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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Treats in White!

Do you treat yourself to something pretty every now and then?
After I've been living for several months in this horrible chaos, surrounded by packing materials of all sort and boxes piling up everywhere, I thought I deserved a few little treats, to help keeping my chin up ;))
Soo, I purchased a couple of issues of Jeanne D'Arc Living Magazine from darling Ria...

I was very curious about this magazine, I've seen everywhere around Blogland!

The interiors featured are definitely pretty and the dominant color combinations are white on white/gray on white... 

Very inspiring, indeed. Most of all, to keep my home tidy and free of clutter!;)

My birth month is March, so I'm drawn to anything Spring-y- nests, eggs, muscari, primroses, bluebells, violets and on and on. You bet this centerpiece made my heart go pitter patter!

I like that touch of aqua fabric in the armoire in the background! Do you?

I also treated me to this copy of White on White, by Stephanie Hoppen, for a mere $8/£5/€5.80, shipping included. Less than a magazine. LOVE Amazon!! My hubby never complies!

I've been dreaming of a perfumier's cabinet like that for my bathroom for a long time- hope I will find one someday.

No words needed for this picture, right??

Another spring vignette. So me.

Love old books with cream/white colored covers!

My January treats also included a bunch of opulent cream roses that make me smile every time I pass them by...

... and a vintage crystal ceiling light. To tell you the truth, I bought it for the crystals, but then realized it was way too pretty to be taken apart! I will try to use it in my new home, when I have one!:)

Hope you liked to see my treats. I'm joining Kathleen for White Wednesday, pay her and the other participants a visit to see more beautiful and inspiring whites!
Monica x.


  1. It is so nice to see those beautiful magazines by you darling.....i also like the book !!!....happy day tomorrow.....love Ria...and don't forget Kim oh so sweetie......love ....

  2. I love that magazine. It is one magazine that doesn't get cut up;) My birthday is March too and I also love anything Spring and nature like:)I will be joining Kathleen tomorrow. Hope you can stop by:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. I have heard many good things about the Jean D'Arc magazine but have never seen one. I was happy to get a peek! Beautiful pictures and very inspiring!

    Your roses are so pretty...what a nice treat. I bet they smell wonderful. I think the light fixture will be beautiful in your new home!


  4. oh you deserve these treats and so much more. truly...your resilience and ability to always look for" the silver lining" has been such an inspiration to me! And, we are kindred spirits to be sure.... i too was born in March and love ALL those "signs of spring" as well..nests, eggs, primroses, violets and those gorgeous pale, coverless books! Sigh....

  5. P.S. DON'T get me started on those Jeanne D'Arc magazines!!

  6. I am so glad you treated yourself, you deserve it. I have been treating myself to way too much yarn lately. I think I deserve it too.

  7. Gorgeous; I received my Pottery Barn catalog today and all the accents of spring, make my heart flutter! I love the photos you shared; I also have a spring b-day~

    enJOY your treats!

  8. So glad you treated yourself to some pretties...you deserve it! I love the chandelier and the cream roses are so pretty. Enjoy your magazines...they're beautiful!


  9. So beautiful....I have only seen this magazine once...and it is amazing. Must look for it again. Thank you for your sweet comments...your blog is so beautiful...off to visit some of your past posts right now. happy dance. Hugs.xoxo

  10. I love these images !!.I have bought a very ispirational book many months ago,It was expensive..but I didn't care of money....Its name is "The house like your sanctuary".Its photos are so gorgeus,all is coloured and magic..when I look it I can image my house,when I will have one.If you don't stop to dream something you will have it one day !!.Have a nice day,I'm honoured to receive your visit,your blog is so full of talent!!!.

  11. Love seeing all the white on white!! So clean and inspiring!!
    Those magazines are amazing!! Enjoy!!

  12. Beautiful magazine, and beautiful town of Oxford, which i have visited when 20 years old. Forgive me Monica, but i am not sure to have understood, if you move or not... I need to improve my English :)

  13. You treated yourself, and now you have treated us by sharing. You're the best.♥

  14. Oh I love to spoil myself with this....
    Hmmm only the JDL, because we also have them in our shop...it's my favorite magazine.....
    The other one with the white looks also amazing to me......
    Enjoy it spoiling yourself ;0)
    It is the best you can do
    Fine evening

  15. SO beautiful and so glad you are treating yourself, you deserve it. I loved the spring bulb centrepiece and that aqua writing desk in the white room, so beautiful and gives me hope of Spring in these dark grey days! Bear Hugs, Catherine xx

  16. I've never seen those Jeanne D'Arc magazines before! I must have my head under a rock (well, actually it's under two piles of laundry each day)! lol I'd LOVE to have an uncluttered and pristine cream colored home, but with one man and three boys (and despite the best cleaning-efforts of my daughter and myself), a pristine cream colored home will never be! ;)

  17. lovely blog!
    inspirational pics!

  18. Nothing I love more than a good decor magazine!


    Sheila :-)


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