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Friday, January 28, 2011

A New 'Vintage' Bear!

I've been wanting to link up to Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday for a while now, so I thought I'd share my latest creation there! 
Daisy is one of my Well Loved Bears, so sweet and with that charming vintage patina that makes my little heart rejoyce! I love, love, love antique and vintage teddies!

It looks like I finally found my style in bearmaking. I am a vintage girl at heart, and I love bears to bits! Soooo... 

... what's better than a well loved teddy bear to add a touch of tenderness to a vintage vignette around the house?

Just in case you're wondering, as I need to downsize, I'm getting rid of the 'new' and keeping the 'worn, crackled, chippy and rusty'! Go figure. I know you understand, people around me think I'm totally crazy! 
I'm planning to use my collection of vintage trunks and suitcases as pièce de résistance in our new nest. Now I just need to 'expand' my patience!
Don't forget to pop by Debra's blog to be inspired by all the vintage yumminess. Happy Friday dear friends!
Monica x.


  1. What a gorgeous bear! I love him! And the vintage look is fabulous! Those trunks are amazing!

  2. I love your bears, just the right mixture of vintage and well loved. I hope your new home is in sight and that everything is working out for you.

  3. Monica, if you are totally crazy......me toooo!!!!.I love your bears,so cute!!!!.They are beautiful friends!.I love them, please say HELLO to them !!!.Have a nice week end,bye!.

  4. That's my favorite style too! I only made a bear once!
    but if I make another one it is definitely going to be this kind!

  5. This guy is just precious and a nice addition to your collection. I love his little face!

    I'm on your side, keeping the old instead of the new...I know you will choose a home that is fit for your vintage pieces. Wishing you continued luck in finding you new nest!


  6. My heart is going pitter-pat. I'm in love with this new fellow.♥♥♥

  7. Just found your blog! WOW! I love it ...I will be back for sure. I love the white one. So Cute!

  8. Daisy is darling...she certainly looks well loved and vintagy. And your vintage trunks are beautiful. I've been trying to start a collection myself but they're very hard to find:(

  9. Monica, love these new additions...you have found your style!!
    How are things coming along, good I hope!!!
    It seems that we will be lovers of bears and all things white forever!
    The pretty new home is just waiting for you to discover it so you can add your vintage touches!!!

  10. Hello Monica,
    What an adorable bear! I just love your blog, and so glad I recently found it. I visited you last week, and you were kind enough to return the visit. Thank you and I look forward to keeping up with your inspirational blog & home search.
    - Susan

  11. She is so beautiful..... I lvoe her bow and the tilt of her head. Great job Monica.
    Have a wonderful day,

  12. I adore your bears and your trunks! You are a marvel, Monica! :-)

  13. What a lovely sweet bear you make !! beautiful.....lovely weekend darling....love love love Ria......xxx...

  14. Daisy is sooooo cute, Monica !
    I also love that vintage style !
    And the pictures you've made are gorgeous !
    Nice weekend,

  15. Glad to say I own one of your darling bear pincushions! Love him so much!!! ;)

  16. Last weekend I was out antiquing and came across a very old (well loved) vintage bear and thought of you :-)Your style of bear making is amazing Monica & each one absolutely gorgeous ♥ I love the special little embellishments you have added like the rustic sleigh bells!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Monica, I still love all the bears. I love the trunks. no way would I get rid of those. take care.
    Hope all is well. hugs.

  18. Daisy is adorable! Does Kim bother any of the new babies? Elle has so many toys & spreads them everywhere. Unlike the Princess who never played with toys (so beneath her). Kim is tall enough to help herself to some places. Short little Elle has to have it on the ground to reach. HUGS!

  19. Daisy is a real beauty, so full of love and such a sweet vintage look. I love old and vintage bears too. I quite understand you keeping the old pieces more, others would say worn out, I would say characterful :) I hope you can find your own nest soon, do you know whereabouts you'll be heading too yet? Take Care, Catherine xx

  20. I'm totally with you on the vintage bear thing. They have so much character in their adorable little faces. They're slightly worn look just makes them look as though they've been well-loved.

    SOOOOOO lovely!


  21. I've been checking out your most beautiful blog these days and just in case you missed the quilt show ... here it is

  22. What an adorable bear, great job. Have a good week. Susan

  23. Daisy is the sweetest bear ever Monica! Absolutely beautiful!
    Everything your hands create are gorgeous.


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