wonderful, dear friend and your beautiful work should be gracing the lovely magazines.
    I loved seeing all your creations and cookies.
    Hope that your packing is going well.


  12. Congratulations! You have good reason to be proud and excited.

  13. Beautiful creations they are. I am happy to read about your accomplishments. Congratulations


  14. Monica, I am thrilled for you, I would have danced with you. I can not imagine how you must feel to see your work being published. And you being published never gets dull. hugs.

  15. Oh Monica,
    I am so thrilled for you!!! That is so exciting! I was featured in this year's Somerset Home and I know what a joy and how exciting it is!! Congrats!
    I love your beautiful wrapping ideas, so perfect for any special occasion! The gift wrap is just as special as the gift!
    Have a great day!

  16. Congradulations are in order-how wonderful for you and your family!

  17. Congratulations! I got my copy yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed your feature and the entire magazine! Hard for me to pass up those Somerset magazines! So much inspiration goodness in them!

  18. You should be proud!! I love your work and coming to your blog to see it but having it in print to look at whenever and wherever is something special to me too. I especially like your flowers, they are beautiful and in their detail and how you combine materials. Congratulations!

  19. Your creations are just gorgeous Monica! Glad I found your site. I will be back!!

  20. All I can say is that you deserve it....lovely indeed!! Way to go! All the best,Chrissy

  21. Congratulations, Monica. Your photographs are just stunning. I love Somerset, they always do such a fabulous job with the features, photos and layout. Your feature is beautiful. xo Lidy

  22. How exciting for you:) Congratulations!!!!!!!!!The write is beautiful as is your work:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  23. Congratulations again, Monica!! Your whites are simply stunning!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  24. Congrats!!! You so deserve this as your tutorial is fantastic! And now I know what to do with all those extra roses I had from the bench creation! Purrfect!!!!

    Have a great week!

    "Her" and Romeo

  25. You should have your very own magazine dear Monica.
    They are lucky to have you as are we!

  26. Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations - well deserved!

  27. I always think that it is wonderful when a fellow blogger can have something published! It is something for all of us to rejoice in!


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