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Friday, February 4, 2011

Precious {Pink} Stuff.

I thought I'd share again a little bit of pink each week, because we all need that every now and then, right?? 
Moreover, I had started to miss darling Beverly's Pink Saturday an awful lot! But you know, during the cold months I'm more of a 'white' person ;))
This has been a week of very hard work... well, I'm not one who usually moans about things to do, but after six long months of packing, selecting, getting rid of things, organizing, etc.,  living in such a messy and let's admit, not-that-pristine home, I'd definitely need some rest!! But the 'right' time will come...
Now we have two weeks only to vacate this house, so you might understand why I'm kinda absent from your blogs! I do my best to update my blog regularly and to return as many comments as I can, but time is at a premium here!! I'm doing almost all by myself, because it's me that have filled this house to the brim, and it's me that have to get rid of my stuff.
And that is the thorny subject! I definitely am a keeper, and I hate to throw away! Plus, I grow fond of things for the memories or people they evoke... and that is an even bigger problem when you have to downsize! Sometimes it takes days for me to decide for a single object- to keep or not to keep, that is the question!... I bet this is a problem of many of you too. People around me seem to not care.
And what about my 'precious' stuff? My vintage or antique treasures, my creations, my art supplies of all kind? That stuff makes me really happy! So I should keep that. Absolutely. I cannot discard things that make me feel good! 
However, I had to part with something I liked... but well, as a dear blog friend of mine suggested, having to do that was the only way I had to free myself from what cluttered my life, and keep only what I really love and cherish. Not to be buried in things. And I'd add, to make room for new spiritual qualities- order, harmony, beauty, simplicity...
And you? Are you a keeper or not? Do you have some tips for all of us packrats?
Monica x.


  1. Keeper definitely, not to mention the H word....
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. No tips from me on that subject. The "I may use/need that someday mentality" is exactly why I am going thru things now. I am not what you would call a hoarder, I just have an over abundance. :D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Ooooh I love all the elements of this photo and the pink! So beautiful! I just did a post on pink yesterday, too! Craving pastels! :)

  4. I am it's me sound nice in your post !! hahahaah!! i am a keeper honey so i can't help you sorry.....i will wish you all the luck of the world !! you can do this darling.......love love love Ria.....xxx....xxx.....xxx...

  5. ..when I was very young I was gelousy of all my things and I was saving all!.After..I started to keep only what is very important or I use frequently...so, I will have space for mew things!.So,in our life,take space for new experiences and say goodbye to all was bad !.

  6. I am absolutely a keeper......
    Love your pink post.
    Fine weekend my dear.

  7. Beautiful this picture in pink, Monica !
    I also hate to throw things away, so I need some tips too :-)
    Nice weekend,

  8. Oh My! I dread the day that I may ever have to move and downsize our home. LOL I have so many things that belonged to my family that I hate to part with because to me they are heirlooms. I try to use them or display them and change things around to do so regularly. I also hate to think what my kids would do with everything when 'that' day comes. It's just stuff. Keep it in perspective. I'm trying to. :-)

  9. I am sure I keep things way too long, but I always have been sentimental and just can't toss them out. Keep only what you love and they will love you back!

  10. Pretty pink picture! I'm a keeper but moving has cured me. After packing and unpacking dozens of times, it kind of had a way of putting things in perspective. Good luck!

  11. Yes, we all need a little pink in our lives. Good luck for the last two weeks.


  12. I am a keeper. But when I'm moving and packing, I become ruthless and get rid of lots of stuff. But not my pretties or anything with meaning to me.


  13. Keep it, Monica. It's wonderful!

    PS blessings to you...


    Sheila :-)

  14. My nickname is "the squirrel" because I love to collect little treasures and have them "hidden" all over the place :-)I never thought the day would come where I wanted to clean out the clutter, but it did. Thankfully, we have many charities that actually come to the home on a specific day, so with every bag or two donated, I know they are going to a home that will appreciate & love them.
    What a pretty "pink" post ~ that brooch is a keeper :-)

  15. Happy Pink Saturday!!

    Oh, boy, I can relate! I am pretty good about destashing . . . BUT then I seem to obtain more things . . . destash . . . a vicious circle, LOL


  16. travel lite ")
    be blessed in the sharing of what we've been given ~ it's why it was given...
    thx for the beautiful post ~

  17. Oh my! I am afraid I am a keeper too! My studio is packed to the rafters with my "precious" art supplies! I need to purge but can't bring myself too do it! Sigh! You encouraged me...I will give it a go!
    Good luck

  18. I am definitely a keeper also - from childhood on - and the only tip I have is to keep it organized and not all out at once - for me that creates chaos and a cluttered mind. But, I do love my stuff! Your photo is beautifully pnk and thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. Happy Pink Saturday, my dear and sweet Monica. You are so right to treat yourself - and us to some pink.

    I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. I am a keeper, but not a clutterer. I am incredibly organized and everything must have a place. All that being said, I definitely feel we should surround ourselves with things that we love.

    And, we all love you.♥♥♥

  20. Hi, Monica! Such beautiful pictures you've shared! You sooo need to read my About Me Profile ~ I'm a packrat from waaaaay back!

    Happy PS!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  21. Happy Pink Saturday!

    This photo is fabulous!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  22. Happy PS! love the photos! and talking about de-stashing, welp, I have issue with that too! woohoo!

  23. I am a keeper of supplies for sure - ridiculous sometimes. In the rest of the house I keep only what I really love and am more careful than ever about what I buy. Every so often I get a notion of a Great Purge - when I feel that way I know I can safely go through my things and send some on their way without regret.
    It is so pleasant to sit in any corner of your home, knowing wherever you gaze, you will see things that delight you. And I have learned, the less there are, the more you notice. Good luck with your next two weeks Monica!


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