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Friday, November 26, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

I'm back from beautiful England (and I can't wait to come back again!;)). We have been luckier this time... we now have to decide for one of the lovely properties we viewed! And that's not easy, trust me.
I must admit this honey- stone beauty is very tempting...

An old cottage with plenty of country charm, a glorious well- sized garden...

... its own name...

... located in a quaint little village with a church that mostly dates from the late 13th century and beautiful surroundings.

Unfortunately, the house has oil fired heating and the upstairs rooms don't meet our (... ahem, my own!) needs completely. Also, it has a single garage (we'd prefer a double one).

This was really lovely too, but not as close to Oxford as we'd wished...

Look at the mirror on the garden wall! Isn't this corner wonderful! So creative.

Apples and dishes pleasantly displayed... 

But definitely I think this little jewel in the heart of the Cotswolds' Golden Triangle, between the towns of Woodstock, Chipping Norton and Burford, with its peaceful charm, the celtic cross and the ancient church, together with amazing views over the countryside, won us over.

We haven't reserved anything yet, but there might be a good chance we opt for this house. It is not old I'm afraid. I hoped for an old cottage, but there aren't right ones for us on the market at the moment...  What I love of this house is that's tremendously bright, cozy and warm, and it has a country- style kitchen very similar to the one I have now and a fabulous conservatory with view over a pretty garden and open fields. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the house to show you, I was too busy peeping here and there ;)) 
I will be back in some days with my giveaway (when the weather permits to take good pictures!), other photographs of this beautiful area of England, and of my new 'tresures'. Hey, didn't you think I came back empty- handed!
Will find the time to visit you and catch up with your blogs in the weekend. Hope my American friends are having a terrific Thanksgiving weekend! Be happy, be safe.
Back to my floorplans now...;)
Monica x.


  1. Beautiful Monica..I wish you happiness there.

  2. I want to see a photo! Is there one you might use from a real estate listing? I'm so, so curious!


  3. Ahhh! so many sights! I love all the stone!
    I have to say other than the oldness of the churches...those photos could have been in Kentucky!

  4. This home certainly won me over, Monica. I even had to show my husband!! I love the church, too! Wow, the 13th century! I know you will make the right decision. And I can't wait to see all of your treasures!


  5. Hi Monica.....glad to hear from you.....show us the pictures darling from your new home!!!!...these one you show us today are wonderful....lovely weekend....warm hugs fro you and don't forget Kim....love Ria....

  6. Beautiful homes, Monica! You've visited such fabulous places! I miss England terribly... even more so now. I'll have to uncover my old albums and start scanning some photos! ;)

  7. Lovely homes, Monica. You're sure to find just the right one!

  8. Lovely to see your photos Monica - house hunting is not easy and I wish you success in your search. Have a good weekend. Lesley x

  9. LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!Oh how hard it would be to choose. It looks like you had a GRAND TIME!!!! Can't wait to see it all! HUGS!

  10. Delightful images from your travels, some buildings really do seem to have a spirit about them

  11. Ooooh Monica I have to admit that this is a dream of mine. To live in a little cottage in England and live happily ever after. I am sooooo happy for you to have found a likely property. I hope it all goes well.
    hugs to you

  12. Beautiful , I love the old church, so glad you took that photo. I am praying all goes well. keep us posted. very exciting time. hugs.

  13. It sounds wonderful, and I know you will turn any place you choose into a place of beauty.

    I am so happy for you, and soon you will be settled.♥

  14. What a beautiful area and the houses you found are amazing! Can't wait to see the pics of the one that may be it!!!
    I had a great Thanksgiving...thanks for asking!!

  15. Ooooh Monica, it looks so romantic, are you sure I couldn't come and help you make the upstairs the way you need it to be? Ha ha....we could have a girls weekend of renovating!!!! I just know you will find the right place, your heart will tell you!!!!Looks lovely in the photos!

  16. Hi Monica,

    I live about 10 mile from there!! I love living in the Cotswolds. If you need any assistance or information, it would be a pleaure to help you!


  17. The pictures all look so beautiful, I'm sure you'll make the right decision. :0)

  18. Loved seeing these beautiful photos. Looking forward to hearing about the new home you choose.

  19. Hi Monica,

    So happy to hear that you had a luckier time, this trip. I will have my fingers crossed for you dear friend so that you get the house that ticks all the boxes. All your pictures are wonderful, really love how all the houses are so old and with so much character.



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