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Monday, February 21, 2011

On Flexibility and About the Move.

The day has finally come: 7 months, 382 boxes/pieces of furniture, 1000 m./1100 yards of bubble wrap (I wrapped everything except the dog!LOL) , 72 rolls of adhesive tape, and countless cellophane bags later... we are ready to move!
I am so tired that I really need some rest. I need to wake up to a tidy home, I need to be pampered a bit... I did an incredible job almost all by myself (let's say I had a little help to throw things away and dismantle furniture ;)), first and foremost because I find it very difficult to delegate. The second obvious reason is that no one else would have been able to handle such ginormous amount of (my) stuff!:((
I'm not kidding, I have been an inveterate keeper for years. And several of the things I had kept were not usable/necessary/my taste anymore! Oh my gosh it was hard job, but I feel completely pleased with what I did, and I am pretty sure I will be much happier with less!

Kim helped alot, with her sweetness and calmness, always close to me! (Sorry, the carpet is a true horror to look at, but hey, who has a pristine home while moving? ;)).

Tomorrow our belongings (except essentials, which for me, apart from personal accessories and clothes, include: camera, a good selection of art supplies, vintage papers, my favorite books, some precious gifts from dear friends, heating pads, a couple of journals, my orchids, my latest sketchbooks, a quilt- cannot bring along the sewing machine, it requires alot of other things to sew and I want my poor hands to rest!) will be put in storage for some months. Until we find a new nest.
Honestly, I would have never thought to accept such a compromise. I am more of a 'white or black person', I didn't accept that 'our things' could be stay anywhere else than with us! My precious memories, objects, supplies... That had put me and my dear ones under considerable pressure, and I didn't see light anywhere.

But I had faith. And then all of a sudden, I have been given flexibility! Flexibility about the quantity of the stuff to bring with us, flexibility to separate from our belongings for a while, flexibility about having to stay at my parents' and not in a house of our own, flexibility about where to rent (my hubby has to be happy too!), flexibility about having to maybe stay in a b&b or holiday home for some time until we find something we both really like and right for us, flexibility about the new house... And all started to work out!
I prayed and prayed for a solution, because I came to the conclusion that the 'real' problem was me. Things couldn't work out in any possible way with me and my stuff chained up! And without a flexible attitude towards life.
When I saw Kim so peaceful and relaxed, I understood that I really don't need any-thing to be happy! Well, let's say just a few little things :) I was a bit concerned about not having all my supplies with me, because being highly creative, I can easily go crazy if I don't create! My friend Isabel, over at Maison Douce, wisely suggested to bring along one or two things only to do, and I chose to dedicate the upcoming months to expand my art portfolio...

And I realized that there's also a great pleasure in having to feather corners of your home completely anew! So I donated, sold and threw away several of the things I had thought to bring along with me, and I told my hubby that I agreed to put all the rest in storage, so that we would be free to move and find the 'right' place without hurrying and making mistakes (see last time we looked for a house). It will be easier to relocate without 300+ boxes to think of.

We will be living at my parents' home for a while, until temperatures rise. Please be patient with me, I will reveal things as soon as they happen. I really hate to say something and then the contrary, but there are periods of your life when you actually aren't sure of anything! And people around you would like to know and keep asking. So you have to say a little bit every now and then... ;))
Off to rest. Tomorrow will be a tiring day.
Monica x.


  1. Wishing you strength, love and rest eventually when you have everything safely in storage. Gosh you must be tired, do take care of yourself, I am sure your parents will enjoy pampering you :) Take care and I wish you lots of luck for the coming moments in your life, Hugs, Catherine xx

  2. Good luck and happiness on your new journey!

  3. Wishing you so much happiness in your new home when you find it and relaxation from "stuff" in the meantime!

  4. Ooooo good luck darling...and i am so in love ...that beautiful Kim waiting to move.....biggg hugs from me darling...i will thinking of you.....love Ria....xxx...xxx...xxx.....and a huge hug for Kim !!

  5. I am glad that you managed to get the packing finished, it takes a bit of the stress out of your life.
    I can really understand what you are going through, I am obsessed with my stuff, it almost helps me identify who I am so it was really hard to pack everything into storage and start off 'alone'
    The precious stuff that you have with you now (and your beautiful furry child) will get you through all the adjustments.
    My things where in storage for a year and a half, you will find the time goes quickly and the fun of rediscovering all the bits and pieces is wonderful. Also you get to find your new place in the world without worrying about moving so many many boxes.
    I hope you find your new home quickly and that it is just what you need.

  6. Dear Monica,

    I love the sweet photos of Kim looking peaceful and relaxed and we can learn a lot from our dear pets.
    I do hope that you can get some rest as it always a big and tiring job, moving house.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, for living with your parents and for a smooth transition until you can be in a home of your own.

    Sending love and hugs, dear friend

  7. My dear dear friend. You certainly have been through a lot. Take this time to rest and just enjoy that wonderful Kim. I am sorry you have not heard from me but things have been rather sad for us. I finally blogged about it because people were wondering...
    These are wonderful pictures of Kim. Hugs to you both. Always, Sharon

  8. Good luck on your journey....I hope you find all the things you are looking for!!!!

  9. Good luck! I am sure that everything will be okay in the long run. We have this proverb that says: Cologne and Aachen weren't build in one day either! Just take care!

  10. I wish you peace and plenty of relaxation.
    It's tough but, your blogger friends are all here to support you.
    Take care,
    Sandie xx

  11. Monica. If we were only as smart as our dogs. Kim has the right idea and we could learn a lot form her. I wish you peace and love on this journey,

  12. It is coming isn't it? How exciting!!! You have always done the right thing, it just needed to come to you!!!! My dear Monica, this is the best time of your life....it will all fall into place!!!! Kim has the right out look doesn't she!!!!

  13. Oh my goodness bravo for all this work..honestly kudos..have packed and moved and know what it's like..KIm must be so soothing to watch..Animals are not like people..Enjoy your stay at your parents and may all your dreams come true.

  14. Sweet Kim making sure everyone stays grounded :-)
    Wishing you a peaceful transition as you move homes xo

  15. Enjoy your stay near your parents! Good Luck!
    Take care,


  16. Lovely words from one of the most dedicated and thoughtful workers I know! ;) xo

  17. Monica, I'm with KIM! Stay cool calm & collected. Take each day as it comes & trust that things will work out. And as for destashing... HOW did you do it? I am surrounded with STUFF I have collected but, it's smothering me! HUGS!

  18. Oh Monica,
    I can understand it has not been easy for you.
    I do hope you'll find a nice place you can call your new home soon !
    Kim is so sweet, a special friend !
    My thoughts are with you,
    Big hugs,

  19. Hi Monica,

    I hope that the move is going well, thinking of you and wishing good things ahead for you.


  20. Sweet Monica,you will be surprised to find out how little you need "stuff"... Yes, there will be times when you will think "I wish I could get to this or that", but that's when you get creative!!! We had our stuff in storage for nearly 4 years, while we served on a diplomatic mission overseas...!! You absolutely have the right attitude.... And great job, I am very impressed!!!

  21. Aahh, moving. It's so much fun, isn't it? I moved last year and I'm finding as I get older, it doesn't go as smoothly. Or I just have a hard time with change. Now, that I'm settled though? I love it! I know if there is a next time...I will sell everything! Except my clothes and craft room stuff! The rest is just stuff.
    I just love your Kim...I had a dog like her years ago and still miss him to this day. He was always so calm, cool and collected. And very loving.
    Praying for you. Just enjoy the moment! I can't wait to see where this leads you!

  22. Bless you sweet Kim, must be tiring for a lady of a certain age to do all this packing and moving with your mom and dad :)
    Monica, she reminds me so much of our dear sweet Andy, good luck with your move wherever it may be. It has taken me 8 month here at the new house to start getting things to my liking, hope it won't take you so long. You seem more organized than I am so probably will be easier for you :)


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