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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Snow and what I am Doing.

Hello everyone! I'm here to report we had our good amount of snow and shoveling 'fun' too. Not that fun actually :((
We had a fabulous sunny day soon after the snow blizzard, so I could take these beautiful pictures for you in our garden!

Look! My icy wreath is still intact. It's been pretty cold over the past days.

These polar temperatures just inspire to curl up in front of the fire listening to carols, sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book. Unfortunately, my fireplaces are impossible to use bacause of the ginormous stack of boxes (150 so far) and pieces of furniture just in front of them! Moreover, no Christmas tree, no baking, no decorating and little cooking- will spend an unconventional Christmas with my parents this year, and my Mom is going to do all (for the very first time since I've been married). Sooooo, in order to keep my sanity... I am bearmaking! Four days to Christmas and sooo much stuff left to be packed... Is this crazy or what?? 

Monica x.


  1. Monica it looks like a winter wonderland. So beautiful. We have had a cool spell and our leaves are finally changing and falling off the trees, thats what Christmas looks like in Florida. I am looking at blogs instead of writing my Christmas notes.... Silly I know.
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. Look at the title of my own post today!!! ;) We are twins! (Except I am not making bears... I couldn't do it even if I tried!) ;)


  3. Beautiful winter pictures, Monica !
    I'm looking forward to see that bear you're making !
    Have a wonderful Christmas time with your parents,

  4. Hi Monica,
    Oh! Thank Heaven for Mom's! Your garden looks beautiful in the snow-we have not one speck here.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that soon you can sit in front of the fire and enjoy hot choc. and a good book!


  5. Enjoy a wonderful christmas Monica.....take care.......i hope it is filled with joy and love......and love ...and joy !! hahahhha!! love love Ria....bigggg hug for Kim.......xxxxx....

  6. Enjoy the holiday with your family, bear making sounds fun.

  7. Beautiful pictures, Monica! At least you are capturing this Christmas with photos! And I am always happy to see your bears!

    Happy Holidays!


  8. Monica, how I wish I was there with you!!! I would do the packing for you so you could keep sewing!!! I just love the icy wreath you made..I just need more hours in the day to get things done! It has been such a struggle, I am so tired, but happy that I am going to get nearly everything done.....
    Thank you for your lovely card, I am sorry to say all my cards are still sitting here, bad me, I did so well the first of the month and then slowly ran out of steam.......
    Any news on the house hunting? Some of the photos are so wonderful.....love the images from the Cotswold!
    Take care and don't overdo it, I am sending you lots of love and warm wishes..... Merry Christmas and I see a bright and shining 2011!!!!

  9. Stay warm & enjoy letting your Momma spoil you this year. Another year it will be your turn. I bet you are sick of boxes. Poor little Reba used to hate boxes. We moved twice in 3 months while she was just a puppy & she NEVER got over her fear of boxes. Funny how you remember things isn't it? The snow photos are beautiful. We've been hearing about all the bad weather out there. Stay safe. Merry Christmas. HUGS!

  10. Hi Monica,
    Oooh your snowy, icy pictures are beautiful. Doesn't it just make the world more beautiful? But it sure hasn't been fun to drive in here. I love your icy wreath. Such a great tutorial! Your little bear is going to be another cutie.
    Have a Merry Christmas, and stay warm friend.
    hugs to you...

  11. The snow pics are awesome!! And bear making? Ha! Sounds about right!!
    As it has been said before...let your mama spoil you this year!!
    Merry Christmas

  12. Your Christmas plans sound perfect and your snow photos are stunning, love those trees! Have a Merry Christmas.

  13. Dear Monica, I was so glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Relax and let your Mum look after you for Christmas :) I loved all your photos from Oxford, your new bag is so so pretty and Kim looks so precious with her tie. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a very special exciting New Year, I'm Bear making too in this chilly weather! HUGS, Catherine xx

  14. Merry Merry Christmas to you and Kim. Love your photos! How simply beautiful. Take care friend. Hugs and love Sharon and Teddy.

  15. Beautiful snowy photos, thank you, Monica. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Hen x

  16. Dear Monica,

    Just popped by to wish you and your dear family the best and happiest Christmas. I hope it is filled with the sweetest of blessings.
    I am so grateful for your beautiful friendship.
    Your photos are gorgeous of the snow and do hope that you stay warm.
    May all your dreams come true. Good luck with the sweet bear you are making.

    Christmas hugs

  17. Wishing you fine Christmas days my friend....

  18. Merry Christmas,


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