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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Newest Publication and Gorgeous Ideas.

Hello there! Just popped in to share my first editorial contribution of 2011 with you. 
Somerset Life is one of my favorite magazines, and what a thrill always is to be published in there! Special thanks to Christen Olivarez for the amazing work and the wonderful opportunities to be featured she gave me. I'm honored and flattered.
This issue is crammed full of inspiring ideas by fellow bloggers and friends, so it's even more special to me!

My article is about the white bookcovers I created a while ago. This makes me so happy because I truly love them!

I also have a couple of pics in the 'Miscellany' section... so let's celebrate! 

As the new issue is hitting the newsstand, I think I can share some of the most inspiring ideas I found in the previous issue (Winter 2010). In my humble opinion, a must- have in the crafter's bookcase.
Look at this picture holder! Isn't that lovely??

I absolutely want to try these seed packets!

And this...

... and this!

I know for sure what I'll do tonight- I love to curl up on the sofa with a few magazines and a cup of camomile tea. And you? Do you have a favorite moment to read and relax during the day?
Monica x.


  1. I can't wait to get this magazine. It's not available yet where I live. I have been stalking the bookstores to no avail. Thank you for the wonderful sneek peek. My favorite thing is to find a warm spot in the sun and look at my favorite magazines. Your blog is so beautiful. Love your creations.

  2. Bravo! So well deserved~ Beautiful things Monica..as always!

  3. Congratulations on being featured, I love those magazines. Your work looks amazing.

  4. Hi Monica, I like you LOVE Somerset Life but am especially fond of the Jan 2011 issue because I happen to be featured for the very first time and am so elated! I think I've read the issue about five times now:)


    P.S. Your segment on covering books with beautiful fabrics is one of my favorites!

  5. O yes i read a lot magazines and books.....i like that mostly in the weekend on sunday afternoon that is my favorite moment...i like that magazine what you show us !! you ust be a famoud girl right now !! hahahah!!....love love .....Ria....xxxx

  6. Congratulations!
    Looks like a trip to the bookstore is in the near future. :)
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Congratulations, Monica! I remember you posting your book covers...they are lovely!

    I will have to check the bookstores for this issue!


  8. I saw this yesterday and your work is just beautiful, Char

  9. Congratulations Monica. I admire your lovely work. I'm off tomorrow to seek the latest issue.
    Can't wait to check you out!

  10. Oh my goodness Monica, I saw those books and did not look and see who made them, congrats! This makes this issue even more special, I am in there too! I love that I am sharing creative space with your wonderful work! I loved that haribrush idea too. I have my grandmothers and I have been thinking I might get it out and put one of her photos in it on my dresser.

  11. A very hearty congratulations to you for all of your success being published in these fabulous magazines! You are truly deserving!!! xo

  12. Hi Monica!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I'm sorry for my long absence...it's so good to visit your blog again! I've just got to get this issue now ~ I have several friends in this one :) Wishing you a wonderful new year ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  13. I have been reading it all day Monica! I love your feature on the book covers...they are beautiful! Somerset Life is such an awesome publication. I can never leave them behind at the bookstore.
    Congratulations on being published again!
    hugs to you...

  14. Congrats and the pages look lovely!!

  15. Afternoons with a cup of coffee and music playing in the background!! Ahhh! Bliss!!
    Congrats on your publication. I loved those white book covers too!!

  16. Congrats! (again) and I think... again and again and again.....I must run out and pick it up as so many of my friends are in this issue! Can't wait to read it!

  17. You have beautiful ideas...so pretty and inspirational! I am new to the blog world,but have already put you on my fav list :) Cheers from snowy Alberta Canada.

  18. Congrats Monica! I received my issue today~It is
    gorgeous, I love your photos and book covers!
    I love to make my bed, late mid morning, jump on top and leisurely stroll through all the inspiration. Every time I pick up an issue, I see something I missed~ It is a wonderful time to escape with a Somerset mag.

  19. Dear Monica,

    Huge Congratulations, dear friend.
    I was happy to see all your beautiful white books featured there, how wonderful for you.
    I love the seed packets, what a sweet idea.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope that you are having a lovely weekend


  20. gorgeous bookcovers! and all the inspiration you've shared ~ THANK YOU !
    tea's on at FHC - Welcome...


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