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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exploring the Cotswolds...

First, please let me thank all the lovely people who commented and contacted me privately, offering to get the missed magazine for me! I really, really appreciated x
Then, by popular demand, here are more pictures taken strolling around the Cotswolds, one of my favorite areas of England! ... Enjoy!
Love the thatched cottages, it's my secret (not-so-secret, actually!) dream to live in one of these one day!

Found this yummy shop, full of tempting pretties!

Definitely my kind of things... and I bet yours too ;))

Fabulous Autumn colors, as from an artist's palette...

Isn't this pink vintage car sooo darn cute?? 

Usual views on the open fields... I always am astounded by how green the grass is in England!

Some of my favorite sweets!

Tantalizing goodies... 

Aaaaaah, my favorites! Lace curtains! One of my lovely readers, commented how funny it was I noticed the lace net curtains in the Cotswolds! Truth be told, I have them all around my home!! I also have a fun anecdote to tell about them- as I love lace, when I had my first home, I decided to make all my curtains out of bridal lace I got at bargain price. The ladies at the shop were quite shocked when I asked for 35 m./38 yds. of it!!!!!! They told me they hadn't heard of anyone using bridal lace to make curtains ;))

Pretty (but not cheap!!) baskets galore!

And gorgeous flowers everywhere!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. We'll be headed to these magical places again very soon, hoping to capture some Christmas atmosphere for you... and a house to rent!
In the meantime, I have to share the books I promised, and maybe some handmade creations... if I find the time to sit at my desk in the middle of this horrible mess.
Monica x.


  1. I loved the tour, thank you! It was a walk through Memory Lane too, as that pink Citroën deux chevaux car was the very same as our first car. We in Holland call it an 'ugly duck' car, a similar nick name like the beetle (VW). Too bad that they rust easily in our moist climate.
    Have a lovely day Monica!

  2. Stunning photos. I dream of living in the Cotswolds someday...

  3. is that your pink car? (i'm guessing not, but i just had to ask!)

  4. You take such stunning photos and they transport me back to a time and place that used to be home (I lived just 15 minutes from the Cotswolds when I was in the UK). This post makes me smile, feels comforting and familiar yet also reminds me of all the things I miss now that I live in the US.

  5. I think I want to move in right next to you. It looks so lovely and I bet it will be even better at Christmas. By the way I want the lantern with the candle in it in your first picture.
    Have a wonderful day,

  6. Monica, these are some wonderful shots of the Cotswolds. I was there with my huband, my mother, a close friend, and her husband over twenty years ago, and the beauty of the place is that it is still as lovely as it ever was. Two of that number are gone now (my friend died last spring, my mother two years after the trip), but the memories live large in my heart.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I saw your plea for the magazine, and I was going to try to head out and get one for you at Barnes & Nobles. But if you have one headed your way, I will not go on my mission! LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. Glad you were able to get the magazine.

  8. I have to say that I love the slate roofs the best with that moss on them! I also have lace curtains in part of the house:) and...that scone with the Napoleon icing on top well...did you get us one?

  9. What a great pictures Monica........thanks for sharing it with us......give a bigg hig to Kim from me......love Ria...

  10. Oh Monica.....The Cotswolds....Oh my....they are so-o on my list of places to visit! Thank you for a mini-vacation through your pictures! If you have a moment, stop by my blog...I am having a "NOEL" seashell letter giveaway in celebration of my 100th posting! Have a great day!

  11. My secret wish is to live in a stone cottage with thatched roof too. I would love for my pastures to be lined with stone fences as well. Do you think i'm asking for too much Monica? I love England and have dreamed of living there for all my adult life. Thank you for sharing more of you visit to the Cotswolds.
    I love this place!

  12. I completely adore all these pictures and now I know I must go there someday!

  13. I have antique German lace tablecloths in my windows! ;) Your photos are just lovely... makes me wish I was there right now. Lucky you to be returning... and then MOVING there! ;) xo

  14. Oh my gosh is it lovely there or what?

    Humbly..I must say I had no idea..You have shown me so many pretty pics!!

    Love the area..Was there a wicker trolley? You NEED one..cause I want one:)So better you than no one:)

  15. Dear Monica,

    Thank you so much for taking us along on your trip, your photos are amazing.
    I love the thatch roof and the gorgeous shops, buildings and gardens.
    Love the lace curtains and the cute pink and white striped 2CV.

    Hope that the rest of your week is happy

  16. I live in the Cotswolds!!

    Could there be a better post to entice me into your blog than this?

    I love this post. They are really beautiful, aren't they?

    I've had a lovely browse through your blog. It's gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for visiting Modern Country Style.

    I'm your nerw Follower.



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