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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pink Hearts.

I finally started to make some tartan hearts, as Christmas gifts.
This year I won't decorate too much, but Christmas isn't Christmas without any presents ;) I love to surprise my dear ones and all the people who made me feel good this past year, with a small yet special gift, hand-made with love and patience... it seems incredible, but many hours are required to make simple things like these!
I have made several hearts in traditional reds and greens, but I thought to also include some made of this yummy pink and cream tartan. It was such a lucky find! I am not used to see pink tartan...

Before you ask, I painted that tray with teddy bears many years ago... I'm still in love with it!

Tiny mother-of-pearl buttons are patiently hand- sewn to finish off and add my signature to the pieces. I always love to add small collections of grouped vintage buttons to my creations.

The lace I used is antique or vintage.

Will show you the red ones when I return from England. This post is scheduled to join Beverly and the Pinkies for Pink Saturday- I will read your comments today, but will be able to reply to you only when I'm back (I also have some people left to thank personally for the sweet words on this post- my internet connection was so bad last week that it was impossible for me to reach you all).
Thanks for stopping by!
Monica x.


  1. Your hearts are gorgeous, Monica, such lovely Christmas gifts !
    I love the teddy bears you've painted, wow, they are so cute !!
    Have a nice trip to England,

  2. What a lovely nice and sweet hearts,.......nice done !!......lovely weekend.....warmmmm hugs from me Ria...xxxx.....

  3. Oh Monica these are precious. You always do such beautiful things. The tray is so sweet too. I have not been blogging as DH came down with pneumonia again and he takes priority. Hope we have licked it this time. I shall now take a moment to read some of your other posts so I can keep up with you. Don't ever want to lose touch. Kisses to Kim too! Sharon

  4. Oh...these are SO sweet. I have never seen this type of fabric in pink either and it is really unique! And I love the tiny little buttons! Beautiful job, Monica!

    Happy Weekend! :-)


  5. They are so pretty, and love the tray. You have many talents.
    Hope you are successful in finding your new home.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Monica,
    Your pink tartan hearts are the cutest things! What sweet little gifts they make and sure to make someone else's heart happy this Christmas! I simply adore your teddy bears tray! You are so talented, dear lady! Thank you for sharing your creations and Happy Pink Saturday to you. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.


  7. Sitting amongst the bears the hearts are adorable..A lot of work..but worth it..Unique.

  8. Those are precious! Love them!!!
    Happy PS

  9. Hi Monica - hope you're enjoying yourself in the UK - I'm probably just around the corner from where you are staying. Love your pink hearts, such an unusual take on tartan for a change, and the vintage lace is the perfect finishing touch.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. love the pink tartan, I am lucky to have one of your hearts when I won a giveaway from you. I cherish it. have fun in London, may you find what your wanting there... hugs.

  11. So pretty. Happy Pink Saturday!!

  12. What sweet pink hearts.
    Love them

  13. Oh, my, Monica ... your hearts are just gorgeous. Love the detail you create on them ... & love that PINK!

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  14. Hi Monica, I'm Terri and have only recently turned pink. I, too, love to get out my stash of vintage lace and buttons. I like your simplicity. I enjoyed looking at your art and other things. Happy Thanksgiving Blessings Terri - www.morningdewdrops.typepad.com. I

  15. Those pink hearts are really pretty. Happy Pink Saturday and also Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. Hi Monica,

    I adore your sweet hearts and the handpainted bears on the tray. You are so talented.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend and time in England.

  17. Just love this!
    greetings from Holland,

  18. Such beautiful hearts, no I have never seen pink before either. I do hope your house hunting is going well Monica. I hope you find the place you can call home and be cosy and comfortable. Sending love xo

  19. Love your tartan hearts. So pretty. Happy Pink Saturday. Hey I'm having a giveaway!

  20. The hearts are adorable- and have a splendid trip!

    Sorry for the late visit- I think of busy Saturdays as a "Pink Weekend" since it takes me that long to visit everyone!

    Happy belated PS!

    In shoes we trust,
    Maggie Mae@
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  21. They're gorgeous. I really like the buttons all in a row like that. It finishes them off really nicely.


  22. Oh my, Monica. These are wonderful, and I know the recipients will be thrilled. You have such a special touch for creating beautiful things.

    I hope house-hunting is a success. I can hardly wait to read about it.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  23. Lovely, lovely hearts. The bear tray is wonderful. Your gifts will speak from the heart!
    Have a wonderful day,

  24. So pretty, I love making lavender hearts! Rachaelxo


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