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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Festive Wreaths.

Hello there!
Thanks for all your sweet get-well-wishes!
I'm still sick and now I also am annoyed by conjunctivitis associated with the infection... but I have a bit of voice! ... And*that*is*grand! I'm on the mend with tonsillitis, so hopefully I will be out of bed someday soon!
Just to leave you with some festive ideas before I start my English chronicles, I gathered some pictures from my archive... Some of them are completely new to you as I have never shown them on my blog before.
Hope you'll find some inspiration to get crafty this year!
These are the red and white version of my woolen wreaths published in Green Graft Magazine a while back...

One of my bauble wreaths...

A country Santa cut out of wood by my patient Dad, painted and applied on a ready- made wreath, together with pinecones and faux elements, leaving room for fresh fir and berries ...

Neutral woolen wreaths...

A natural one made with fresh fir and the angel my Dad carved and gave me as gift last Christmas... He made one for me and one for my sister- friend across the pond! Isn't this sweet.

Icy wreath with cinnamon sticks...

An unusual one with evergreens, silk roses and pinecones arranged on a squared grapevine support...

One of my pinecone wreaths. I have been making these for 20 years! I've lost count of how many I have made!;)

Hope you're having a happy Sunday!
Monica x.


  1. Wauwwwwww...what a lot of beautiful wreath's !!.....i like them all......that icy one is so so so nice !!.......hope you feeling better soon darling..............love Ria....

  2. Those wreaths are so beautiful. Sounds like you're really suffering. Hoping you recover soon. Take care. x

  3. BEAUTIFULL wreaths, Monica! So VERY happy to hear you are on the mend! I hope you are fully recovered SOON! Your dad did an amazing job on your wooden angel... how sweet!

  4. The wreaths are wonderful...each and every one in their own way!

    I truly hope you feel better soon, Monica!


  5. Your wreaths are beautiful! Sure hope you start to feel better soon!

  6. Everything is beautiful. Kim has not contacted me so I can only assume that you are behaving! Hugs from afar,Sharon

  7. What a lot of beautiful wreaths.
    I hope you will feel better soon.
    Take care.

  8. Your wreaths are very inspirational. Thank you for taking the time to share them even from your sick bed. Sending you lots of get well wishes!!

  9. Monica, these are wonderful, I have never seen an icy wreath and am intriqued by that. may have to ask you some questions. hope you are up and out of that bed soon....hugs to you, get well soon.

  10. What beautiful wreaths!! I love them all!

  11. Hi Monica,
    I love your wreaths..and how special that your Dad helped you create them with his wood working skill..they really are pretty...I have a very special woolen wreath ornament hanging on my Christmas tree..wink...
    that I adore.
    Have a very sweet day (keep warm) its cold outside, Big hugs~Elizabeth

  12. Every single wreath is beautiful. And that frozen one is so unusual. Your dad's carvings are magnificent. I'm just getting over a cold, or maybe the flu, as I did have fever for two days. Now just congestion that is lingering. ugh! Wishing you all the best. Stay warm! :) Tammy

  13. Oh I do hope you will mend quickly! The wreathes are so lovely! My favorites are the ice wreath and the unusual square greenery wreath. Thank you for sharing the delightful inspiration.

  14. I ADORE the red & white. And the ice one too. They are all great but, those are my favs. Hope you are feeling better. Wanna know a little seceret???? Hubby is starting to look at puppies. I am not ready I tell him but, he continues looking & is slowly dragging me in. But, I told him NO Shelties. I just don't think my heart could stand to not see my precious Reba but, a new little pointed nose. So, we are looking at Havanese. WHAT A CHANGE!!!!!!!! ????? I'll keep you posted! HUGS!

  15. Monica, I am so glad that you are improving. You must continue to take good care of yourself.

    Each of your wreaths is a work of art, and they each encircle us with your love.♥

    Maybe you'll feel like joining us for Pink Saturday this week. Our theme is favorite holiday movies.

  16. I do hope you will feel better soon. So glad your trip went well back to Oxfordshire, so exciting. I am all inspired to make a Christmas wreath now! Hugs, Catherine x

  17. So many beautiful wreaths! Just lovely! Hope you are feeling better, Monica!


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