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Monday, December 13, 2010

Window Shopping in the Cotswolds.

Today I thought I'd share some of the cute places I discovered over my latest visit to the Cotswolds. Still can't believe I'm going to live there! By the way, the process to rent a house has begun, and I'm knee deep in papers! Please bear with me if I won't share anything with you until I'm totally sure this works for us.
The area we opted for is crammed full of quait villages and market towns, with the most yummy shops! I'm pretty sure I will soon become a faithful customer of some of these! Hope my hubby isn't reading ;)
This F*A*B shop is very close to our hopefully-new-home-to-be, and I'm veeery thrilled about that! Can you blame me? LOL

Look at this pure yumminess!

My heart went piiiitter- patter when I saw this intricately carved French mirror! And yours??;)

As soon as I saw this rusty little bed I imagined my teddy bears all seated in a row on it! With plenty of my antique linen and lace pillows. Oooh yeah!

Strolling around the Cotswolds you can spot so many interesting things here and there, that it's better not to bring your credit card along with you ;)

I would have jumped in that shop at once, to lay my hands on all those pretties!

What about these scrumptious windows? I believe flowers are the best medicine ever, so I'm likely to become a customer here too!

And... I hadn't realized at all that I am going to live very close to this famous and amazing teddy bear shop!! My oh my, be still my heart! I'm actually realizing I just need a huuuge piggy bank!;)

And last, look what I found in a charity shop! Some of you know that back in 2009 I had to sell my blue dollshouse, together with some other things I loved  (among them, a fantastic armchair I had mentioned once on my blog, I had worked ALOT onto, and which was waiting to be re-upholstered). It was sad to me, but I really had to part with them during trying times. Maybe, sooner or later, one of these will slip into my Christmas stocking... 

Hope you enjoyed coming along with me!
In my next post, I'll share something about Oxford... and my finds and treats! Are you curious??
Monica x.


  1. I love that area because of you..What pretty sights.. Have you picked yet?

  2. Lucky you! You will have a wonderful time exploring all those shops and Wow! The teddy bear shop will be endless temptation - some of the best bears live there. I hope you get through your paperwork and all goes well.

    Best of luck,

  3. I'm jealous! What a wonderful place. I've always loved the Cotswolds - charm is everywhere. And I am a big fan of British dollhouses - I see one in your future!


  4. Awww I want to move!!!! :-) Lovely place! Shall i use your blog to ask the very nice Dollhouse on the right side to Father Christmas?

    Thank you :-)

  5. A person could do a lot of damage to their bank account in stores like that. :D The dollhouses got my attention.
    Hope you get the house you want to rent.
    Have a great week.

  6. How fun that you get to experience all of these new areas. And how fun for us that we get to come along. Can we all move in with you?
    Have a great day,

  7. Hi Monica......what a great shops !!...lucky you !!...lovely week darling....love Ria.......xxxx.....

  8. I love the cotswolds, looks like you're going to have some fun shops right on your doorstep, have fun shopping. :0)

  9. What delightful shops! There truly is nothing lovelier than a European Christmas. Except for a heart decorated for Christmas and my dear you have that in spades. I am blessed. I am happy. I am thankful for you.

    Stop by my blog.

  10. Hi Monica

    You chose a lovely area to visit. So beautiful there. Really beautiful photos. Looking forward to the next installement.
    Isabelle x

  11. My heart is SINGING for you, Monica! Your new home-to-be looks beautiful!!!

  12. OH that iron bed!!! I guess I would have sat there on it to keep anyone else from buying it!

    I hope you are getting a large place so we can all come stay Monica! ;)

  13. What an exciting adventure! The shops look fabulous. I hope your housing works out like you want it to and you find yourself happily settled into it. Have a wonderful holiday!

  14. Looks like a grand place indeed. And the credit card could suffer some severe shock. Mine has the last few weeks.

    And thank you for your sweet words about our new little Christmas Elf. She certainly has her Daddy smitten. I KNOW she will grow on me but, you know in my heart of hearts....

  15. Oh my I love finding the unique stores like that. I could get into some serious trouble. keep enjoying. hugs to you.

  16. Hello Monica!

    I have just popped in to send you Christmas Greetings and see that you are to live in the Cotswolds. How lovely! This means that we will surely get to meet, and I'll be able to give you a bundle of goodies in person.

    I'll carry on reading through your earlier blogposts to find out more - I've been a very lax blogger this year for various reasons, and have missed out on many people's activities throughout 2010. Hopefully I'll do better in 2011.

    All good wishes for Christmas and for a very happy and prosperous 2011.

    Sue x

  17. Oh what a wonderful place! You are very lucky and I agree leave the credit card home (well at least for the first trip, but then all bets are off!!) I am very excited for you. Hugs, Sharon

  18. Great photos. I'm glad you like the Cotswolds. I live in Oxford so not too far from this lovely shop.

  19. Ooh, Monica. I am so excited for you. And, I am wishing I was going to be your neighbor.

  20. I love the Cotswolds too!
    My sister and I go about twice a year and love it!
    I hope the move goes well!

    Sandie xx

  21. oh my gosh, I could just live in those shops! I must say I'm so jealous (in a good way!) of you living near all those and THAT Bear shop!! So happy you have found the right area, fingers crossed he house rent goes through. I hope you are feeling better. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas if I don't chat before. By the way I made a table centrepiece with foliage from my garden, must take a photo. Hugs, Catherine xx

  22. Wow, your photographs of that shop are very nice. I agree with you about the framed mirror. It's very special to find unique or handmade goods such as the ones you've shown.

    I agree with Ginger, stay calm during that paperwork process: when I bought a house, it felt like I was signing my life away... and with so many papers to sign, my signature looked very lazy at the end of it.

  23. I haven't been to the Cotswolds ... yet.
    My sister lives in London~ so it is certainly on my list!


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